No. 6 – episodes 10 & 11. That’s a wrap.

So, remember my last episodic post? Where I ragged on No. 6 largely due to the fact that it was crawling along with very little happening? Well, things did happen in the last two episodes, problem is, it just wasn’t worth it.

So join me in one final post about No. 6. I’ll be discussing the last two episodes and giving my thoughts on the series as a whole. Thank god the seasons almost over.

Now I love Noitamina, it’s brought us some really great anime like Nodame Cantabile, Tatami Galaxy, and Eden of the East, all of which I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat (except maybe Tatami Galaxy, because that’s for a really select audience). But Noitamina hasn’t had the greatest track record lately, [C] was good, but made some questionable decisions and failed to live up to it’s potential, Ano Hana was enjoyable, but fairly average on the whole, and Wandering Son started halfway through the plot of its source material, alienating a large part of its potential audience. This season seemed to be a return to form, No. 6 had a wonderful first few episodes, and Usagi Drop was very well made, clever, and pleasant the whole way through. No. 6, on the other hand, dropped sharply after the halfway mark.

These last two episodes finally got a move on, it tied up some loose ends and answered a few lingering questions (not all questions, mind), but doing all that does not equal success, not when the conclusion is wholly unsatisfying. I should’ve seen it coming really, this is Bones, and they are known for poor endings. I’ll tell you two things that should set off warning bells for the last episode; it features a magical Safu with healing powers, and a giant rainbow wasp.

Dogkeeper and Rikiga just sorta ran away, never to be seen again, and Nezumi just left Shion, for no reason, only telling him “you’re going to be fine”. Oh, and then some animals came and gave Shion the baby they rescued earlier. Yaaay, thanks for that, nameless dog, and you too, rat named Hamlet!

So who would I recommend No. 6 to? I seriously don’t know. The world is interesting and the plot is intriguing for the first half, until the writers stopped trying, and gave no reason for pretty much anything. The production values are good, if you don’t mind said production values being wasted on people talking about nothing at all in particular. The characters show promise, until they decided that character development wasn’t necessary.

So, in a nutshell, No. 6 is the very definition of disappointment, and I’d like to apologise if I sound bitter. I wanted this show to do well, I don’t like being angry. I know this is my first season of anime blogging, but I love doing this, I love writing about things I enjoy. But it’s hard to write about something that at times, I didn’t even have enough enthusiasm to watch.

So thank god No. 6 is done, no more writing about things I don’t enjoy. Upcoming exams be damned, I WILL stay positive, for me and for you, all of my wonderful readers. Here’s to next season, here’s to me bringing you the best I can write.

3 Responses to “No. 6 – episodes 10 & 11. That’s a wrap.”

  1. 19 September 2011 at 12:11 am

    They really turned Safu into a lab monster….ARGH!!! A BUG!!!

    I was jumping out of joy when Shion got killed until Bug-Safu saved him and Nezumi. That was a moment of PURE RAGE for me. I would have been happy if either of one died. Maybe it’s because I hate this kind of endings, but the fluffy and warm ending, where the GOOD people live, except for the best character (in this case, SAFU), and make peace, is just a bad formulaic ending.

    There’s a pattern in NoitaminA’s shows every season: one good show and one disappointing (or sometimes, one Frustrating) anime. EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE!

    No.6 probably just joins the Class of Mediocrity together with Fractale and C

    • 2 Gooney
      19 September 2011 at 12:41 am

      Yeah, that Noitamina show has been true for a while now, last time both shows were good was when they were airing House of Five Leaves and Tatami Galaxy, and House of Five Leaves was pretty divisive, as was Tatami Galaxy. That said, Guilty Crown and Un-Go are looking fantastic.

  2. 9 October 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Ah, this anime had such high hopes but when I found out it was only 11 eps.. that was destructive at the pacing they were going. The animation and setting were great- dystopia FTW. But yeah, ending was cheese if I ever saw any. Way too much bromance too >_> feh

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