First Impressions – Ano Natsu de Matteru

To my surprise, after watching the first episode, I can safely conclude that Ano Natsu de Matteru (Waiting in the Summer) is the spiritual remake of Please Teacher!. You’ll find similar plot, setting, characters and opening. I was expecting some nostalgia because of Yousuke Kuroda, the screenplay writer, and Taraku Uon, the original character designer, having made Please Teacher!. However, I wasn’t expecting Ano Natsu to be so identical to that show. J.C.Staff might as well rename this Please Senpai! or Please Transfer Student!. LOL

Kotoko who performed in the Opening of Please Teacher! wrote the lyrics for this show’s opening song performed by Ray. Who is Ray? All I know about her is that she did the voice of a Hentai character. HAHAHA It’s a great song though.

The ending sung by Nagi Yanagi, who served as Supercell’s vocalist for a short period of time, was also pretty good, but SHORT.

The story is about high school freshman, Kaito Kirishima, who almost got killed by an alien ship landing when he wanted to test his “new” camera during the night. He mysteriously gets saved by someone who’s most likely the alien pilot.

Surprisingly Bloody

That someone turns out to be a red-haired busty woman, called Mizuho Kazami Ichika Takatsuki, who transfers into school as a third-year student. The show doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s alien as she’s really self-conscious of her attempt to act like a human.

At school, we are introduced to Kaito’s friends: Hyosuke Magumo Tetsuro Ishigaki, Kaede Misumi Mio Kitahara, Koishi Herikawa Kanna Tanigawa. Who the heck are the people I crossed out? They’re the characters from Please Teacher!. While those characters from Ano Natsu, except for Mio, don’t look the same, all of them pretty much hold the same role as the ones in Please Teacher!. Tetsuro is that out-going guy. Mio clearly has a crush for Tetsuro. Kanna is, of course, in LOVE with Kai, but will fail to get a relationship with him because of Ichika.


On the third-year class, Ichika Takatsuki befriends new classmate and senior loli Ichigo Morino Remon (Lemon?) Yamano who, for some reasons, wears a different uniform as the others. Her uniform is a bit similar to the one in Please Teacher!. More importantly, she looks like Morino and even shares the same Seiyuu (Yukari Tamura).

Kaitou and Tetsuro invite Ichika to make a porno film. Not only does she accept, Remon also joins in as the script writer, while jokingly saying she wrote for Georges Lucas. Or was it really a joke? -.- Remon is probably the most suspicious character of the show. (See bottom of the post)

At moments, the show switches from reality to Kaito’s delusion and vice-versa to show us how he can get into embarrassing situations. (Somehow, this reminds me that I must work on Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? 2 on the next season.) Kaito seems very awkward with girls. He’s very nervous when he’s with Ichika alone and I sure haven’t seen him alone with Kanna yet.

To teach her how to become a porn actress would be my pleasure.

We learn that Ichika does not have a house. She is invited to live in Kaito’s house temporarily, but, obviously, we all know that she’ll stay for much more longer. While Ichika is on the bath, Kaito starts suffering in the neck area, where he has a mark, and Kei Kusanagi falls unconscious. Ichika comes out, with only a towel, activating her alien familiar Marie Rinon and starts kissing him in order to probably regenerate him. I just hope Kaito didn’t receive any chronicle injury, that would require kiss treatment every time, because that would get old pretty quickly.

Please cure me!!

The things I don’t want to see in this anime (on a more serious note):

  • No main character falling unconscious every 2-3 episodes.
  • No loli alien little sister.

The things I want to see in this anime (still on a more serious note):

  • A competitive love rivalry.
  • A reason why I should care about Kanna

The things I want to see in this anime (not so much on a serious note)

  • An alien MILF
  • It will never be inappropriate to have Tentacle Rape when there are aliens.
  • Kaito learning he doesn’t love Ichika or Kanna, but rather Lemon.


I’ve enjoyed the first episode. Even though it wasn’t particularly original, it certainly was done competently. Ano Natsu definitely screams “great visuals”. Additionally, I didn’t hate at first sight the characters, at least not yet. Ichika may be more fun than Mizuho and is equally hot…Can’t go wrong with that. With Tatsuyuki Nagai (Ano Hana, Toradora, Railgun) being the director, we’re hoping that his batting average for good romantic-comedy anime applies on this.

Does that mean I’m going to blog this? MAYBE? I already gave up on working on Mouretsu Pirate, not that it was bad. I’ll see next week.


Open wide your arms and legs!! Get that shampoo out-of-the-way!!

Lemon proves that eating giant bento boxes doesn’t help growth.

Remon (Lemon) is subtly sleeping in class. What if she’s secretly a Japanese-American adult who made some falsified papers to change her age and name to go to school and to hide from Georges Lucas? DUN DUN DUN! I wouldn’t be surprised if she already knows the course content, which would explain why she’s sleeping.


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  1. 1 Arthare
    14 February 2012 at 10:12 am

    May be only me thinking but kana father can be Kei from Please Teacher!

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