Fate/Zero Episode 2: Ego, Fatherly Love, Murder, Betrayal

This week’s cutest character of the week belongs to:

A piece of advice: You should watch Fate/Zero on Nico Nico Douga or torrent it in a 720p and Hi10P copy. Otherwise, you won’t get much details when the show gets into the night or a dark room. Fan-subs streaming site will offer you piss quality.

The episode starts off with Rider hijacking a library to acquire books and maps much to Waver’s displeasure because of the ruckus. Waver seems uncertain if he can really win the Grail War with the attitude of his servant who is named King Iskandar. The name Iskandar is the persian way to name Alexander, thus, revealing that Rider is Alexander the Great. If that wasn’t obvious enough, he even mentions Persia and Macedonia. Iskandar only wants the Grail to able to go conquer the Earth. He even berates his master for having small ambitions such as gaining recognition of others. Simply put, the guy simply has too much of a big ego for Waver to even control. Iskandar’s high and mighty attitude nearly makes an impulsive Waver waste one command seal.

If you haven’t watched Fate/Stay Night, a master is granted 3 command seals that can force his servant to obey an order. After 3 command seals are used up, the master loses his right to control a servant.


So far, Rider is one of the characters that can lighten the show a bit and balance out the amount of bad guys. At the same time, he can make Waver a bit more sympathize-able by abusing him a bit. Okay, that sounded wrong. Waver isn’t really a good guy nor a bad guy. He kinda takes the role of Kai Shiden from Gundam. He’s a bit of an immature prick, but you don’t necessarily want him to die…just yet. Rather, you want him to grow up and act responsibly. While his goals in the Grail War seem unimpressive, it’s not like he wants to murder little children, take over the mage world through politics, or change the face of the Earth.

Speaking of changing the face of the Earth, the show turns into Saber, Irisviel, Illyasviel and Kiritsugu. It is nice to see that Kiritsugu has emotions and acts like a good father to Illyas. He seemed so cold to even look like he’d be a good father. Seriously, he raised Shirou, nuff said. Well, we know how Illyas will turn into without Kiritsugu in Fate/Stay Night.


The master and the servant relationship seems to be bounded by a silk thread, especially since Kiritsugu made his mind, before the summoning, to NOT get along with Saber. In addition, he’s obviously NOT at ease to use a female as a TOOL. That relationship is, so far, the complete opposite of Saber+Shirou. You can see that both Kiritsugu and Saber, despite having conflicting ways of thinking, are struggling to keep their relationship as professionally as possible. This could turn out to be the biggest focus of the show.


Despite their differences, Saber and Kiritsugu do have a common goal: Change the World! Saber wants to modify the history of Britain and Kiritsugu wants to “save” the corrupted world. Where did I ever see this? Let’s see; what comes to my mind are Charles Di Britannia from Code Geass, Madara from Naruto and, maybe, even several crazy religious hoes from To Aru Majutsu no Index. All of them are viewed as bad guys because a good guy has to be socially accepted and follow the status quo. I like how no one yet is preaching about what is wrong in Fate/Zero. The show doesn’t shove you down with what is GOOD or BAD. You’re kinda free to like and hate whatever character being presented. Unlike Shirou who gets in your face and says only he is right (even if he’s REALLY wrong), you’re NOT obliged to tolerate Kiritsugu since other characters get their fair share of air-time.

Type-Moon continues to show its obsession for twisted deaths as Fate/Zero finally introduces the last Master, Ryuunosuke Uryuu, who happens to be a crazy serial killer. He’s kinda Fate/Zero’s version of Lio Shirazumi (from Type-Moon’s Kara no Kyoukai series). His motives for killing is to summon a demon by using a ritual book. And so, he’s doing weird shit to the corpses of his victims. One head actually fell off the ground and the anime kept bringing up shots of that head a couple of times. That’s pretty graphic and I love it! That’s the kind of stuffs a rare amount animation studios like Ufotable would be willing to produce.

Oddly enough, Uryuu is the 3rd closest thing to a comic relief (which he is NOT) in the show so far which displays how much dark Fate/Zero has been since episode 1.

My comic reliefs:
1st: Waver and Rider
2nd: Rin Tohsaka
3rd: Uryuu

He’s currently unemployed. His hobby is murder and stabbing. He likes kids and little girls

Uryuu is in NO WAY a character you should look up to. If you do, you’re effed up in the mind. However, I do find him to be one of the most interesting characters of the entire show. He seems great enough to fill the role of getting “I wish this character would die already!” reactions from viewers. Plus, I love twisted things in media entertainment. Since the concept of wickedness or madness isn’t something that is OVERUSED, its effectiveness doesn’t dissolve over time easily.

Team Pedo, Assemble!

His servant, Caster, calls himself as Bluebeard. What do we do without Wikipedia? Bluebeard is a fictional character from a french folktale based on the life of a former leader of the French army called Gilles de Rais. He was also known for being a child murderer. Without a doubt, this master and servant relationship won’t get any conflict at all. In the anime, Caster trolls Uryuu’s captive victim, a little boy of around 6 years old, by untying and letting him out of the dark room only to kill him by surprise with shadow-like tentacles…Basically, hope before despair which is the best kind of kill a crazy serial killer could ask for. It’s not a graphic death, but the boy did scream and spurt some blood while getting crushed by the tentacles. Totally Enjoyable if you’re looking for thrills and evil stuffs.

Poor Kid…Oh well, NEXT!

After a trolltastic death, Kotomine starts showing his real face by betraying Tokiomi. t’s just sad that Assassin got scrapped by Gilgamesh early on while he was dancing to destroy the magical barrier on Tokiomi’s mansion. I was actually getting fond of Assassin, then he proved to me that he was disappointing like I said the last week. He gets killed BEFORE the war even started…WEAK! Well okay, it’s true that Gilgamesh is one of the strongest characters in Type-Moon, though one of the most arrogant ones ever.


The biggest improvement in episode 2 was that it wasn’t an info-dump like Episode 1. We weren’t overwhelmed with formal information about church politics and statistical video game-like data. Though we didn’t get much action either, things did happen and that’s all we really need. Relationships were defined for some of the pairings. A little boy pisses his pants and dies. Betrayal occurs. Everything happens in a fairly good pace. The show remains quite unpredictable and enjoyable. The 23:40 minutes definitely felt more satisfying than the 47 minutes of last week. It’s a great show that you don’t need much knowledge of Fate/Stay Night. Watch it!

Score: 8 dead boys out of 10


10 Responses to “Fate/Zero Episode 2: Ego, Fatherly Love, Murder, Betrayal”

  1. 1 RP
    10 October 2011 at 6:48 am

    Two episodes in and I already know this show is going to be epic

  2. 10 October 2011 at 7:59 am

    im dissappointed u didn’t make a tentacle rape joke 😦

  3. 4 godincarnate
    10 October 2011 at 10:01 am

    I think i might have to give this a look it seems interesting and if you say it was better than stay night then I’ll definatly love it

  4. 14 October 2011 at 5:22 am

    What a messed up duo with Uryuu and Caster. Saying Team Pedo has assembled isn’t overstating things. At least we have the easy to hate guys. What’s scary is that these guys really shouldn’t be that focused on the Grail anyways. If they can have fun killing innocent people they should be pretty satisfied. Though definitely wouldn’t be good if they got their hands on the Grail.

    Rider is definitely one of the most likable guys. Just wants to go conquering :). Hopefully before this war is over he can help Waver grow as a person. Waver isn’t a bad guy, but putting himself into a life and death war for that kind of reason….

    Should be interesting to see why Kirei decided to get his servant killed this early.

    Anyways Ilya, damn cute.

  5. 10 November 2011 at 7:51 am

    Baby Illya pretty much stole the spotlight from both Baby Rin and Baby Sakura with very little effort. It goest to show how badass thus purple German Homunculus offspring is.

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