Idolm@ster Episode 4-5: Catching up is so much work

In this post of Idolm@ster, I’m covering 2 episodes! Oh I’m already losing energy, lol. The reason why last week I didn’t blog episode 4 is due to my 4 days bus tour trip to the US (from New York to Washington DC to Philadelphia to Atlantic City). And damn must I say that the whole trip was total BS. First of all, my trip was supposed to be at Virginia Beach, but the Chinese agency cancelled it at the last-minute. Then my parents had to pick a replacement trip and damn unlucky am I to get the same fucking bus tour guide for 3 tours in a row during the period of a year. Hell, I already went to New York last year. With the same tour guide, the shit just repeated itself. What’s the point to go to Philadelphia if you’re only taking a different bus tour to go around the city for 90 minutes? Oh god, Atlantic City…The bus arrived in the city really too late to go anywhere in the night, plus the fucking rain. The next morning, we left the city to go home… But hey, at least I took advantage of the country’s low taxes to buy anime DVDs. I got Angel Beats, Shigurui and Baccano for $97. I must say that the dvd of Angel Beats lacks extras such as the marathon play function and the epilogue where Otonashi is the student president. I’m really not sure if the show is worth the 40 bucks.

But I'm sure Takane would want to keep the Frog costume for $40

Episode 4

Let us be back on topic by looking at the fourth episode of Idolm@ster. For the first time ever on the show, we do NOT have an all-group appearance in this episode. The cast is limited to the obligatory Producer, the main heroine-ish Haruka Amami, the “I want to sing” girl Chihaya Kisaragi, the silver-haired Takane Shijou, the animal-loving Hibiki Ganaha and the pervy hamster Hamzo.

Deep down, I'm sure Producers wants to enter the dressing room while they're naked

The power of advertisement is very important in the process of making new stars. The girls needed jobs, but most importantly jobs that can advertise them. In this episode, the 4 girls must take part in a cooking competition show. Basically, Takane teams up with Hibiki to face Chihaya and Haruka. The cooking show’s director demands some “bang” from the girls. As the competition advanced, we quickly know what he meant by that. Show your personality or show your panties. Hibiki and Takane already got the bright personality while Haruka fulfill her role as klutz really well.

LOL at maid outfits

You can quickly see how Chihaya becomes the main focus of this episode as she’s totally out of her comfort zone in that environment. She’s totally one-dimensional since she only cares and excels at singing. By the way how she reacted to the camera focusing at her butt, Chihaya seems to be the anti-moe. The moe character would be embarrassed, but not totally unhappy. Chihaya clearly showed how much she disliked this action. That reaction is somewhat very rare in anime, but at the same time realistic. Not all girls like to show their panties…At least I think (lol).

One cameraman is going to die

Basically, Chihaya is disappointed that her singing part on the show is cancelled. Her performance in the cooking competition is left to be desired and she certainly isn’t having fun. Of course, all of that changes when she gets a few pep talk from The Producer and the girls. She decides to do competes at 100% in a losing effort. Again, the morale of the story is pretty much “do your best”…Simple and efficient.

Fall for the ratings!!

When the group decides to go eat sweets after the hard work, Chihaya decides to leave the gang out and go directly home. Not being sociable is a bit flaw for an idol. I can somewhat relate myself to Chihaya during my 12-15 year-old time. She’s an extremely shy girl who doesn’t know how to respond to the affection given to her from other people. It was the same for me. People like her and I do not like to go out of our comfort zone. If Yukiho is your regular shy character in anime, then Chihaya is a realistic shy character…so realistic that she’s somewhat unique in anime especially since she’s a main character. She’s not a tsundere nor is she a moe character. Unlike Yukiho, she isn’t built from exaggerated personality elements.

So sad It makes me want to hug her.

Episode 5: The Short Part LOL

You know the beach episode had to come sooner or later. And sooner is definitely better. This is somewhat different from the regular format of the show that focuses one particular girl. This time, we get to learn more about all the girls like in the first episode. Particularly, we get to know who is more buddy with who and which common points does the girl have with each other.

Haruka is the cheery girl who tries to bring Chihaya out of her shell. Imagine if she didn’t have any swimsuit inside that sweater.


Miki is more of a solo girl. I don’t see much chemistry between her and any other girls because she stands out differently from the bunch. Is she even a middle schooler? For some reasons, she’d make the perfect traitor if she’d ever leave the group for another idol agency. P.S.: I really loved the subtle joke with Hamzou when Miki entered the men bath room. It was funny how he’d just imitate the Producer’s embarrassed movements. It was really hard to notice that part.

Miki is a wolf and Producer is the prey. Hamzou's reaction is gold.

Azusa stick around with the more mature Ritsuko. I’m really surprised that Ritsuko is under-aged, lol.  I was expecting Ritsuko to be in her 20’s because of her clothes as a producer. However, when you look at her in a yukata, she really looks like a little sister character. So petite and cute!!


Let’s not forget that Azusa also forms a b00bs chemistry with Takane. One has to think that the fat from the excessive eating of Takane goes directly to her b00bs.


There’s really nothing much to say about the twins. They’re always together and they say absurd and perverted things. Speaking of being together, Hibiki and Takane  have been together ever since episode 4. They make a strong team with their bright personality. I wonder how Takane would look with sight correction glasses.

Makoto and Yukiho make a scared pair of victims to Iori’s “spooky” storytelling. I really need a full episode about Makoto. I really have a thing for tomboy characters which is why I enjoy Mayo Chiki too. It was an okay joke to use horror chills to cool off the heat. It wasn’t really funny, but I guess it was “somewhat” clever. However, to use it 3 times in an episode is too much.

I never understood how telling stories can be scary. I can only be scared visually.

Conclusion <=== Yet another generic sub-title

I really liked that Ep 4 focused on a character who is actually interesting. The previous 2 girls just didn’t do for me. The episode laid on the table a character problem to solve and still left some parts unresolved for the future in the series.  Unlike Yukiho, Chihaya’s issue is more deep and it isn’t a comedy device. I definitely want to see more of Chihaya.  Time to join the Chihaya Fan Club!

You could see that there wasn’t really much to say about Ep 5 since it’s a beach episode. It was simply an amazing eye candy. BIKINI and BATH! I’m really interested in how the show will use Ritsuko at the moment. It just seems to me that she’s more competent than Producer in term of finding jobs. She actually started a project. Maybe, it’s a group concert like the Opening segment is teasing.

Now, Finally I’m done with Idolmaster this week…It took more time because a stream on JTV was playing K-ON!. Yes, ALL WORK STOPS FOR K-ON!! Now I must start Mayo Chiki Double-Ep coverage, lol.

A pic for the fun, lol.


3 Responses to “Idolm@ster Episode 4-5: Catching up is so much work”

  1. 7 August 2011 at 7:27 am

    Poor Chihaya, and poor, poor Producer. Chihaya’s episode was pretty nice, got to understand more about Chihaya, while the others was a bit generic.

  2. 2 Gooney
    8 August 2011 at 3:50 am

    Don’t worry about being late, i’m out of town, my No. 6 coverage is slightly delayed…

  3. 17 August 2011 at 4:26 am

    One of the better beach episodes. It actually brought light to a lot of initial idols that I really disliked.

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