Aquarion Evol Episode 4: More reincarnation hypothesis!!

Well, I have finished cramming Sousei no Aquarion. So, I hopefully won’t sound like a total ignorant. After finishing that show completely, I thought that Shouji Kawamori was on weed or on any drugs. However, after the 4th episode of Evol, I think someone has forbidden him from touching his stash or something (if he is indeed on drugs).

This episode continues to further the introduction of its large cast. The silver loli, who, I hope, is a loli vampire, finally appears. I don’t know her name (I would bet her name is Luna or Lina), but Loli Vampire will do just fine. Similarly to Reina, she seems to know more about the Aquarion than others.

Show us your teeth!!

There’s also Shrade, the guy who plays the piano on episode 3. He happens to be the number one ranked student of the DEAVA due to his element powers, but appears to have physical limitations. Everytime I hear his name, I can’t help but to visuale Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

However, the most important character appears. I’m of course talking about Fudou…ZEN! Just like Gen, Zen enters and takes control of the command room…like a BAWS. You even get the supposed commander-in-chief  acknowledging the man as the real boss.

The Abductors are finally back. Mikono is leaving the academy without saying goodbye to her brother and to her love interest. Amata is still worried about Mikono. Fudou brings back Mikono and makes her go to the Aquarion, which results in her growing a pair of balls (>.<).

A potential masochist has been detected.

Thanks to that, Aquarion Evol activates, via the power of love, the Mugen Attack (Apollo’s signature attack) to win the battle. The new Mugen Attack is powerful enough to travel around the Earth even faster than any Dragon Ball Z characters. It feels like Evol is trying to deconstruct some elements from Sousei no Aquarion. Remember when we learnt that the Solar Wings was Aquarion and not really Apollo? So far, all hints show that Amata is Solar Wings and that Aquarion Evol could be Sylvia :grin:. And if Shouji Kawamori wants to fuck with us, Kagura will turn out to be Syrius (based on his hair color matching with Syrius and Sylvia’s wings) and Mikono will be Apollo. It would make sense because it is Mikono that causes the Mugen Attack.

By the way it is feeling “Doki Doki”, the Aquarion Evol must be female! So, my reincarnation hypothesis still holds…for now. If you look at episode 3, Alisia, that actress, was taken by the Aquarion. It is possible that she is the reincarnation of Sylvia. What’s Sylvia and Syrius’ last name again? Alisia!

Aquarion is touching its non-existant nipples.

The Mugen Attack actually destroyed the Berlin Wall! As you can expect, hordes of men display their happiness.

Did this black guy come from Disney Land?

But let’s not forget about horny chicks!

Males and females are finally able to interact with each other. However, Fudou Zen appears, as an even more effective cockblock than the Berlin Wall, to announce a cruel rule with his usual magic.

I guess Zen is trying to increase their horny powers for a potential power boost and, when I’m saying “their”, I mean Amata and Mikono’s. However, I believe his first decree as the big boss should have been to change the girl’s gym bloomers. Those are unacceptably ugly!! Bring back the classical marine bloomers!

Now, the biggest surprise in this episode is actually the lack of sex comedy.  There was about one cheap orgasm from Mikono. No one said some inappropriate lines such as “It feels so good” and “It feels better than before”. No one even got spiritually naked. Quick, someone needs to give Shouji Kawamori his weed! He’s clearly not stoned enough to direct this show.

I sure am not counting on her to get naked and say some funny lines. Zessica needs to get on board of that mech.

I’m also surprised that the opening song did NOT play during the transformation sequence or during the epic comeback. Actually, the epic comeback felt very flat. There’s nothing more boring than a fight against regular goons and a boss who’s hiding in space. In addition, Fudou Zen really took the entire spotlight.

Score: 8/10

4 Responses to “Aquarion Evol Episode 4: More reincarnation hypothesis!!”

  1. 1 RG
    24 January 2012 at 3:53 am

    FYI, the official site tags the new loli vampire as “Crea”, so there you go.

    In the meantime lemme scrunge up some of Kawamori’s weed, I might have some more someplace…

  2. 3 kt76
    31 January 2012 at 1:22 pm

    lol..thanks for reviewing them! p.s. although i haven’t watch all of aquarion EVOL episodes yet but i’m trying my very best to catch them(the reviews)up!x) TBH,i really love reading them spoilers & don’t even mind knowing all about it!xD

  3. 29 February 2012 at 4:10 pm

    The reincarnation feeling I’m getting however is that Kagura much more closely resembles Apollo/Apollonius than Amata does. Sure, he can fly but the bestial representation was pretty much Apollo’s thing back in Genesis. The twist I’m worrying about is that if Kagura actually IS the reincarnated Apollo.

    This means that the guy we were all cheering for in Genesis is the bad guy here. And just like the promise he made 12,000 years ago to reunite Celiane, it seems he’s only fulfilling the promise WE ALL HOPED HE WOULD at the end of Genesis.

    Just cause he’s on the other team… Does that make him a bad guy? He just wants to fulfill that promise.

    God dammit. I hope I’m wrong. Cause if I’m right, EVOL will be one serious mind fuck.

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