Kamisama Dolls Origins: Aki

Yata! As the title suggests, this weeks episode was all about the best part of this show – Aki, and the lad delivers, in spades. He’s origin story is every bit as dark as one would expect but I couldn’t help but think that things could have been so very different for Aki. A series of unfortunate events if you will.

Word of warning, this weeks post is a bit text heavy because so much happens in this episode. (And apologies for the lateness, busy weekend. But because I’ve sat down like four times to finish this, I’ve watched this episode about 30 times and its still awesome!)

I’m Baaaaaacckk!!!

Our flashback starts with Aki minding his own business in a field when he is engaged by Atsushi his stepbrother and his friends. He’s not being bullied in the sense that he’s scared of getting hurt, in fact Aki is ignoring them trying to mind his own business. Because of this, the main offender, Atsushi becomes more aggressive to the point that he summons his kakashi – Kuramitsuha. What now? Isn’t that Aki’s kakashi, hmm… Aki actually goes on to criticise Atsushi’s ability to control Kuramitsuha properly. Tis enrages Atsushi to the extent that he actually attacks Aki with Kuramitsuha, luckily, like a hero, Kyohei intervenes with Kukuri. (By the way; looking at the way Kyohei controls Kukuri, its clear he was pro Seki back in his day)

A Summary of the events so far: Basically Aki was taken in by the Kuga family (which makes Atsushi, Kyohei’s cousin) for what reason, I don’t know ; perhaps they found him in a basket floating in the river.

Anyway Atsushi being a Kuga was being groomed to be a Seki but Kuramitsuha took a liking to Aki instead and he became its Seki. Obviously this didn’t go down very well with Atsushi. Later on however, Aki is stripped of Kuramitsuha (the reason isn’t explained) and despite regaining control of Kuramitsuha, Atsushi still holds a lot of aggression towards Aki. Aki doesn’t help things either by continually taunting Atsushi.

Back to the episode, amazingly it appears that I was correct about the lady at the end of last weeks episode being the sensei Aki spoke about previously. However she isn’t a sensei like the Ed & Al’s sensei from FMA, which is what I imagined, she is actually just the teacher at the villages school. And as luck would have it her first meeting with Aki & Kyohei is during their little scuffle with Atsushi in the field.

Kyohei obviously falls head over heals for her but it turns out that he wasn’t the only one who took a liking to the new teacher. After school one day Atsushi approaches Senou-sensei and tries the worst pickup line ever, she rejects his advance but in the Kuga family there is no “No”. He then forces himself on her and she slaps him and chases him off. The next day she is reprimanded by the the principle and things just go down hill from there, they even dig up every old skeleton in her closet to dirty her name… like the fact that she committed adultry with a former pupils father.

Having proved his point that its not a good idea to cross a Kuga, Atsushi again forces himself on Senou-sensei and she again rejects him but this time he’s not going to accept “No” as an answer. If Aki wasn’t on hand to come to her rescue, things would have turned very ugly.

Then the wierdest thing happens, I don’t if it was adreneline or her way of saying thank you, she claimed it was revenge but she seduces Aki and goes to bed with him. Yup, she sleeps with a student this time, whats that about you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Made no real sense in the greater scheme of things really.

Obviously they were photographed in the act – damn small villages with walls of glass! And she is dismissed from the school because of this. Then on her final night in the village Atsushi finally acts and abducts Senou-sensei.

Aki rushes to her rescue, walking right into what he knows is an ambush. Atsushi and his gang are predictably waiting there for him as Atsushi intends to enact his revenge on Aki for humiliating all those years ago. When Atsushi atacks with Kuramitsuha, Senou-sensei bravely jumps in front of Aki and takes the blow in Aki’s stead. Senou-sensei’s death is the straw that breaks the camels back and Aki finally goes over the edge.

Moment of the Episode:

This was easy for once, the final scene where Aki lets loose was brutal, clinical and grotesque. The way Aki moves Kuramitsuha around is just magestic. We finally got to see the scene that we’ve only previously been able to see in flashbacks, lots of blood, plenty of body parts flying around the music literally sent a shrill up my spine. Awesome!

Lesson of the Episode:

Right from the first scene we get our lesson of the episode, “Bullying is Bad”. And more to that, if you let bully’s be (i.e. ignore them) they’ll just end up making a fool of themselves and if this episode is anything to go by… dead.

And to a lesser extent but still worth a mention, if you’re a teacher; don’t sleep with your students or their parents, its a bad idea.


7 Responses to “Kamisama Dolls Origins: Aki”

  1. 1 jGLZa
    24 August 2011 at 6:39 am

    Oh and as a last thought, what do you guys think Kyohei is burying in the final scene?

    • 2 rozen
      24 August 2011 at 1:12 pm

      It’s the dog that Kyohei buried, the anime just didn’t make it clear enough. The manga had the dog paws revealed.

      • 3 jGLZa
        24 August 2011 at 2:40 pm

        Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

        I originally thought is “is that the sensei, did he cut her up in pieces?”. LOL.

  2. 24 August 2011 at 11:23 pm

    Episode after Episode…The show continues to show that he’s not really an antagonist because Kamisama Dolls just expects you to sympathize with him. I kinda get the feeling Kyouhei and Aki will team up one day because of Senou’s word for Kyouhei to always stay as Aki’s friend.

    Anyone noticed how music of the kakashi differs from the seki? Kuramitsuha with Atsuhi brings out a crappy music performance while Aki and Utao make their kakashi sing perfectly without a false note. So, the music in the kakashi is an indicator on how well a seki is synchronized (the most important component so far) and skillful with its kakashi.

    If you look at Kyouhei, Kukuri’s music does come out better than Atsuhi’s Kuramitsuha but it’s still flawed. It’s probably reflects his feelings that prevent him to fully accept his kakashi (we’re not sure if he hadn’t already developed that before or after Senou’s death because there was that incident from Episode One’s first Flashback). That or his skills as a seki are just not super-badass like Aki’s lol

    • 5 jGLZa
      25 August 2011 at 8:20 pm

      Aki definately is in a league of his own. I never picked up on Kyohei-Kukuri tone difference, it sounded the same as with Utao-Kukuri.

      If an Aki/Kyohei teamup were to happen, I’d just… :nosebleed:

  3. 5 September 2011 at 10:30 am

    This definitely was a dramatic episode when we got to learn more about Aki. The guy really had a pretty bad time as a kid. No wonder he just slaughtered all those guys though. They kill his dog and his girl (sure she’s a teacher, but whatever) you just can’t let that kind of thing stand. Really the dog was an innocent and allowed Aki to show more kind sides of himself. Sure Chihaya shouldn’t have been sleeping with one of her students, but certainly didn’t deserve death for that. She had to feel isolated and incredibly stressed by it. Aki at least could understand that isolation being treated the way he was in that village. Really it was just a messed up tragedy overall.

    Shows an interesting connection as well between Kakashi and Seki. In the end Kuramitsuha responded to Aki and returned to him. Makes you wonder if Kyohei if the time was necessary could take control of Kukuri from Utao.

    I’d agree with thaivu22 there is a different tone at play when the different Seki use the same Kakashi. Whether it’s because they don’t quite fit (thus the music seems off) or just because it’s a different Seki.

    It was a truly incredible dance of death when Aki snapped. The music definitely helped as well.

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