Usagi Drop episode the tenth

Being sick: it really sucks. Quite the bummer.

Unfortunately, sick is exactly what Rin is, after catching a bug from who knows where. According to a doctor, she has a stomach flu – accompanied by a the usual host of symptoms like weakness, loss of appetite, and vomiting.

More than likely, this is Daikichi’s first experience with Rin being sick. Again, Daikichi shows a great deal of fatherly worry over Rin, but this time a little too much. Although he calls his parents for help, the worry still shows plainly on his face. It’s fortunate for him that Kouki and his mother (whose name I just recently learned was Yukari) come over to aid. Yukari informs Daikichi – quite accurately – that a parent seeming worried will only hurt the child and tells him to calm down, taking over briefly.

I’ve noticed that Daikichi and Yukari make a nice team, and they’re always helping one another. In fact, in this episode and the last, Daikichi+Yukari+Rin+Kouki acted a lot like a family. With the end of the series coming, I wonder whether this could be foreshadowing of the ending… although the manga does not end that way or even similarly, the anime seemingly won’t even cover the timeskip and Production I.G. might end the series here instead of making a sequel. It’s unlikely, though, since that would be a huge change, and I’d rather hope for a sequel anyways seeing as how good the first season is.

In the end, Rin’s illness turns out to be nothing particularly serious, really only a one-day thing, and there’s a happy charming scene in the end of the episode to reassure us of that. A bit of a twist ending, however, when Kouki reveals the next day that his mother is sick in bed (although, since the ‘stomach flu’ is actually an inflammation unrelated to influenza rather than a viral or bacterial infection, she couldn’t have caught it from Rin – end medical note).

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