Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Episode 07

Back with episode 5, I had some trouble writing about it as very little actually happened that week. Now, my problem this week is pretty much the same, only instead of very little happening, nothing happened at all. Still a funny episode (with some parts legitimately making me laugh out loud) but man, with episodes like this it’s hard to find much to say.

So the summer continues (and it seems it’ll do so next week) but the club is still meeting each day to continue their activities. Kodaka almost drives Yukimura to suicide when he says that he doesn’t need anyone to do anything for him in the summer, and as a result, Yukimura now finds life meaningless until Kodaka says that he can make food for Maria each day instead. Yukimura takes this to ridiculous extremes, when Kodaka goes to the club the next day to find that he force-fed Maria healthy food at the behest of Kodaka, who didn’t want Maria to eat anything unhealthy.

A few days later, after Kodaka shows up for club one day to find that no one else but Yukimura was there; Kodaka tells everyone that they need a way to let each other know when they’ll all attend club. Message boards are quickly ruled out as an option due to Yozora using the internet for nothing but shopping and research, and Sena being harassed by others because of differing opinions.

Social networking is also taken out, as none of them have friends to actually do anything with on any sites. So Rika comes up with what should have been the most obvious option, to use their cell phones.

What are these mystical devices of which you speak!?

Both Kodaka and Yozora are fairly bewildered by the idea, neither of them ever really uses their phones for anything, and Kodaka has to remind himself that, yes, you can in fact use a cell phone to call more than just family. Rika and Yukimura exchange their email addresses using the magic of infrared to transfer their details at what appears to be lightning speed for Kodaka and Yozora, who just don’t get kids these days. When Kodaka and Yozora eventually do exchange addresses, they both fell as if they’ve accomplished something; its Kodaka’s first contact that isn’t a family member, and Yozora’s first contact ever. Truly a landmark event.

Sena reveals that she doesn’t even have a cell phone, and Yozora decides to upset her by calling Kodaka on the phone to simultaneously experience the wonders of cellular communication and insult her, with all of them being in the same room. This leads Sena to call Kodaka’s home phone in the middle of the night just to find out what make and model his cell phone is.

The next day, on the way to the club, Rika starts sending messages to Kodaka telling him that both she and Yozora are naked and waiting for him, going so far as to send pictures of Yozora’s butt, which turns out to be nothing more than Rika’s arm. When Kodaka arrives at the club, he sees a very exhausted looking Yozora, and Rika proudly announces that she’s opened up to the world of Yuri, and that she pretty much enjoys anything now if it’s erotic.

Sena shows up a bit later, announcing that she just bought a cell phone, and no surprises here it’s identical to Kodaka’s, she exchanges addresses with him, but Yozora doesn’t want to, and tries to get her to beg for it. Sena later runs out crying, and sends Kodaka a message saying that she just wanted to send Yozora annoying messages. Yozora retaliates by constantly sending her thousands of messages so that she thinks her phone is broken, she runs in to the clubroom crying to Kodaka, Kodaka helps her, and suddenly the show tries to be serious in the last 20 or so seconds, and it kinda sorta works, but only because it hints at the rift their relationship will cause with Yozora later on.

Like I said, I enjoyed this episode, but if all that happens that could be important is hinting at potential plot development, then you haven’t got a very well-paced episode. Still remains incredibly fun to watch though. So don’t misinterpret any of this. See you all next week.


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