Persona 4 the Animation – Episode 5

[For those who didn’t read my last post, the reason for the slight delay was a fault with my laptop fan and the lack of any viable replacement. It’s all been sorted out now, so I can get back on track with my posts, and I now have a bit of a backlog from last week to get through]

In a change from what’s happened in the show so far, this episode instead focuses on the slice of life aspects of the game during the character’s time off from the investigation and blasts through one of the game’s many optional social links. In this case, it’s Ai Ebihara’s link of the moon arcana.

For those of you who haven’t played the game, events in the game are driven by the weather, when people are seen on the midnight channel, the investigation team has a few days before they are taken into the TV world, during which they try will investigate the people about to be kidnapped and try to prevent the kidnappings from happening. Once they’re kidnapped, they have a few days to rescue them before fog appears in the town and the kidnapped person is killed.

After having rescued someone, there will be a few days (or weeks, depending on how quickly they were rescued) where you’ll have a bit more free time to focus on developing social links, working a part time job, studying, etc.

And that’s what this episode is all about. With the free time the investigation team suddenly has, Chie tells Yu he should join a club, and takes him to the basketball club where he meets Kou Ichijo, the basketball club captain, and Ai Ebihara, the club manager who hardly ever attends practice. We learn that Ai has a crush on Kou, and after going out with Yu for a day, she asks him to find out if Kou likes her. As it turns out, he likes Chie; Ai hears this and tries to commit suicide.

Yu consoles her, and she instead decides to date him instead, forcing him into being her boyfriend, constantly dragging him around everywhere with her and calling him every few minutes, at one time calling him just to reprimand him for not answering the phone fast enough.

When Chie and Yosuke try to get Yu to talk about the cases with them at Junes, he can’t make it because of Ai. Chie is annoyed by this, which leads Yosuke to think she has a crush on Yu, and so he signs her up as a temporary manager of the basketball club.

During what Kou plans to be his last basketball match where he decides he will confess to Chie if they win, Chie and Ai fight. After the team loses Kou decides to keep playing basketball and Ai tells Yu that she’ll stop dating him and plans to act as a more responsible manager for the club.

I enjoyed this episode, it was a nice change of pace that was pretty funny, and it gave Yu something more of a personality. I just have one question: Who the hell is Aika? And if they were going to add an anime only character, why make it someone so inconsequential?


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