Fate/Zero Ep 6: Blowing up a building is the solution to all problems

I’ve been delayed by a long-ass essay assignment and 2 mid-term exams.  I’ll admit that I’m feeling a bit rusty and very unmotivated the past 2 weeks. And, so, It’s a bit too late to even blog about Fate/Zero’s Episode 4 and 5 considering that the sixth episode is already out.

Rape face!

Recap of Episode 4 and 5:

The Holy Grail War finally began with a duel between Saber and Lancer. The latter eventually takes the upper hand with a cursed blow to Saber’s left hand that will never heal until Lancer is defeated. Judging that Saber would be defeated, Rider, much to the dismay of Waver, decides to interfere with a grandiose entrance. Archer makes his narcissist appearance to show off. Berserker increases the attendance of the party and eventually pisses off Archer who failingly tries to kill him with a rain of swords. Tokiomi wastes a command seal to make Archer withdraw from battle. Then, Berserker goes berserk at the sight of Saber which is a hint that they may know each other. Another fool, El-Melloi, wastes his command seal to order Lancer to help Berserker in his desire to kill an injured Saber. Like a boss, Iskandar owns Berserker to force his retreat and momentarily sides with Saber to force El-Melloi to withdraw an unwilling Lancer. In a far far away location, Caster observes the battle and notices Saber whom he believes to be someone he knows…The END.

Those 2 episodes were without a doubt very good considering the long wait for fights. The duel did a great job to give Lancer his shining moment and to display his awesome Noble Phantasm. The fifth episode gave some glory to Iskandar, whose theme song should be “Like a boss”, and Berserker, who, against Gilgamesh, lasted way longer than Fate/Stay Night’s Berserker (I’m talking about the Unlimited Blade Works movie). I kinda liked the respect between some servants too. These 2 episodes were clearly a step up for the series.

Great CGI

Episode 6

When I started watching Fate/Zero’s newest episode on Nico Nico Douga, I thought that I got the wrong show and was watching Initial D instead. Seriously, I would never get into the car with Irisviel driving and speeding on a cliff road. You know it’s dangerous when the driver thinks that a car is a toy and hiring a licensed driver would be boring. I really wondered if Irisviel practiced on the woods. Anyway, tt seems like Saber’s riding skills won’t be needed.

Don’t let her get drunk…

O Caster, Have Thou Lost Your Mind? Our Bluebeard, who finally admits to be Gilles De Rais, has come into belief that Saber is Jeanne D’arc (or Joan of Arc for those who have never utter a word of French). Even when Saber reveals to him that she’s King Arthur, the poor dude refuses to accept the truth. I wonder if Gilles De Rais once used his cthulhu on himself. That would explain the strange lines on his skin. It’s not clear if those lines are scars or tattoos.

Here’s something I’m a little bit put off by TV regulations. You can rarely show anything too gruesome. In this episode, Uryuu was playing with corpses, again. Seeing that he was using scalpel, I can only imagine Uryuu was trying to create a piece of art from bodies. I’m sort of enraged that we couldn’t see the final product of Uryuu’s work which later on gets turned into a punching bag, also off-screen. This is totally disappointing, since Fate/Zero is a MIDNIGHT show. Shouldn’t little boys be sleeping at this time? This is sign that Anime is slowly getting killed by governments, annoying mom associations, and whatever bitching group there is. You start off with small restrictions, then there’s nothing that will stop for more to add up. I can bet you that, while it won’t happen in a near future, one day, animating the death of animals will become banned because due to “influential behaviours”. Hell, every panty shots will become censored and breasts size will be reduced at 50%. Maybe I’m exaggerating, or full of shit, or maybe I’m not. I think we live in an era where shows like Ninja scroll, Berserk, or Elfen Lied (while I’m not a fan of these) may never come into the format of TV series. We also live in an era where Ecchi shows are no longer ecchi on television.

PETA wouldn’t be happy LOL

Someone is clearly not happy with his servant. El-Melloi seems dissatisfied by Lancer’s effort to defeat Saber and code of honor. It also looks like there’s a love triangle going on involving those 2 and El-Melloi’s partner, Sola-Ui who’s the hoe of the series. I can clearly see that El-Melloi, by the way he gets humbled, likes the chick who obviously desires the 3rd lance (pun intended) of Lancer, who in turn doesn’t give a fuck about her.

Horny chick is horny

Finally, we get to see some more action as Kiritsugu creates a fire on the El-Melloi’s hotel. El-Melloi, believing that it was Saber’s master’s plan to evacuate the resident of the hotel for an all-out battle, creates magical barriers and traps throughout the entire place. But hey, who needs a battle when you can blow up the entire building with bombs? Kiritsugu believes it was enough to kill his opponent. Well, we do not know if the El-Melloi group died, but I heavily doubt it, LOL.

After the explosion, Maiya is attacked by Kotomine Kirei who tries to find out about Kiritsugu. Maiya, while injured, escaped thanks to the help of Kiritsugu’s gas grenade. I quite enjoyed the exposition of Kirei in this episode. The 6 six-sword holding style he has is quite cool if you ask me. If I remember, that was the same sword style as Ciel from Lunar Legend Tsukihime, which was an anime that was horribly animated. Anyway, Kotomine’s clearly not someone you want to mess around with for sure.

We need wolverine

The rest of the episode was dedicated to a long and philosophical discussion between Kotomine and Gilgamesh. This discussion is the basis for their future partnership in Fate/Stay Night. In addition, we get a little bit more depth on both characters’ personality. Gilgamesh likes to observe others and look for a bunch of interesting individuals among the boring ones. He considers Tokiomi to be boring probably because of the constant suck-up. On the other hand, he is interested in Kirei who’s clearly different in manner and in goals. Kirei doesn’t suck-up to Gilgamesh as he talks to him on equal or even superior term without fear, maybe due to the fact that he lacks the desire to live. Gilgamesh asks Kirei to observe the other masters and to discover their motivation in order to find which human is interesting. Kirei accepts the request and starts thinking if what he seeks for lies in Kiritsugu.

For a guy lacking joy, he’s cocky.

Three straight good episode, so far, is pretty cool. The show moves at the right pacing in my opinion. The one thing I loved about this episode and the previous one is the fact I was satisfied from the moment I click the start button to the moment the ending song plays. Cliffhangers are good to make us interested in the next episode, but do absolutely NOTHING to make us care about the current episode. Fate/Zero does a great job to quench my thirst for at least one week.

– Building explosion
– Kotomine Kirei is awesome
– Initial D reference
– Satisfying episode in content

– The lack of disturbing moments with Uryuu and Caster
– Sola-Ui is a hoe

Score: 9/10

2 Responses to “Fate/Zero Ep 6: Blowing up a building is the solution to all problems”

  1. 1 poro
    7 November 2011 at 4:23 am

    lygophile is a hoe XD

  2. 2 takashid
    7 November 2011 at 7:59 pm

    actually Ryunosuke was working on a LIVING person, which made it even stranger that there wasnt any noise from the victim. I can understand why they censored it though. Tht scene was much worse then you are thinking dude, Urobouchi really went all out. When i read what ryunosuke was doing there it really freaked me out. definitly needed to be censored, i just dont think they should have censored it so much. at least dont hit the mute button!

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