Kamisama Dolls 06 – You gotta tense your muscles!

Heads up… still no Aki or Kuuko, wonder what they’re doing? 😦

Anyway, so after their long journey back home, our hero’s eventually reach karakami village which has alerted me to the fact that there are too many things in this show that start with the letter ‘K’. Not too much happens this week except for some back story on the origins of the kakashi and meeting some of the village folk.

MARMMM! We’re Home!!

To start off we get the formalities out the way as Kyohei & Utao return home to meet their parents and when they’re questioned on the Kirio incident they play all dumb. Their claims he wasn’t present at the birth while their mother claims to have no memory either… hmm, very convinient that. A real “out of sight, out of mind” concept, somebody definately whats to keep something a secret, question is what & why?

Most disappointing of all though is that nobody questioned who Hibino was, yes techincally she is ‘village‘ but come one, its an obvious joke, what happened to my predictable anime?

The bulk of the episode is about the repairing of Kukuri following his little tussle with Takemikazuchi last week, who evidently is also in for some repairs. The Utsuwashi take on the responsability of maintaining and possibly creating the kakashi. Moyako works with her grandfather and is assisted by her younger sister Yurako who has what I would describe as an “overly affectionate fondness” towards Utao, an extreme example of what happens when kids grow up with no television in my opinion.

The most interesting part of the episode was most probably when Hibinoasks about the inner workings of the kakashi and Moyako explains that they’re basically mechanical but that the secret/magic is in the sauce and the sauce is Kamu no Chi aka God’s Blood which is a special blend of resins… I know, I was disappointed too, its jus tree sap!

A few other stuff happens, Utao learns the lesson of the episode, Kirio eats tempura prawns and Hibino fears that she is going to die naked. But one thing I do want to highlight is that if we think back to the OP, it shows all the shadows of the Seki and as they appear in the show their likeness is revealed. So according to the OP, there is one more Seki still to appear and I think she makes her first appearance in the last scene of this episode. Possibly the sensei og Kyohei & Aki??

Moment of the Episode:

I watched this episode rather late at night and wasn’t fully alert, so I ahd to watch the scene where Hibino & Moyako go into the forest 3 times to understand what was going on and i still didn’t get it. It wasn’t until I watched it again the next morning that it clicked.

Moyako says that if you’re able to sync with the psychic waves of the trees in the forest you become part of the network (like the internet) and then you’re able to tell what people are thinking. Add to that the fact that Kyohei said he didn’t want to come with and… 1… 2… 3… Hibino takes awhile to get it but she still got it faster than me. LOL.

Lesson of the Episode:

To transfer power to a kakashi; you need to maitain your posture…

Open your legs and Push!
Clench you butt, and transfer your energy to your crotch!
Tense your muscles right here!


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