First Impressions: Nisemonogatari

Writing this post seems a tad pointless doesn’t it? If you enjoyed Bakemonogatari then you already know you’ll be watching Nisemonogatari, and despite this episode making an attempt to recap some plot details from the previous season (I say that, it basically just retells you that Ararararagi was vampire) you’ll be completely lost if you haven’t seen that first. So what I’m telling you here is that if you’re at all interested in this franchise, go watch Bakemonogatari immediately. Chances are that you’ll either fall in love with it as most people have, or you’ll loathe it with every fibre of your being, I’ve yet to meet someone who calls the series average. And from here on out the post is dedicated solely to those who watched the first season.

So why am I rambling on about this? It’s because Nisemonogatari is so incredibly similar to the first season that it basically feels like I’m writing an episodic post about Bakemonogatari, and that’s pretty much the highest praise I can give it. Bakemonogatari still remains something of a dog-whistle series, everyone who’s tuned in on its particular frequency will go absolutely mad for it, and everyone else will just wonder what all the fuss is about, and I’m definitely in the former category.

It’s a show that’s incredibly talkative, has bizarre yet beautiful visuals, and can contain episodes where almost nothing happens. (Such as this one) The show often seems pretentious in its presentation, and it shouldn’t work with a formula like that, but it does, and the result is stunning.

The same standard of writing from the first season returns here, and though it’s often criticised for being far too wordy for its own good, with dialogue this great, it never seems like a problem. The entire episode was dedicated to re-establishing old characters, that should be almost completely unnecessary if you’ve been with them for 16 episodes already, and the episode should come off as unbearable, but it all just clicks, with conversation flowing on a level usually reserved for Tarantino movies.

On the topic of the visuals, Shinbo may have become stranger since the first season, again, all of this works in the show’s favour, with architecture that makes no logical sense, but still looks gorgeous. It seems that the animation budget may have increased as well, in a show that could have very easily gotten away with poor animation; it’s nice to see that an effort was made. The directing at play here is something to behold, as it shows us exactly what happens when someone works at their most creative and idiosyncratic, and just how wonderfully that pays off. Shinbo is a man who can take a shot of two people standing in a desert-like area, and make it look good. No, seriously.

So if I haven’t made it clear enough already, Nisemonogatari is off to a wonderful start that’s just as good as the previous season. The plot hasn’t properly kicked in yet, but when it does we can expect great things.


I’m not sure, I think I’ll wait and see how Another turns out and then decide after that. This is the kind of series I don’t think I’d like to write about each week, as you never know if too much or too little is going to happen in a given episode. But if I decide to pick up two shows this season and nothing really surprises me, expect this to be covered.


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