Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – Episode 08

So about this week’s coverage of Persona 4, I really did plan on writing a post today and it’s not that I haven’t had enough time as me posting this shows. No, it’s that while I really, really enjoyed this week’s episode (It was utterly hilarious at times), there wasn’t nearly enough happening for me to write about, so next week’s post will cover both this episode and the next one.

Back to the show this post is actually about…

The summer still rages on, and its hit Kodaka and Kobato particularly hard, considering their air conditioning has just broken and the fact that Kobato always wears that same outfit. No matter though, as on the latest episode of Kobato’s favourite anime the character she is inspired by reveals her true form, which basically means she wears more revealing clothes. So Kobato then decides that she’s in the clear and can wear some clothes that are way more suitable for the summer.

Along with her more normal outfit, she can now actually stand the heat outside and joins Kodaka at the club, where no one recognises her without her dress. When fighting with Maria, everybody finally recognises her, but during the fight she bites Maria and tells her that she’s going to turn into a vampire. Yozora tells Maria that she’ll be fine if she bathes in sunlight, but it just won’t work with clothes on, so Maria immediately runs around outside the church naked, where she’s seen by another sister and is punished.

Meanwhile, Sena is playing a game with a pool scene; Yozora (who was already annoyed with popular people that hang out with their friends during the summer) starts talking about how she’d love it if a shark appeared in the game and killed all the girls in it, which Sena says would obviously never happen in a romantic comedy game like that. Turns out, Yozora can predict the future and guess what? A shark pops up in the game’s pool and kills all the characters. Rika tells Sena how the game (called Saint Joe’s Academy Tale) has a tendency to launch players who make a single mistake into bad endings which traditionally feature bizarre scenarios. (I would absolutely love it if this was a reference to Saint’s Row, which also features incredibly out there scenes, and hell, in one of the trailers, there was false credit for a man named St. Joe, listed as the creator of Saints Row, so this would be awesome, but I seriously doubt this is the case.)

Despite what she just saw, Sena still wants to go to a pool, so the whole club goes as part of their summer activities. At the bus station to go to the pool, there are hundreds of other people, and so the club has a rather uncomfortable bus ride. Yozora feels sick from all the people, Rika feels sick for the same reason but is also aroused by the way Yozora is acting, and Kobato ends up in Marshmallow Hell.

Arriving at the pool, it’s completely packed, but the club carries on undeterred, though Yukimura has some trouble getting changed in the Men’s changing room, and ends up wearing a girl’s swimsuit. When they eventually get in the pool, it’s too full to do pretty much anything, and Yozora sends Kodaka a text message saying that she and Rika are leaving. Like last episode it tries to be dramatic at the very last minute due to the realisation that Yozora still can’t be around other people, maybe it’s just me, but the drama didn’t work.

The show continues to be about as good as it’s ever been, and nothing really stood out this week. But that’s Haganai in a nutshell I guess, it’s never mind-blowing, but it’s never boring, and always fun.

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