Persona 4 the Animation – Episode 06

This week, we’re introduced to everyone’s favourite sexually confused delinquent, Kanji Tatsumi!

After last week focused exclusively on social links, this episode starts to delve into more plot-related territory, but still retains the light-hearted feel that last week carried.

We begin the episode being told the story of how Kanji beat up a biker gang by himself, and then we’re quickly thrown back into a slice of life segment. Dojima had planned to take off work on the 4th and 5th to spend time with Yu and Nanako, but can’t due to a sick co-worker, so Yu decides to look after her for those days, and she spends time with him and the rest of the investigation team, and impresses Yosuke with her love of Junes.

A few days later, and a few days before exams (I can sympathise) everyone decides to have study group at Junes. They get no studying done, but they do analyse the connections all of the victims have had so far: Konishi discovered the body of the first victim, Ms Yamano, and Yamano stayed at the inn that Yukiko’s family manages, and all of them are women. They also realise that if they use the midnight channel to pre-empt the kidnappings, they can prevent anything from happening.

After checking the midnight channel, they discover that the next target will be Kanji Tatsumi, eliminating the possibility that all the victims are women. Yukiko reveals that she knew Kanji through his family’s textile shop, and that family often does business with theirs. When they go check out the shop, someone already appears to be questioning the owner, but he quickly leaves, Chie notices a scarf in the shop that she saw when they first entered the TV world, and the owner explains that it was a special order Ms Yamano had placed, creating another link between her and Kanji.

They step outside to see Kanji talking to the guy who was asking questions in the store, saying he’s “interested” in Kanji. They agree to meet each other the next day, but Kanji gets confused by the fact that they’re both guys, but he’s interested in him. Kanji the sees the team watching him, and he chases them away.

Cut to the next day, and Kanji is seen preparing for his meeting, and the team agree to split up, Yosuke and Chie will tail them, Yu and Yukiko will watch the textile shop. This goes well for a while, until Chie gets hungry and decides to order food, Kanji sees them and starts chasing them, and the plan falls apart, but the food still gets delivered. This whole scene was rather bizarre.

A decent episode, the plot is picking up again, but I was a bit confused by certain unnecessary parts, that delivery scene was just stupid. As the post credit scene shows, the plot will go back into the TV world next episode, and will continue to deal with Kanji.


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