Black Rock Shooter to get TV Anime – there’s potential here, please don’t squander it.

Here’s the thing, I genuinely like the aesthetics of Black Rock Shooter, and I think this franchise has potential, but that OVA was so disappointing that this announcement just confuses me. As the title states, Black Rock Shooter is getting a TV Anime in January, but here’s where it gets weird, it’s going to be part of Noitamina, why?

So here’s why I think this is just odd, pretty much everyone thought that the OVA was bad, even though it did pack in some genuinely good action, it was bogged down by some incredibly inconsistent animation (great during the action, mediocre at best during everything else) and a fairly poor slice of life aspect which was terribly melodramatic and surprisingly stupid.

You see, I don’t mind that they added the real world aspects, considering the whole thing was based off a song and music video, they didn’t have a hell of a lot to work with, and I still think that if this extra plotline was well executed, it could have made something pretty special. Now, as I mentioned earlier, the slice of life story was just plain stupid, with the message that you can’t possibly be friends with more than one person at a time, or your other friends will become jealous of you and get possessed, great writing guys!

So when I first saw the piece of news without reading the details, I thought that this could be pretty cool, and could work well as a fairly minimalist action series with some great visuals, not really something you’d find as part of Noitamina, but still cool nonetheless. I then read that it was still being made by Ordet, Yutaka Yamamoto’s studio, responsible for the original OVA. Oh yeah, they also made Fractale, my absolute least favourite Noitamina show, it wasn’t just bad by Noitamina standards, it was just flat out bad.

Fractale had a genuinely interesting premise, and some great production values, but all of that was squandered on an aimless and (once again) poorly written plot, with a fairly stupid ending. It also went on to sell terribly, so much so, that Fractale’s sales have since become a unit of measurement (FRT).

So that’s why I’m confused, I want this to turn out well, I really do, but in the hands of Ordet I’m worried that it’ll just succumb to many of the problems that plagued both the OVA and Fractale. I’m worried that it’ll include a meaningless slice of life plot (even if they still keep it in, they can at least try to improve on it), I’m worried that it’ll end up collapsing under Yamakan’s hubris, I’m worried it’ll give Ordet a worse reputation than it already has despite the fact that they have some great animators (and I did enjoy Kannagi). I know that this will make money, but remember, Noitamina did air Tatami Galaxy, so I think it’s fair to say they focus on quality rather than profit. So please Ordet, make something that is genuinely good, and don’t just milk the franchise’s potential for more profit.

I want to see you succeed, so please, PLEASE do this well. I know you have it in you.

4 Responses to “Black Rock Shooter to get TV Anime – there’s potential here, please don’t squander it.”

  1. 1 jGLZa
    19 August 2011 at 6:17 am

    Potential yes. But they already squandered it when they messed the OVA a while back.

  2. 19 August 2011 at 6:33 am

    Oh gawd, Fractale… this show had so much hype from a lot of people while I had already predicted that Fractale would be horrible (part of that is because I read the first chapters of the Fractale manga)

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