Kamisama Dolls 05 – Damn Kids!

No Kuuko or Aki this week so they had to make up for that in someway and they delivered by giving us a sampler of what Kakashi’s can really ro as boy-utao took on girl-utao and to a lesser we learn a bit about boy-utao’s origin story see how bad parenting affects kids. The story continues to grow but could easily lead to a whole bunch of unaddressed loose ends come episode 12.

Whatya mean Aki isn’t in this weeks episode?

Picking up exactly where we left off last week boy-uato has just revealed himself to Kyohei before girl-utao comes storming in and sends Kukuri slamming into Takemikazuchi and then seperates Kyohei & Hibino (who were holding each other, presumably out of fear). Yes, the priorities in girl-utao’s head are: 1) SMASH! 2) Cock-block Kyohei. 3) Cake. 4) everything else. Oh the psychological issues!

Anyway, we have this fight right. Between Kukuri & Takemikazuchi and its not long until we notice that girl-utao has not been in a proper fight with Kukuri… ever. She attacks at random and starts to panic to the extent that at one point she can’t even tell her right from her left. The fight very quickly escalates to quite a nasty situation where they’re fighting in the middle of the city in front of a bunch of people. Atleast nobody was able to identify wh it was controlling the kakashi, although the detective guy may have some suspicions.

Eventually Kyohei manages to convinice girl-utao to retreat Kukuri into a nearby forest (minus a hand).

While they’re regrouping (read: Kyohei berates Utao and Utao freaks out!) in the forest, boy-utao finds them and while in a position of power he shares that he initially just intended to tease Utao (oh, boys will be boys) but he has now changed his mind and wants to kill them.

However as Takemikazuchi delivers it’s killshot, Kukuri with his one good hand absorbs the attack and sends it right back at Takemikazuchi causing him to lose his own arm which is much worse for as he only hand one to begin with. From everyone reactions i’d wager that this is more of a an automatic defense mechanism that Kukuri has built in as Utao certainly didn’t do anything. So far out of all the kakashi we’ve seen, Kukuri looks the fluffiest, least likely to hurt a fly and definately least powerful… well apparently not, hidden power ftw!

While resting at home Utao mopes around feeling bad that she hurt Kukuri while Hibino investigates the inner workings of Kukuri which according to her is rather simplistic, I’m not so sure about that. Kyohei then comes in with the news that they need to head back to the village to repair Kukuri… Road Trip!

Meanwhile back at the village already, boy-utao (who’s name is revealed to be Kirio) is being punished by his teacher for being so reckless and when you get punished in the Hyuga family you get beat with a wooden sword, kinda liking my father’s belt right about now. Koushiro interupts however as they still need to complete their mission of re-capturing Aki. But before they leave Koushiro asks the question “Did you let Aki escape?” to the sensei, who replies “Stupid fool” which isn’t really an answer, jury’s still out on that but I don’t really doubt that Aki would be capable of escaping, the guy’s a genius!

Oh and there is still more to come…

Moment of the Episode:

Obviously the fight was awesome, especially given Kukuri’s hidden power reveal but I’d like to highlight Hibino’s maternal instincts as the moment of the episode. Specifically when she decides that the best way to comfort and calm the scared and panic-striken Utao by smothering her in her boobs! Yeah, Hibino’s boobs – big fan!

Lesson of the Episode:

If you ever decide to embark on a long road-trip with Hibino-san, for your own sanity’s sake you better take some games or reading material with, because you can be damn well sure tht it’s going to be a LONG trip!

2 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls 05 – Damn Kids!”

  1. 8 August 2011 at 8:15 am

    anyone else think that Amaterasu is the one from the beginning of the first episode?

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