Fate/Zero – Episode 7: Everything is a tool for Physics

Another week has gone by, and another episode of Fate/Zero comes out on Nico Nico Douga. That was probably the least busy week I’ve had in a long time. I finally got time to go buy anime, something I haven’t done in 2 months. If you include Canadian and Provincial taxes, 70 bucks  went to Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Limited Edition, which basically adds in a box to contain both Season 1 and Season 2. Maybe, I’ll just review it in a near future. Anyway, I know you guys are here to read about Fate/Zero.

Our Awww Moment of the Week

Iskandar continues to bring a lighter tone to this dark show. I think we’ve seen the most funny moment of the entire show. Iskandar orders a super-tight T-shirts online, and ends up in a “constructive” discussion about buying pants. He comes into agreement with Waver that if he defeats a servant, Waver gets to buy him a pair of pants. I wonder why the hell doesn’t Iskandar just  order them online again, how does his signature look like and how did he look it like when he received his T-shirt package?

We finally start to notice a form of conflict between Saber and Kiritsugu. Our super eye-brow sword master disagrees with her master’s sneaky tactics and wants to fight fairly and honourably. I guess that, in Kiritsugu’s mind, she belongs in the kitchen with an apron LOL.

Compared to last week, Caster came out strong this episode. We all know by now what he can do best – molesting children and stimulating  the doujinshi community – and that’s what he does in this episode. He goes to the Einzbern castle with a bunch of little kids and murder them to bring out Saber. Those poor children, whoever were dead or alive,  internally transformed into tentacle plants. They simply never saw it coming…O YEAH! I would be heavily surprised if doujin artists do not draw doujins about Saber being tentacle raped…AGAIN. In this episode, Saber got wrapped by those tentacles TWICE…TWICE! That is probably the producers’ message for doujinshi artists to make more Fate/Zero porn. I wonder what they think about the whole Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) thing.

And I sing you this for my fun and your suffering (Warning: This ain’t for kids):

While Lancer goes to help Saber to fight Caster, El-Melloi attacks the Einzbern Mansion with, what it would seem to be, Alchemy magic, which looks like it required a lot of budget to animate that because it looks freaking awesome. His alchemic power takes the form of a gelatinous silver mercury solution that can move, shape and bend at the user’s will. Thus allows El-Melloi to shield himself, heat search others, and also slash at high-speed.

Kiritsugu finally get to use his magic that is time manipulation which allows him to slow time, or, maybe, to be faster than time. Basically, Kiritsugu’s applying physics theories about Special Relativity which is why he can avoid El-Melloi’s heat sensor since he’s on a different time plane . Damn, that brings me back memories when taking physics classes. I remember failing 2 physic classes…so much for good memories LOL.  The writer for the Fate/Zero Visual Novels was probably thinking “Let’s have a battle between a Physicist (Kiritsugu) and a Chemist (El-Melloi)!” And, since Kiritsugu is the main character, The laws of Physics shall prevail. One fat physics teacher once said, with an Italian accent, this: “Math is just a tool, Chemistry is just a tool, Everything is a tool…to apply PHYSICS!”, and some friends and I were thinking: “Junk food is just a tool to do Physics, because you can’t with an empty stomach.”

Normally, for most shows, I’d start getting bored around episode 6-7, but, for Fate/Zero, I’m starting to get more excited as the anime goes on and on. I think this episode is, by far, the most superior in term of musical score. Not that the music wasn’t good before, but I didn’t actually felt that Yuki Kajiura was actually working on the music on the past 6 episodes as much on this episode. The OST just beautifully stood out, especially during the fights between Kiritsugu and El-Melloi; Caster and Saber.

Score: 9/10

I made another song for you and in the dedication to Caster:

2 Responses to “Fate/Zero – Episode 7: Everything is a tool for Physics”

  1. 1 Tyronst
    18 May 2016 at 10:55 pm

    Nice summary, but being a physics nerd, I simply had to check the math on the special/general relativity description. The only way by which Kiritsugu could have manipulated time – if physics is as we know it – is to have created an object with massive energy and thus slow time for entities closer to it. For instance, to speed himself up with respect to Kayneth – aka ‘Time alter : Double Accelerate’ – he’d need to ‘create’ an object with massive energy (like a black hole with a few times the mass of the sun – I did the math on this one) and toss it near his opponent. Or, in other words, Kayneth – or whoever his opponent is – has his clock ticking slower than Kiritsugu’s. Slowing time down is easier, he just needs to plonk the black hole right next to him. Of course, if he really could do that, then there are much easier ways to kill than tediously slowing time to dodge a mercury amoeboid – like using the tidal forces to tear them apart maybe?
    😀 But I most certainly agree with you that Physics trumps Chemistry.

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