First Impressions: Rinne no Lagrange

The first show I watch of the season & year just happens to be one of the shows I’m most excited for so yay for me. It was a pre-air episode so the quality wasn’t great but I won’t hold that against it. (Also why the screencaps aren’t that great, sorry)

Rinne no Lagrange

The OP bursts with colour and j-pop which is what I want from my mecha, so we’re off to a good start!

Right off the bat we get an idea of what sort of person our main character is, she’s a try hard perfectionist with a good heart as at the drop of a skirt she’s willing to risk her life to help somebody in need. Also she’s a the club president of the Sweats Club (TL err?) which I’m assuming just helps every other club out with odd jobs.

The episode is fast moving as we are soon out of the school environment when Madoka meets a sexy-plugsuit wearing alien who coaxes Madoka into helping her by… piloting her robot. Of course upon arrival at the military base an unknown mecha unit attackes the base and Madoka needs to use the mecha to save the day. At first Madoka doesn’t have to do anything except just sit in the mech as it is being remote controlled by the military but as things get tough she soon takes control and finishes the fight a perfect suplex pin.


This is a good first episode, they manage to cram an awful lot into it. We get a pretty good profile of the lead character Madoka, she’s energetic, overly helpful and likes to do things perfectly. We also meet the villains, an alien race of human looking people who want to… well I’m not sure what they want to do but it has something to do with earth and another bunch of aliens (Lan, who recruited Madoka). So already we know the basic premise of the show, Madoka is in someway special and is needed to battle the oncoming alien threat.

Because everything moves so fast the cliched school club trope and Madoka’s annoying trait of being awesome at everything is easily looked over and we can move onto business – the Mecha. The CG animation is very good and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, it blends well with the traditional cell animation used. As a result the fight sequence is fast and vibrant thanks to bright colour palette used throughout the show.

They crack plenty of jokes throughout the show but in most cases they are snarky and subtle which is perfect for a mecha show in my opinion, I don’t want the jokes to get in the way. The cast so far is predominantly female so its probable to expect plenty of cutsies and nicities in the show but so far its been pretty much to the point. And during the final fight scene with the enemy mech when Madoka ties her hair up she looks like Yui/Ritsu mashup… which I’m totally ok with. ;D

Verdict (Will I blog this)

At the moment it is definately a front runner but it will depend on how busy my schedule is as Area no Kinshi airs only two days after Rinne no Lagrange. I must say it would be cool to blog if they play up the whole boys versus girls aspect of the show as all the bad guys appear to be male while the good guys are all female.

Also, I really want to know whats so fasinating about her ass?

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  1. 1 jGLZa
    3 January 2012 at 1:14 am

    For an entirely different and more insightful analysis of the episode I recommend you to check out Shinde Iie Anime Blog first impressoins post:

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