12 Days of anime #3: M.D. Geist for Christmas

If you thought Poro was outdated with Honey & Clover for this year’s 12 Days of Anime, think again as I visit an anime that first appeared in 1986.

Today, in the spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus, I went to a video store, during shopping, to buy more anime. After buying Zeta Gundam Complete Collection II and completing the entire collection, I felt there was a need to get something that would be perfect in this time of holidays. Yes, it was the “Most Desired” DVD in anime history: M.D. Geist. All the blood will fit with Santa’s red costume. I know; I’m ruining the spirits of Christmas. Anyway… let’s move on.

I had, first, heard of M.D. Geist back when Mitsugi of the Anime Addict Anonymous Podcast did a review on it during this year. So, I wanted to personally know how bad that anime is. I noticed the movie was on the shelf for at least 6 months. At the price of 16 bucks (and with a card that gives me a 10% price reduction on anime), I felt it was a good time to buy it. I just finished watching the 2 movies today and I’m nearly speechless.

Geist has a grip of Hulk

This anime is mainly about killing, pricks, sluts, war, more killing, guts, eyeballs, eating humans and more pricks. The 2 movies take place on a planet called Jerra. The planet was decimated from the war between the “Regular Army” and the Nexrum Army. Whoever came up with the name “The Regular Army” is without a doubt a genius… Anyway, after being imprisoned on a satellite for being too dangerous, Most Dangerous Geist returns to wreak havoc. To sum up the movies, Geist finds a slut, helps the regular army to deactivate the Death Force (which is a weapon that will destroy all life forms on the planet), is betrayed by the commanding officer for being Most Dangerous, unleashes the Death Force causing to kill nearly all humans, traumatizes the slut, and destroys all hopes for humanity causing more deaths. Why? It is because that, in Scamp’s words, M.D. Geist is a “Massive Dick”.

Bitch is traumatized

There was one moment where I fell off from my chair. It was during the final confrontation between M.D. Geist and M.D. Krauser when a kid intervenes and gets accidentally impaled by Krauser. Geist proceeds to tell Krauser that he is not fit to rule humanity. Seriously, why the fuck is Geist preaching when he’s one who killed 99% of all humanity? The ending was just so weird because Geist was being portrayed a little bit more heroic than Krauser. Wait, never mind, M.D. Geist never made any sense in the first place. I feel that there was a need for more background story about Geist’s past, but that probably wouldn’t help anything.

Krauser never had any chance

Anyway, just as the back cover says, “2 Great Movies on 1 Disc”. (I’m wondering if that were any sarcasm in that sentence from ADV Films.) Whether this is plainly horrible or hilariously horrible, this anime is simply a classic hahaha. M.D. Geist is the perfect Christmas present you can give to your kids. No joke, this will toughen them up a little bit. M.D. Geist gives you the best lessons on how to be a man if the apocalypse would ever come: kill before getting killed, don’t have sex with sluts to avoid STD, be a prick, be an even bigger prick and SMILE.

Here are some of the best facial expressions of Geist, most of them coming from Movie 1:

That smile is too much

Geist is hungry for blood after his long sleep

Geist is proud of unleashing the Death Force… What a prick!

Geist eats Human? Yummy?

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