No. 6 – Episodes 5 & 6

The first show I’ve ever blogged and I’ve already had two posts in which I cover 2 episodes at once, I’m getting sloppy. The reason I’m late (though it’s never too late, as regular readers of the blog should know) is that I was away last weekend checking out a university I plan on attending  after school, I planned on blogging during my downtime, but I didn’t even get a chance to watch episode 5, let alone write about it. Sorry, it shouldn’t happen again anytime soon. Anyway, we now return to our regularly scheduled No. 6 episodic blogging.

Well, it’s not that big of a problem that I’m covering 2 episodes at once, not a hell of a lot happened in episode 5; it opens with the wasps spreading further throughout No. 6 as we see a woman (who apparently dislikes old people for being so happy despite being, y’know, old) die from the effects of the wasps.  We then see more of Safu’s time in No. 5, and we discover that even there, she’s pretty much the only person who takes such a literal approach to intimacy. We later see that Rikiga is trying to find information about the wasps, and when Shion learns that more people are dying, they rush to go tell Nezumi, seeing him perform in Hamlet playing a woman, so that explains his stage name…

During the performance Nezumi collapses after hearing a song, and elsewhere, the exact same thing happens to Safu. The episode ends with Safu waking in a hospital, hearing that her grandmother has died and that she must return to No. 6. Nezumi wakes up in his house and decides to dance with Shion (why? I have no idea.), accompanied with some surprisingly bleak imagery.

In the next episode, Safu returns to No. 6, grieves for her grandmother and receives a pair of her glasses. When she can’t contact Shion, she decides to meet with Karan and learns that Shion’s in the west district. Safu decides to go find him, claiming that she loves him, however, when she leaves, she is captured by the Bureau of Public Security.

Back in the west district, Shion and Nezumi are helping Dogkeeper bury the brother of the dog that raised her, and later worries about the wasps spreading, claiming he intends to return to No. 6 at least once before the spring. After saying this, Nezumi calmly walks up to Shion, kicks him to the ground, starts strangling him and threatens his life whilst telling Shion to wait until he’s destroyed o. 6 before he does anything. Shion then questions Nezumi’s reasons for hating No. 6, after Nezumi claims that Shion must choose No. 6 or him, Shion comes up with the brilliant idea to wipe No. 6 off the map without destroying it, which Nezumi laughs at, claiming he could never coexist with No. 6.

Nezumi then receives a message from Karan, telling him about Safu’s capture, and asking him to save her, but Nezumi doesn’t want to tell Shion, and risk him running to No. 6 by himself, even if it costs him his life.

So the drama picked up in these two episodes, I’m interested in seeing what happens with Safu, from the preview I’m guessing that Nezumi tells Shion, and he does indeed decide to go to No. 6 to save her, I also really want to know what it was that caused Nezumi and Safu to collapse at the same time. The preview also gave us this image:

But honestly if you’ve been actually watching this far, you knew it was coming. Poor Safu…


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