How Ordet got me ridiculously excited for Black Rock Shooter

So remember that time I wrote about how I thought the Black Rock Shooter TV anime had potential despite the rather crappy OVA? Yeah, the staff was just announced for it, and now I don’t feel stupid for saying that.

See, my major concerns were that the writing would be as weak as it was in the OVA, and that it wouldn’t quite deliver on the action front. My fears weren’t exactly put to rest with the reveal that the battles would be CG, and that it would only be 8 episodes long. I’m still not too sure how strong the writing would be, but as it turns out, the script is being handled by Mari Okada, the scriptwriter for Toradora, a series that I am dearly in love with, and those CG battles? They’re being directed by someone who is known for his sheer energy and bombast when it comes to pretty much anything. I am of course referring to the director of Gurren Lagann and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Hiroyuki Imaishi.

Let me reiterate. Hiroyuki Imaishi, the man whose series directorial debut was Gurren Lagann, which is regarded as one of the best action anime of all time and which still has a rabid fanbase. The man whose most dividing show, Panty & Stocking (which I really enjoyed), still had some of the craziest moments in anime in years, and was still highly original. I realise this isn’t really his show, and that he has no input in anything beyond the battles, but wow, the action will almost definitely kick ass.

It was a tad upsetting when he left Gainax (But he started up his new studio, that should be good), as he’s come to represent a large part of their modern image, and, besides Evangelion (obviously), Gurren Lagann is usually the series people think of when they think Gainax. But seriously, this is pretty much the one thing that would bump up my interest in Black Rock Shooter from “vaguely hopeful” to “must watch”. Ordet pulled off something incredible here, going from Yutaka Yamamoto to Hiroyuki Imaishi. That is amazing.

That said, this presents something of a problem, I’m not too sure how I’ll react to the series as a whole. Will I let it coast by with a poor script (which as I’ve said, might not happen this time) if the action makes up for it? If the CG looks bad, how much of Imaishi’s skill will shine through that? How exactly will I react if the battles turn out bad?

While the potential for the series to be good just got bumped up by a huge degree, the potential for it to disappoint increased with it. Ordet, I’ll place my faith in you one more time. Please, please, please don’t let me down, you’ve got me and many others interested.

[As a side note, due to problems with my computer, I’ll need to send it in for repairs. This may affect this weeks episodic posts on my end, but should be sorted out before that if I’m lucky, and should at the latest be fixed before next weekend. Here’s hoping all goes well.]

3 Responses to “How Ordet got me ridiculously excited for Black Rock Shooter”

  1. 2 August 2018 at 1:37 am

    Great article.

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