This is not only a Fate/Zero post…

Hey, I’m finally back from final exams! Let’s see; I’m 3 episodes late on Fate/Zero… Well, I could start covering them all, but that would take too much time since I’m totally out of shape, writing-wise (and physically). Instead, for this week only (maybe), I’ll do a more blog-ish post that covers random stuffs I’ve seen or read in/about anime/manga during a period of a week (in this case from 12/08/12 to 12/13/12). This involves lazily putting titles, pictures and short non-sensical comments.

Breaking News: I’m having a brain fart for the 12 Days of Anime

The title says it all.

On the quest to collect Dragon Ball Z Remastered DVD Box sets: Progress 1/9

On Saturday, December 10th, 2011, after my Intro to Marketing exam, I went on to the HMV store to buy anime, something you should all do. I was looking at the shelves and the anime that caught my attention were Funimation’s SAVE edition of AH My Goddess Season 2, Witchblade and Zeta Gundam Complete Collection Part 2. I really wanted Zeta Gundam’s second half since I own the first half and I want to finish the show ON MY TELEVISION because, for some weird reason, watching Zeta Gundam on my computer is boring. The only problem is that I was short on 10 bucks! Well, no problem since that Boxset has been sitting on the shelf for more than a month, lol. Then, it was Witchblade for 40 bucks vs Ah My Goddess season 2 for 30 bucks. Stalemate! While I was trying to decide between those two, I have my iPhone playing the AnimeNewsNetwork podcast’s Funimation episode and the DBZ talk just influenced me on setting my eyes towards this giant pile of Dragon Ball Z Boxsets. For each DVD boxset of the remastered version, it costs a mere 20 bucks. And so, I’ve taken on a quest to buy all Dragon Ball Zeeeeeedddddd remastered Boxsets, by the end of 2012. Cool, eh? As you can see from the picture above, I bought Season 9 which is the final Majin Buu arc. 1 down, 8 to go.

Fate/Zero Ep 11

Well, Saber received a reality check, not by the Miz but by the man, whom Chuck Norris can’t beat, Iskandar! Seriously, do you know what someone should do? Make an AMV of Rider with this song:

Part of the reason why I didn’t want to do a full-post on Fate/Zero’s Ep 11 is that the episode consisted only of a philosophical discussion between Saber, Rider and Archer, in which Iskandar owned Saber. Oh wait, I forgot about Rider massacring the Assassins after they dared to spill the wine!! I guess I’m also forgetting that this is also the start where Archer starts falling in love with Saber. Glad that the show is taking a break because I desire this one anime for Winter 2012.

Do not take me seriously on that one, LOL. However, I do desire to watch this, because I desire for a lot of boobies.

Yes, I watch this show

Am I a crazy maniac to say that Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon is actually a GREAT show? Certainly, Horizon is a hard-to-understand series, because all backgrounds on the setting are given in such ways that, if you’re not a reader of the light novels or, if you’re not willing to read them or to do more research, then you’re prone to not focus on the show. Once I’ve cleared up the confusing parts of that show, I rewatched the show and what you get is a secretly clever, funny, emotional and epic anime with a little bit of pacing issues at the beginning. When you were a kid, have you ever fantasized about being in a cartoon or have you ever tried to think up of your own cartoon? I have and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon is the closest thing to my delusion fantasy. Yes, my dream anime is consisted of large boobies, hundreds of overpowered characters and a perverted main character! What’s not to like about the show?! Plus, the Pope gets trolled every week.

Week-after-week, It just seems that Aoi Toori is slowly being introduced as a secret genius. Behind this goof is a mastermind whose dumb actions become brilliant moves, while making those events totally accidental at the same time because he’s a constant goof. He reminds me of myself, except that I’m not surrounded by a dozen of  women. 😦

On the latest episode, we finally discover what kind of power Aoi Toori possess. By becoming a king of Musashi (well technically he’s a vice-roy), he has access to a quarter of Musashi’s engine power. He can make a contract with the Asama Shrine to use this engine power and distribute that power to his troops on the condition that he never feels sadness, or else he’ll die. It can’t get more extreme than that. The only thing that would possible make Toori sad is the death of Horizon. It’s time to wonder if Toori’s goofiness knows any limit.

WTF JAPAN: Matsudo City Hands Out ‘Moe Cards’ for Crime Prevention

I knew that Satou-san (Welcome to the NHK) was right! There is a conspiracy in Japan. A secret organization is controlling the Japanese government to create more Hikikomori. Now, they’re trying to turn delinquents into future Hikikomori to reduce crime with MOE. INBOU!!!

Okay, seriously, this MOE thing is getting out of hands. WTF JAPAN!?

Bakuman Getting Season 3 next fall…YES!

Awesome news is AWESOME!  I’m glad that Bakuman is becoming an annual thing. This is the type of release that I wish Shounen Jump anime should take more often, instead of putting in garbage fillers. People have criticized J.C.Staff on Bakuman, but honestly, the show remains pretty entertaining. Studio Pierrot have handled shounen jump series in a more shitty manner that is to add crappy fillers. The only Shounen Jump shows, that can get away with fillers, are fourth-wall-breaking comedy like Gintama or Sket Dance.

If anything, Bakuman is one of the better anime adaptations of a shounen jump series I’ve seen in a while. Though, I will admit that the Magazine name changes are annoying. Shounen Jack…REALLY?!


There’s only one thing more intense than Card Games on Tatami:

Team Chihaya defeated their opponents on the finals to get to the nationals. Who would have thought they could do it? It’s not like they’re the main chara…Oh Wait, they are the main character.

Now, what made the episode so great wasn’t so much the Karuta game, but rather Wataya working on a convenient store.

Would you really listen your manager to not watch porn when he, himself, has an erotic magazine on his hand?

Arata seemed so much surprised he had 49 unread email messages. Let’s see: I have 3890!!!!!!! Should I fall from my chair when I get 4000 messages?

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi OVA

Yes, I have watched this OVA! No, I have NOT watched the TV series…not at least beyond 3-4 episodes. I still believe that Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi is garbage. The only reason why I watched this OVA is because of the crossover with Legend of the Legendary Heroes, which is the only medieval fantasy anime I genuinely liked. I’m glad LOL Heroes is getting a DVD/BD with Dub release in the future.

But seriously, I had to go through 17 minutes of Garbage to finally see my Ferris-tan in her glorious dango quest. I hope that the sequel of The Legend of the Legendary Heroes aka The Legend of the Great Heroes of Legend gets an anime adaptation when the Light novels finally end. Great name, eh?

Medaka Box Chapter 127

I’m sure NisiOisiN strongly believes he’s a genius. I’ll leave it to you, readers, to decide on that. Medaka Box has broken the fourth wall again. But this time, it is done in such way that the anime cannot adapt the manga in its entirety. Why?

I burst out of laughter when I read that. It quickly reminded me of Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series where evil Marik, aka Melvin, and 4kids are trying to destroy the fourth wall and, thus, to cancel the abridged show. I wonder where does NisiOisin find his ideas. :p

Now my question to anyone that reads this: Will Medaka Box manga end before the anime starts? LOL

Breaking News: I have an idea for the 12 Days of Anime


Was there any point to the post?

Except to spout non-sense, Absolutely NOT!

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