The Idolm@ster Ep 8: The Hamzou Streak ends

We were expecting it, but it still stings. For the first time ever, Hamzou doesn’t get any air time on an episode. At this point, only Producer appears in EVERY episode.

But oh boy, Hamzou quickly becomes forgotten when you get a great episode involving Azusa and Makoto. What can I say? It was simply dynamic, even more than the first episode (the interview one).

We start off with Azusa, Makoto and Miki doing a photo-shoot for a wedding magazine. As you’d expect, Makoto gets to wear the groom suit much to his her desire to wear girly stuff. Through-out the entire episode, you can easily forget that he’s she’s a girl.

Miki doesn't fit the bride character, but that's what makes her awesome

Azusa shows a small mischievous side when she pranks her friend into thinking she’s getting married by sending her a pic-text message. Trololol! She also desires to get married at her age. For some reasons, I feel The Producer is going to be the lucky bastard.

One of these days, I need to learn how to put a picture over another. Wanted to put a :TF:

What we mainly get in this episode is a giant circle race that started with the kidnapping of Azusa by mysterious men in black whose looks are very familiar. Oh YEAH!! One looked like a Gurren Lagann’s character. Also, notice how their sunglasses lacks the temple part.

Look at the right of the pic: Remember the Bakusa brothers from Gurren Lagann?

Of course, Makoto, the manly hero, and Producer, the ever useless one, must go save Azusa while Miki continues the photo-shoot with not-so-bride-like poses.

What went down is that Azusa picked up a box containing a wedding ring that fell from a runaway bride who doesn’t want to marry an unknown rich dude. Rich dude sent that wedding ring as a mean for a marriage proposal. (Note: Why the hell is she wearing her wedding dress in the first place?)

Basically, the men in black mistook Azusa for the bride and took her in their car. After driving a while, they realize that they got the wrong girl and let her go to search for the real bride. This is where we have the “Tale of the Lost One” (I’m completely making things up) featuring Azusa. Seriously, her sense of direction are equivalent to Roronoa Zoro’s.

Ninja Blend-in...wait no

The men in black find the bride who still refuses the marriage. So, in order to fully reject the marriage, she decides to give the ring back, but it’s Azusa who’s holding onto it. So, the bride and men in black go chase for the lost Azusa who in the meanwhile is helping a granny to find her way, 2 kids to find their mom and a fortune-teller to temporarily keep the stand (which serves as a plot device for her to meet the rich dude and to send to somewhere important to the end) but also is trying to give the ring back to the bride. However, it’s hard to do so when she’s LOST!

The kind waifu

We get some even more random turns of events when Makoto gets to fight against the men in black in a china town. Makoto actually got to whoop some ass which was awesome. The action scenes actually reminded me of Jackie Chan’s action movies when she fought in that ladder. It could be an homage. This is one of the scenes where I had completely forgotten that Makoto is a girl. The fight leads to the destruction of stores in China Town (angry owners are angry).

You certainly don't fuck with Makoto

Of course, the chase-run has to end. Miki who’s getting pictures done outside in public comes across the bride. Azusa runs toward them while being chased by producer, Makoto, the men in black, the store owners who wants payment, the fortune-teller who got paid too much from the rich dude, more random people. This leads to a final great group shot.

Somehow, I'm being reminded of Gokusen lol

Azusa finally gives the ring back to the girl and the rich dude arrives. Of course, the girl decides to accept the marriage after seeing how he looks like. LONG LIVE ARTIFICIAL LOVE! It’s all about the looks and money! Gotta love how we’re not really supposed to say anything bad about it because marriage is viewed as something happy. Oil Baron (yes, that’s the rich dude’s name…ROFLMAO!) pays the repair of China Town. Everyone is happy until Azusa’s friend gets back at her prank by sending a message telling that a superstition saying “One’s marriage is delayed when she’s wears her wedding dress without the purpose of getting married.”

She's a bitch, but we're not really supposed to acknowledged because it's a happy moment.

Perhaps what makes this episode so great is the high pace and quick shift in segments of the story. Instead of having a normal number of segments forming an episode, we having SEVERAL tiny bits of moments which makes this episode so dynamic, unpredictable and fulfilling. I actually felt that a lot of stuff happened in that episode and the story didn’t seem to drag on for nothing.  You can compare this to an episode of Durarara or Baccano but with a linear timeline. Was I really watching Idolmaster?

Also, my wish for more music has been fulfilled for at least this one episode. There’s no musical stage performance, but it’s nice to have more than one middle-of-the-ep song. I really liked how they used different songs that fit types of segments.



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