First Impressions – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

I’ve mentioned this before, but I enjoyed the manga adaptation of the light novels Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, finding it to be a surprisingly funny comedy that didn’t act on the potential of its interesting concept very much, but was enjoyable nonetheless. Placing the focus on friendship rather than romance may not sound like much, but makes for a refreshing change of pace that is definitely appreciated.

I expected the anime to continue this, and be an enjoyable if unremarkable show that I would enjoy perhaps a bit more than I should. Turns out I hit the nail on the head.

AIC found a hit in OreImo, and hopes to continue this trend with Boku (can I say this or has Kimi to Boku taken that?), though they share very little in common (other than being produced by the same division of AIC), the show definitely feels reminiscent of OreImo, with similarly interesting first episodes that are a tad smarter than they have any right to be, let’s just hope that the quality doesn’t drop the way it did with OreImo.

The two primary protagonists, Kodaka and Yozora, are surprisingly likable, never feeling too unrealistic in the way they handle their respective social statuses, Kodaka becomes a tad withdrawn, and Yozora resorts to finding conversation with her “air friends”. (In her words, they’re like the friend version of air guitars) It’s when our third protagonist, Sena is introduced, that the tone shifts quite drastically. (Though it had to be done if this was going to succeed financially at all) What started off as a fairly mellow show suddenly becomes a very shouty comedy which is a tad reliant on tropes (Sena has big boobs, Yozora’s are average. Fighting ensues), don’t let that turn you off though, it may be unoriginal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny, and it most definitely managed to make me smile.

It’s good-looking too, AIC knows it’ll do well (the light novels are very popular) and so they gave us a show that is well animated, has a nice art style (I have a feeling many people will disagree with me on this) and the character designs are pleasant, if a bit generic. The music isn’t exactly great, but fits the show quite nicely and works a lot better than that of many other shows in the same genre, with an catchy OP and enjoyable ED. (the ED has a cool animation, too)

In short, I can’t say that you should rush out and watch it this instant, but those of you looking for a fun comedy could do far, far worse, and it’s a very enjoyable entry into the fall season, I recommend it.

Will I blog this?

Maybe, at this point it’s a toss-up between this and Ben-To, so when I’ve watched the first episode of that, I’ll have made a decision.


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