The Idolm@ster Episode 7: The Hamzou Saga continues

7 episodes…18 is left if this anime is really set for 25 episodes. It’s quite hard to think that this show is a 2-season anime considering the content, but animators probably think the show is a cash cow. I’m sure there’s a lot of fans of the games. I can already imagine the Idolm@ster figurines with detachable clothes. Oh Wait…

Clothes only need to be detachable...

This week, we focus on Iori, Yayoi and Hibiki. Okay, Hibiki isn’t really important in this episode, but it does bring a reason to give Hamzou more air time.

The Obligatory Hamzou Subtle Gag: Ride on Hibiki's Hair!

Oh yeah, I've found this hilarious picture

The comparison of life-style between Iori and Yayoi’s family is the main theme of this episode. Iori is that super-rich girl which gives a reason to why she is such a tsundere. A spoiled girl being a tsundere makes sense. It doesn’t mean I like her character. I’m still tired of Loli Tsudere characters.

LOL Typical Tsundere Line

Yayoi lives a very modest life with her numerous siblings. Her parents probably get mid-class income, but the number of children they have is certainly costly enough to make them live in a non-luxerious house.

The episode starts off with Iori doing a horrible self-promotion in a documentary. I’m sure no one would hire her to play a movie role. Also,  I was laughing how that interviewer was more interested in her house, her parents and her brothers than her still unknown idol career. I guess Ryuugu Komachi didn’t do much for her or Azusa stands out more than her…at least in the boobs battle. REALITY CHECK BIATCH!

Bad Acting is Bad

Of course, Producer had to pep-talk her a bit and ask if she needed advice. Well, you know the tsundere, that Iori is, wouldn’t admit to such things. We’re 7 episode into the series, and it’s now that the Producer asks his idols to seek his help if needed. How slow can he be?

Well someone had to tell him the truth

Following that Iori fiasco, Yayoi invites her and Hibiki to her house for a meal. They go to the grocery store which is a first for Iori. Unlike Yayoi, Iori doesn’t know how to choose ingredients because it’s supposed to be the COOK’s job. Couldn’t her bunny teach her that? However, when you see her in Yayoi’s house, she acts pretty maturely to my surprise, but she still display that higher class background during the dinner when Yayoi prepared a Bean sprouts feast! Anime 101 says that Rich Girls should hesitate eating before falling in love with the food.

Those eyes...

After an argument with Yayoi, one of her little brothers, Chousuke, runs away. Yayoi and Hibiki splits up to search for the missing brother. They can’t find him after searching pretty much anywhere from parks to bridges to random houses. Iori who’s checking out on the other little siblings decides to call Producer for help. The dude still ends up being useless since it’s Iori who finds the brother hiding in the storage room.  Apparently, she holds the same similarity whenever she fights with her brothers. Then, we get into that acceptance speech about Iori fighting for the recognition of her family that she can break out in the idol business.

I don't hate you, Yayoi...I just feel indifferent towards you.

We then get that touching reunion between brother and sister. The whole thing was emotional until the reunion where it screwed up a bit. There was so much crying in that scene that I laughed rather than finding this segment touching. Sorry, but the boy’s TEARS ARE HUMONGOUS!!

Over-sized tears makes me ROFL

The Producer is glad for being relied on by Iori. The tsundere girl acts like a tsundere in response of the useless one. The little brother starts becoming useful in the family. Hibiki remains as a supplementary character on this episode…again. That pretty much wraps it up.

By the end of the episode, I don’t give a damn about Yayoi. There’s a reason WHY she has mainly been a background character till now. She’ll most likely remain that way for the remainder of the show. It’s because she’s soooooooooo NORMAL! She has no real strong points, no weak points…Just nothing but her cute look. Her character lacks so much potential of development that her brother and Iori got more emphasis than her. Last time I checked, her brother isn’t an important character and Iori has more air time than needed.

Obligatory Cute Picture

This episode wasn’t bad…just NOT good. It just felt more predictable than any other episodes of the show…It’s simply a text-book storyline to a bland level. You could say it was the worse episode of the show because it lacked the usual comedy needed to cover up an unwavering PREDICTABILITY. I’m sure the staff thought they could make a touching moment in this episode. It just didn’t work for ME because I don’t cry to just anything. Score: 5/10

Next episode should provide better entertainment with Makoto and Azusa wearing wedding outfits…HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!


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