I’m B4CK: Valkryia Chronicles III

Guess whose back? You missed me? Of course, you did.  This is… Valkryia Chronicles, a video game adaption with a legitimate storyline and supposedly good gameplay mechanics.

They don’t waste a second to introduce the love triangle. 

 If you didn’t Wikipedia this game’s series like some obsessive blogger *cough*, you would be confused as to what the f*(k is going on.  So I’ll save you some kilojoules by explaining the storyline.  For those who haven’t watched it yet.  I suggest you do so after you read the summary so you avoid spoilers, but you get what the f*(k is going on.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice the village Bruhl, the hometown to the protagonists of the first Valkria Chronicles game.  They make a rather long cameo in the episode. 


The story is simple (sorta).  You have this big bad Imperial Alliance in the east that could be considered Germany that is attacking the Atlantic Alliance which is sorta like Britain and France.  These two Alliance are fighting over Ragnite ore which basically is oil for our world.  The ore is a vital resource that maintains the comfortable consumerist lifestyle of each nation *cough* First world nations, especially The United States *cough*  Sorry, I have an internet cold.  Gallia is this neutral nation with a lot of this Ragnite doohickey.  Of course, the big bad Imperial Alliance wants this Ragnite. So, they try to take over Gallia.  Gallia has an army that sucks cuz their troops stink and most of their leaders are cowards.

That guy took a crap in his pants after he saw my opening picture.

  UNTIL NOW!!! <ques dramatic heroic music>  Now, Squad 7 of the Gallian Militia must do all the work to kill the Caesar-esque leader, Maxmillian, to save their nation.  Of course, a single squad couldn’t possibily do all the work right?  That’s why we have a third game!

You mad bro?

The Nameless, Squad 422, is a group of traitors, lawbreakers, and generally bad people.  They are the group that the haters are gonna hate.  They basically are such a hated team that they actually get attacked by their own nation’s army.  Which brings us to the opening scene of this OVA, the incompetent Gallian army with it’s coward of a leader are now trying to kill The Nameless who have scarcely no ammo and severely outnumbered.

Hi, I’m a super cute girl who ends all her sentences with -desu or something like that!  And I just fired a handheld antitank RPG from a tank!~ (Oh, The Irony)

My All-Knowing Indisputable Thoughts

If you’ve got time to spare after watching Fate/Zero (Saber!!!!!!) and Shakugan No Shana III (MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!), then you should waste another 25 more minutes on this instead of getting started on an English composition due tomorrow.  This show is funny and the girls are cute…

Exhibit A

She’s frustrated cuz she lost to Saber

:3 Saber 4 3V4!!

Riela Marceris is a hawt girl who is of Valkyrian descent.  Basically, she can go Super Saiyan and wield a huge spear and shield, glow blue, and homogenize her hair color to completely white.  She got into The Nameless because she has a bad PR as the only person who survives from her squad when all her teammates are massacred.  Hm… I wonder why.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that most of the Gallian army’s leaders suck.  Or maybe because of the fact that she’s A F*(KING VALKYRIA WITH A LASER SPEAR AND AN INVINCIBLE SHIELD!!!

2 words: Over Powered. 

Exhibit B:

Big @$$ sword, has potential, not a bad choice really…

Imca is a Darscen which basically is like an African-American in the United States back during the World War except apparently Darscen did some terrible things in the past apparently.   Imca’s got a gunblade thingy that can shoot huge RPG’s, act like a machine gun, or smash people into clean halves.


Our protagonist teases us by simply acting oblivious to when either of them hit on him.

I’m making a trans-dimensional portal to kill Kurt, the retarded protagonist.

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