The Idolmaster Ep 6: Oh Producer, you fail

I’m finally back from the last day of Otakuthon (in Montreal)! Expect from me (politician promise) to make a coverage of the event, day 2 & 3 to be exact. There were some bad stuffs, but overall, I still had fun.

And no, I do not have a picture of myself at Otakuthon :p I’ll try to see if I ever make any cameo appearances on people’s videos which I doubt very much because I’m always on constant movement. I’m probably a ninja without the costume, lol.

But, I do have a picture of Halko Momoi singing in a high school uniform lol

Anyway, let’s be back to Idolmaster.

Ritsuko builds up her own idol group called Ryugu Komachi which is composed of Ami, Azusa and Iori. This represents the first time ever on the show when the twins are separated. Funny enough, Mami was almost invisible in this episode.

Azusa finally drops her Mugi-feel by changing her hair-style for shorter hair. It was unexpected since we’re only into Episode 6 and I LOVE it! I think I’ve found my 100th waifu…

Now, I can finally stop thinking about Mugi...a bit

Anyway, with Ritsuko as their manager, the 3 girls quickly becomes busy with a lot of jobs and promotions to do. Ritsuko is the good producer that the idol studio needs. Faced to the great work of Ritsuko and to his own incompetence, Procuder-san starts to panick. He forgets to make use of his only good tool as a producer, his communication skills. Telling the girls to do their best doesn’t quite cut it.

Hamzou is VERY disappointed in you, Producer.

Producers starts begging off, giving out CDs and annoying some people in the business in a failing attempt to get jobs for the girls. Actually, he’s doing more damage for his studio. YAY to cheesy comedy!

If finding an important work is impossible, might as well give the girls smaller roles. However, being the major screw-up that he is, Producer-san starts booking everyone in jobs that doesn’t fit their abilities or personalities from Akane in a lolita photo-shoot to Yukiho in a daring dress. This is where I notice that Yukiho got big b00bs. If he communicated more with his idols, the issues wouldn’t be there.

That reaction is just gold

There are so much screw-ups in the 12 minutes mark and you know there is still air-time for one more failure. Producer actually booked Hibiki on 2 different events at the same time, but, fear not, Miki comes to the rescue and acts as her replacement to save the honour of her studio and of the n00bish Producer. As the staffs of the event start disassembling the stage because Miki seemingly arrives too late to learn the choreography, the show plays the “Genius/gifted” card with her as she learns the dance from Makoto after looking at it once. That one part was really more of a case of “did” instead of “doing”. By “did” and “doing”, I mean that we got the result instead the process.  We know that Miki finished the event and satisfied the client, but we didn’t get to see how she did it. Deep down, I just wanted to see Miki dance. I mean…wasn’t the game musical?

I'm still questioning her age...

Luckily, there is a music performance by Ryugu Komachi…a performance that I liked. With HQ quality animation, this scene is looks splendid. Hopefully, we get this kind of musical performances more often as the characters expand their popularity as idols.

The choreography is pretty great

Morale of the story: We get another very simple morale and that is to Eat sweets! There is absolutely no life without sweets. I actually eat 2-3 chocolate portions per day and I’m brain-dead whenever my chocolate reserve is empty. The only thing lacking in this episode is the usage of CAKE!! Didn’t the staffs of this show learn from K-ON that cake is serious business?

Your fate lies inside this small candy

As a sadist, I like seeing people’s failure. So, It was really entertaining for me to see Producer having a bad time. I’m still hoping at the end of the show that Studio 765 goes bankrupt so that the girls abandon their dreams as idols. I just find enjoyment in misery. I could take a mirror and see an evil person right now.

Score: 10/10 after taking a good Vodka shot.

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