First Impressions – Aquarion Evol Ep 1-3: The Return of a big sex joke

I know, what an odd time this is to do an impression on Aquarion Evol. There were some issues here and there, but, hey, better late than never.

Aquarion Evol is the continuation of Sousei no Aquarion, 12000 years later into the story. We’re introduced to the 2 main characters of the show: Amata Sora and Mikono Suzushiro. The events of the first Aquarion anime became a story told to children. The 2 main characters first meet in a movie theater, where Amata works at, after a screening of “Skies Of Aquaria”, a movie about that children’s story. Anywhere, they go out on a “date”…well, sort of. I mean it’s not like they become a couple…YET.

That’s close to a confession

Still not a couple? Damn it!

In this timeline, the Aquarion has been sealed off by separating the males and females in the DEAVA. The berlin wall is separating the academy to serve as an effective cockblock. So, unisex unions will only call forth AQUARIA!! Basically, it looks like a mass-produced Aquarion and it can’t materialize its pilots’ powers. Shit mecha will always be shit. Now, this is really weird that Aquarion can be sealed off that way, because, in the previous series, there were some unisex merging to summon Aquarion. That’s a bit confusing, but I only watched 11 episodes of that show, plus the last episode.

So, why seal off Aquarion? We don’t know yet. I guess, because the show is trying to keep the viewers who did not watch Sousei no Aqarion, the staff decided to add stuffs that doesn’t relate to the first show into the story to prevent boredom in the fans whenever there is a plot twist that can already be explained and predicted by watching the first show.

Just like in the first series, unknown forces from another dimension are abducting people again! They are named the Abductors!! DUN DUN DUN!! It’s so ridiculous! Among them is Kagura, who strangely looks like Apollo (but without the scar and with redder hair).

Was that Silvia’s smell?

Of course, not only one Aquaria is unmatched against Kagura, TWO Aquaria (one piloted by males and the other by females) couldn’t do shit! So, it’s up to Amata, who turns out to be the new user of the Solar Wings, to hijack the damn mecha, summon AQUARION and use the power of LOVE!! Or, should I say: Victory by Orgasm?!

The very punch line of Aquarion is orgasm in every episode. When I saw episode 3 didn’t have any, I was surprised as hell. That wall must really be an effective cockblock. I can only guess, if Sousei no Aquarion overplayed the orgasm jokes, the next thing to use for a sex joke, in Evol, will be to have the “sex-deprived” characters being more horny and thus increasing their fighting powers when males and females finally merge together.

O The torture of not being able to fap!!

Some characters were introduced here and there. You got the obligatory brother of the female lead, Cayenne. There’s also the guy, who wants to go beyond that cockblock of a wall, Andy. Then, there’s some female characters. Sigh, seriously, names in Aquarion, be it Sousei or Evol, are really forgettable. At least, Cayenne is not as annoying and not as narcissist as Sirius, yet. Andy seems more fun than Soccer dude (forgot the name). Hell, ever main characters are more likeable so far. Apollo was just boring and Silvia was disturbing to watch. I think I only liked 3 characters in Sousei: Reiko (simply because of the fan service), Gen Fudou who is replaced by his reincarnation as a school concierge, and Vampire Girl whose reincarnation has yet to be seen in the story (we see her in the Op).

Green-hair got a complicated name and the other two are…who?

Whatever Episode 1 and 2 built, in melodrama, is cooled down with Episode 3’s silly comedy, with heads on panties and the Burning Dogeza from Heaven , and that’s what we all expect from the show. The more silly it is, the better it is.

When it comes to expert silliness, we need Gen Fudou, or his reincarnation, to  train the characters and, of course, clap his hands. You know Sarge Robo’s military training will be epic fail. Victory in Aquarion is attained by Poetry, Non-sensical training and orgasm!! I hope Gen ends up destroying the Berlin Wall in the next episodes. Seriously, I’m sure he has enough fun in the girl’s side. It’s time to share, Gen!!

The visuals, in this new series, is just so stunning. I’m standing when watching the fight scenes. Everything is just so colorful, even more than Sousei. The animation really reminds me of Macross Frontier and its shiny spectacle. You take a look at this show’s humongous staff  and you notice there is already 60 Key Animators after 3 episodes. Production-wise, this really needs to sell in Japan for Satelight.  That’s about as much as Fate/Zero after 13 episodes. Funimation needs to license Aquarion Evol and sell it on Blu-Ray.

The Opening song always start playing whenever there is the epic comeback. That hasn’t change and, certainly, doesn’t need to. I’m sure this show will beat down this song to you for all 26 episodes. No one can say this is a bad song. It’s so far the best song I’ve listened in anime this year. I’m ready to dance, jump and shout “Sousei Gattai Go Aquarion” (and, maybe, Flying Love Attack) whenever the music hits.


Aquarion Evol is definitely one of the best shows of the season. I’m really intruiged at how the series is going to play out the reincarnation parralels (Mikono = Sylvia, Amata + Kagura = Apollo?) and Amata’s relations to Alicia. If the overall quality keeps up, I don’t see why this couldn’t be a contender for best anime of the year, or least Best Sex Joke of the Year.

Am I blogging this? Of course yes, but, first of all, I need to cram episode 12 to 25.

2 Responses to “First Impressions – Aquarion Evol Ep 1-3: The Return of a big sex joke”

  1. 1 Karry
    19 January 2012 at 1:29 pm

    “Aquarion Evol is definitely one of the best shows of the season”

    It could have been, if it wasnt a sequel of Sousei. Really now, that show was godawful, and the way you could fix things is with re-make or re-imagining. But sequel ? Fuck it.

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