Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – episode 4

Is it just me or was this entire episode about ruining Kodaka’s reputation?

We begin the episode with Kodaka walking into the clubroom to find a young girl dressed in a nun outfit sleeping on the couch. This girl is revealed to be Maria Takayama, the club moderator who Yozora mentioned back in the first episode. It turns out that she’s a prodigy teacher/nun at the school despite only being 10 years old, we also learn that Yozora tricked/forced Maria to let them use the clubroom, and she does it again do that they can continue to use it.

Kodaka tells Yozora and Sena that he thinks he’s being stalked, and they decide to help him find whoever it is, but all they end up accomplishing is getting people even more scared of Kodaka, making the other students think that he’s forced two girls into doing his bidding. When Kodaka’s alone, he catches the stalker who turns out to be Yukimura Kusunoki, an extremely feminine boy who’s been following Kodaka in order to learn how he can be as manly as him.

Yukimura explains that he’s being bullied due to his feminine appearance, without realising that others just think he’s a girl, and that he’s really not being bullied at all. Kodaka tries to explain this, but Yozora stops him, and makes Yukimura both a member of the club, and Kodaka’s underling, getting him to dress up in a maid outfit to prove that he can have a manly aura regardless of what he wears.

We’re then introduced to our final member of the club (unless you count Kobato, who’s already been introduced, but hasn’t yet joined the club), Rika Shiguma, who Kodaka finds unconscious in the science room and takes to the infirmary. When she wakes up, she finds Kodaka and thanks him for saving her life, not because the gas that made her pass out was deadly, but because she has bizarre rape fears/fantasies, which she then begins to describe…

Rika then explains that she has to repay Kodaka for the favour he did, and offers to fix up his hair which she believes to be a bad dye-job, when he tells her why his hair is the way it is, Rika says that she’s fascinated in him, and joins the club in order to spend more time with him, even asking him to be her “sex friend”, claiming that boys and girls can’t have regular friendships, which naturally upsets Yozora. (Y’know, given how she totally wasn’t Kodaka’s unnamed childhood friend or anything) She also manages to make everyone else in the club jealous of her in the process, and interprets a completely ordinary mecha fight as an erotic scene; I can’t really look at mecha the same way anymore.

And the main cast is assembled! All we’re now waiting for is Kobato to become a member of the club and then Haganai can get into full swing. I swear that they’re just trying to see how risqué they can be, and I love it.

9 Responses to “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – episode 4”

  1. 30 October 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Ahhhahaha… I’m not the only one was thought too much Kodaka in this episode. I really laugh hard when Echii mecha fight scene… LOL

    Rika win this episode 😀

  2. 31 October 2011 at 5:22 am

    Rika sure likes particular kind of books, doesn’t she? 😛

  3. 11 September 2012 at 11:34 pm

    you cant rebember it very well

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