First Impression: Mirai Nikki

With shows like Eden of the East and Steins;Gate, it certainly isn’t the first time we have an anime about Super-cellphones, but Mirai Nikki might be the most violent of them all.

I can see it already: the thousands of Merururu figurines and body pillows sold in japan!

Mirai Nikki revolves around a young boy called Yukiteru Amano, a loser who has no friends. He spends his days writing diaries on his cellphone and talking to his imaginary friends, Deus Ex Machina (God of Time and Space in the shape of a giant ugly mech) and Merururu (Midget Female Servant of Deus). But poor Yukiteru, little did he know that Deux  was a real god who was trolling in his head. Yukiteru is given the Future Diary on his cellphone that allows him to read his future and his surrounding’s. If the manga came out earlier, I’m sure we wouldn’t be having outdated cellphones in this show, but rather Iphones and Ipads. However, these cellphones come with a weakness; when the cellphone is destroyed, the user die.

Japanese teachers must suck for not noticing that a student is cheating.

Yukiteru later learns that his life is in danger as he and 11 other Future Diary users are involved in a deadly survival game to determine Deus’ successor as God of Time and Space. Like good friend that he is, Deus actually puts a target on the poor Yukiteru by announcing him as the odds-on favorite to win this battle because Yuki actually changed his fate by defeating one of the Future Diary users (who happens to be a serial killer) with a dart throw.  Everyone is now looking to kill him first, except for one person, Yuno Gasai, who turns out to be a total stalker or a yandere. I’m sure he’ll be fine as long he doesn’t have his eyes set on another girl, otherwise Yuno could kill him like the psycho bitch she is.

Yukitaru is almost ready to piss on his pants. LOL

There was no opening, but the ending song sung by Faylan was actually good. The ending segment was actually rewind of some segments of the episode. Apparently, time can be rewinded as the episode ends in a hilarious omake where Merururu is giving out the Murder Diary to the serial killer that Yuki killed. The killer destroys the cellphone only to kill himself. Merururu rewinds his death  and, like an idiot, he destroys the cellphone again only to die again.

The premise is really interesting. By the way how the battle royal is set up, I don’t expect Yuki can afford sparing some characters since EVERYONE will try to kill each other. It’s hard to feel if there will be any faulty shōnen tropes like “be a good guy”, “killing is taboo” or random power boosts. Yes, it’s a shōnen manga just like Deadman Wonderland. Both series were/are published in Shōnen Ace. By taking a look the Future Diary Users’ mannerism and unusual look (via shades), you can really see that Mirai Nikki is quite shōnen-esque. And, while I think  it was unintentional from the part of the mangaka, Yukiteru does display near-superhuman strength (or, at least, strength impossible for a little midget loser) by destroying a cellphone with his “Divine Super-Giga Cellphone Piercing Dart Throw” like any good shōnen protagonist. I’m already enticed to say: “Your dart is the dart that will pierce the heavens!” 😀 Joke aside, why in the blue hell does he go to school with darts?!

Yuno Gasai is, by far, the best character in the series right now. This is actually fun to see the facial expression of a yandere, but also the lack of reaction Yuno shows when the Serial Killer died a literally twisted death while Yukiteru really seems disgusted. She pretty much shakes that death off by saying “That’s all? Oh, how Boring. Yuki, wanna go for a bite?” like nothing happened or like she expected something more disturbing. She could definitely be a great anti-hero for the show.

She’s hawt!

It is certainly intriguing what will happen in this anime with Yukiteru and Yuno, at least for the non-readers of the manga. Someone must win the battle royal and there must not be any survivors unless there is a loophole that allows someone or some people to survive. What will happen to Yukiteru and Yuno? Will they kill each? Will one sacrifice himself/herself for the other? The first segment possibly shows the future where Yuki is resorts to suicide and Yuno gets killed, but, as Deus says, the future can be overwritten. Luckily, I have only read the manga partially (the beginning and the end ROFL). My memories of the things I’ve read on the manga are pretty much blurred out. This will actually help me keep interested as the show progresses.

A kiss on the episode is always a good start.

The most notable change from the 8 minutes OAD  is the seiyuu for Deus Ex Machina. Norio Wakamoto is actually the perfect fit for the role. because he makes the character more imposing and more God-like while the OAD’s seiyuu whose name can’t be found on ANN sounded like a crappy rusty robot.

The animation is actually very solid. The CG designed Deus doesn’t seem too much out-of-place from the background. Asread also did a good job to capture Yukiteru’s moments of panic and Yuno’s yandere expressions. I was a bit worried that the show could fail as the director Naoto Hosoda (Koe de Oshigoto, Kiddy Grade, Shuffle!) had very little to no directorial experience in serious anime shows. We certainly don’t need the show to be silly looking. So far, Mirai Nikki is being handled quite well. I think fans of the manga won’t be too much disappointed by this adaptation.

Will I blog this? I really doubt it. I’m already doing Fate/Zero and Mirai Nikki only comes out 24 hours later. This would kill my weekend.


7 Responses to “First Impression: Mirai Nikki”

  1. 11 October 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Yuno is insane. Or a genius. Not sure which yet.

    I think Yukiteru will try to kill Deus himself to end the game/save the others. Of course the others seem like insane people who are eager to kill each other so I am not sure how far Yukiteru should go to protect everyone else. But without Yuno’s help I think Yukiteru would be utterly useless. Usually someone who writes about walking home and avoiding rocks are not well equipped in a kill or be killed situation.

  2. 11 October 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Norio Wakamoto!!! :3

  3. 4 Ryuuken
    13 October 2011 at 5:46 pm

    “Japanese teachers must suck for not noticing that a student is cheating”

    Oh but they do. That’s how the serial killer (teacher) found out which of his student had a diary, by constantly making surprise quizzes with new material.

  4. 14 October 2011 at 5:35 am

    Good to know Yukiteru is sharp enough to cheat so blatantly. If he thought that trick would help him going forward he was sadly mistaken. Imagine if his phone gets confiscated or something and now suddenly his life is sitting in someone’s drawer one incident from annihilation :).

    The Yukiteru and Yuno situation is interesting. Clearly this is a one person wins it all kind of thing, which should create some kind of conflict. Could have them die together leaving the win to someone else. Or could just have the winner decided by rock/paper/scissors and no one having to die.

    Yuno was definitely the star of the first episode. Should be a fun character to keep an eye on.

  5. 7 HomuHomu
    20 October 2011 at 11:06 am

    “She’s hawt!”

    I agree with this statement.

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