Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai – Episode 2

Maybe it’s because I’m a gamer, but I particularly enjoyed this episode of Tomodachi, in which the neighbours club decides that the best way to make friends is by playing videogames, namely Monster Hunter and eroge.

After going to a family restaurant by herself, Yozora notices a group of 4 high school students all playing Monster Hunter together, and decides that by getting Sena and Kodaka to bring their PSPs (Of course, they aren’t PlayStation Portables, no, these are PlayingStates Portables ) to school they’ll all be able to bond over the experience. This doesn’t quite go as planned and very quickly it dissolves into Sena (who played the game for 53 hours in a weekend to prepare for their session) and Yozora ‘accidentally’ killing each other while Kodaka tries to play the game normally and just ends up dying because his character is on the lowest possible rank.

After declaring that they can never bond over games like this and Yozora voicing her distaste for portable multiplayer games, Sena buys a PS3 and an eroge because the entire point of the game is to develop relationships with girls, even though the game is aimed at guys.

After creating their character, the wonderfully named Semoponume, they begin the game; again, this does not go well. The first girl they meet is friendly to them, which both Yozora and Sena believe to be suspicious, and they declare her to be a ‘slutty bitch’, picking all of the insulting options when talking to her.

When they later find another girl, they decide to start a relationship with her, which goes nicely to a point but later falls apart when they discover that they can’t have a relationship with her unless they apologise to the girl they insulted earlier. Naturally, they refuse to apologise and the relationship crumbles.

Sena, determined as always, comes to school the next day and lends the game to Kodaka, explaining that she’s finished it and discovered that all of the girls in it are actually nice and that whether or not he wants to do it, Kodaka has to play it. As this is happening, someone begins following Kodaka, most likely a new member for the club. (I should mention I’ve read the manga and know what happens, but I’ll feign ignorance)

So overall, a very funny episode. Far funnier than the first, and it still managed to keep friendship as its central focus, I’m enjoying the show and I can’t wait to watch it next week, even if  it never does anything particularly mind-blowing.


2 Responses to “Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai – Episode 2”

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