Kimi to Boku: First Impression

Kimi to Boku is one of this season’s feel good shows; low key, slice of life, nothing exciting. Its animation style is extremely easy going, somewhat similar to Usagi Drop of last season; there are no sharp angles, no overly vibrant colours, and no desktop wallpaper worthy scenery. (Except maybe when the kitty walks across the front of the vending machines.) So is it any surprise that I’m extremely underwhelmed by the first episode of this show? And is that, perhaps, the point?

If you haven’t read any synopses of the show yet, Kimi to Boku basically follows a group of male friends – four of which have known each other since kindergarten – entering their second year of high school. Yuta and Yuki Asaba are twins; Yuta is the older of the two. Their only differentiating quality is where the hair parts on their head – oh and Yuki wears a camel coloured cardigan rather than the blue blazer school uniform. Plus he’s super athletic and an adept potato peeler. Both of them are a bit lacklustre in personality. Kaname Tsukahara is the bespectacled, straight-laced, over achiever of the group; he spends most of the episode chiding Yuki for his inappropriate attire and lack of interest and enthusiasm in extra-curricular activities. He spends the entire episode complaining about one thing or another. Last but not least is Shun Matsuoka who is the fuwafuwa component. He has long hair (that is kept tidy thanks to Yuta’s diligent lunch time brushings), is soft spoken, warm hearted, and gentle in spirit. The fifth boy, Chizuru Tachibana, hasn’t been introduced yet, and I suspect (like Azusa in K-On!) he’ll be a bit of an outsider joining this tightly knit group of friends.

I have to admit that I like the art and character designs in Kimi to Boku. I know it’s borderline boring, but at least it’s clean and inoffensive, and we can expect it to be consistent throughout its entire 26 episode run. I also like the music; the opening song is… okay I didn’t watch the opening sequence, but I really do enjoy the ending song, as well as the water-colouresque imagery it’s partnered with. The whole cat theme that’s worked into the setting is interesting, though I’m not sure I get it. I know sometimes the cats mirror what our characters are doing or feeling, or the type of situation they’re in, but still… It’s just different, I guess. The cats are pretty cute though, so it’s not like I mind or anything. I just don’t get it.

Story wise… I’m not sure if there’s anything to say because I’m not sure if anything really happened. I mean four of our main protagonists were introduced, which is a good start, and I know there’s still 25 more episodes to lay the tracks for a good story and I don’t expect them to rush into anything, but like I mentioned in the first paragraph: I was really underwhelmed by this first episode. It set a tone and introduced some characters. And that’s about it. The good thing is, even though I’m underwhelmed, I’m not disappointed in the least. There were parts were I thought I was going to be disappointed, or I felt like I was on the verge of being disappointed, but somehow, I would just forget about my near-disappointment, and before I knew it, the show was over.

Will I Blog This?

…Unlikely. I’m likely to watch it, but it’s unlikely I’ll actually review it. I’m just not sure what kind of content or story this show is going to produce, nor the pace it’s going to go at. Plus I feel like it’s the kind of show where you could easily skip an episode or two and catch up all at once – which means I also think it’s the kind of show where you wouldn’t be waiting impatiently for the next episode to air so you could watch it and then immediately start writing about what happened.

I think Kimi to Boku has the potential to be a good show. Not a stellar show, but at least a good one. The danger is, if the show doesn’t establish that it’s ‘good’ within the next few episodes, people will lose interest and it’ll get dropped. It’s like playing poker: you might have the makings of a good hand, but you can’t place all your hope on the river card (that’s what the last card is called, right? I haven’t played poker in a really long time). Because, in the end, if that card turns and it’s not the one you need to complete your hand, you lose.

8 Responses to “Kimi to Boku: First Impression”

  1. 1 Gooney
    4 October 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Yeah, it was OK, nothing special at all but I can’t say I was underwhelmed as I had almost no expectations for this. One thing that I found quite odd is that this shares a director with Elfen Lied of all shows, never would’ve guessed that

    • 2 blindability
      5 October 2011 at 4:26 am

      Hmm. I didn’t know Kimi to Boku shares the same director as Elfen Lied; I definitely would’ve never guessed, haha. I didn’t have high expectations myself or anything, but I can’t help but feel like nothing really happened!

  2. 5 October 2011 at 5:21 am

    Cute boys doing cute things…it feels creepy lol

  3. 7 October 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Underwhelming, definitely. I thought it’d be something great and heartwarming but it was very flat the whole way through.

    As for the cats, I don’t understand their purpose, besides mirroring the characters’ actions without having to show actual footage of the characters doing whatever they’re doing (which is supposed to attention-grabbing maybe? just something to keep the show from being too much of the same thing? idk). It doesn’t seem like they have a thematic or symbolic purpose…

  4. 5 lache
    27 October 2011 at 1:12 am

    hey it’s ok i suppose i like the opening song heads up if you know what its called

  5. 6 Karan
    31 December 2011 at 12:02 pm

    I can’t seem to get the ending song anywhere. Could you tell me the name?

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