A week in Review (Feb 20-26)

It’s been like 19 days since the last update  and I should break the blog’s inertia with a new column called “A Week in Review”. You could say I’m abandoning the regular format of blogging one show every week (FOR NOW, because I’m LAZY). Instead, I’m just writing about anything that happened the previous week. My ball of crystal predict an un-epic fail from my part considering I’ve been rusty.

Do Moe Blob Nudists sell anime BD’s?

You probably notice that I’m talking about Ano Natsu de Matteru and one of its characters, Mio, being a nudist. I wonder if having a moe-esque character not wearing panties will boost Blu-ray and DVD sales. Moe is a concept where the viewer expresses desires to protect the female character. Crying nudist Miu is in a position of weakness and needs someone to protect her. It could be a marketing strategy to lure out creepy otakus.

Busy Week for Bleach in the news section of ANN

Even after Shounen Jump announced that Bleach is finally having its final arc (after several months of being at the bottom in the ranks of the magazine), the big franchise keeps appearing in the news. Yup, the anime series is ending before the manga. The anime will be replaced by the new Rock Lee SD anime on March 27, which was surprising considering Bleach could have taken the usual “Hey, we don’t care about story quality. So, let’s make a filler arc that’ll last an entire year!” route. Or maybe the animators believes, just like me, that the Shinigami vs Quincy arc is a lackluster way of closing things. Might as well end the anime in a slice-of-life-ish fashion.

Switching a little bit to the Bleach Live-Action project. Manga UK makes a good statement that “Warners don’t care about existing fans.” While I do not believe that Warner will ever start filming a Bleach movie, it’s important to understand that Anime fans do not fall into the target audience of the product. Movies about spiritual samurai will never hit the big screen. When was the last time a traditional kung-fu movie was released in North America? Can’t remember. I would probably bet that the only way for the movie to start filming is that Soul Reapers are turned into Men in Black. Wait, isn’t Men in Black 3D coming out in May? LOL

There’s not so much difference between a shinigami and a MIB agent. Both have memory erasers. LOL

Eichiro Oda had another break

Ever since the time skip in One Piece, Oda has been taking breaks a little more regularly. Oh wait, his manga is selling so much that this previous volumes could continue to substain him. I’m sure he needs all the breaks to keep One Piece for another 10-13 years. Hopefully, he isn’t getting any tips from George Morikawa (Hajime no Ippo).

A drunk Yuzuki

If the end of Kimi no Iru Machi will coincide with Haruto knocking up Yuzuki and marrying her, I’m still waiting.


Still waiting… Will Haruto ever do her? It feels like the manga has been a bit stale lately…Stale in the ways of Pastel. Yuzuki will no longer leave Haruto. The guy got her parent’s approval. Their friends have already forgiven them. There’s really no conflict left in this series. All we get is a striptease per chapter. There’s nothing new that could actually happen. So, isn’t it the best time to end the series?

A tale of Incest

The first 7 episodes of Nisemonogatari hint it, but episode 8 makes it obvious that Araragi’s harem groupies include his sisters (especially Karen). It’s too bad that there’s no japanese word for “incest” that ends with “mono” because the concept of “nisemono” is overshadowed by incest.

Seriously, there is so much wrong in this episode.

If the first one was an acceptable joke, the next one is a little bit rough to swallow.

I wonder what kind of situation would ever require you to punt your sister’s head. Listen kids, do not try this at home.

But that was nothing compared to the following scene…

The artist of this series understands what is the true selling point of all doujinshi or hentai: The rape face!

This clearly beats the KissXsis lipstick scene.

Obviously, this is an analogy to a hentai girl doing a fellatio. You got the tongue sticking out.

The neck shot is the symbol of swallowing.

Seriously, I shall never see a toothbrush the same way ever again. LOL

Oh snap, the foreplay is over!

Nipples are erected; Araragi is close to the point of no return!

Then, there is the cockblock to remind us this not a hentai.

Senjougahara would kill Karen and Araragi. After, she would have sex with his corpse and, then, I could see Shinobu going after her.

By the end of the day, I had a weird boner. Aquarion has orgasm by giant mech, but Nisemonogatari orgasm by toothbrush, which is somewhat pretty interesting. It’s too bad Aniplex owns the license over this anime because I really want this on blu-ray for not too expensive.


Ufotable released a movie or OVA called Gyo, which is an adapation of the horror manga made by Junji Ito (Uzumaki). That movie really made me do a few facepalm because of some incompetent scene transitions and some illogical moments (such as a girl having sex after a monster tried to kill her). However, that doesn’t stop it from being fucked up, which is something I can appreciate.

Walking Shark for the WIN.

Horror is usually accompanied by sexual content and Gyo certainly is. There was a three-some and also tentacle rape scenes.

Ika Musume is taking notes

However, as the movie goes along, I doubt anyone would be getting a boner, not even a weird one.


Aquarion Evol Episode 9

Mikono’s power has finally be revealed. It’s the power to connect things up together. Seriously, it’s such an abstract power. No wonder why no one could tell what’s her power, except for Mr. Know-it-all Fudou Zen.  I wonder if he knows more than Gen.

But really, who cares about Mikono’s power? By the end of the episode, all we need to know is that Mix evolved from a Tsuntsun to a Tsundere. And that sells Blu-ray copies…maybe.

Who made Crea the principle of the school? Not only she’s not a loli vampire, she doesn’t seem to be a firm decision maker either. She’s always turning head towards Zen. One would think that she knows about secret stuff about the Aquarion along with Zen, but so far she’s only been the voice of reason in this anime trying to prevent Shrade to fight or questioning Zen’s decisions. And, in the world of Aquarion, being the voice of reason makes you ignorant as non-sense rules over everything. Oh well, at least we’ll all remember her for being a moe-desu chocolate donuts lover.

Preview for episode 10 tells us that Jin will infiltrate the school as a transfer student to find out who needs to be kidnapped (Mikono). Enrollment procedure must suck in the NEO-DEAVA if the enemy is allowed to enter the school without proper background check.

What the hell?

Is this supposed to be a mixture of the Witchblade and Mirajane (Fairy Tail)? The transformation of Inori was a turn of events that was really random. We all knew she wasn’t human, but never did we think she’d transform into the Witchblade. I know that Shu changes his personality or his mood every episode, but Inori’s case is just ridiculous.

Sentai Filmworks licenses K-ON!! Season 2

After Bandai announced that it would stop releasing anime Bluray and DVD’s, one had to wonder who would release K-ON!! Season 2. Who else could really acquire possibly expensive licensing rights for a MOE anime such K-ON!!? Of course, it had to be Sentai Filmworks! They’ve been licensing a ton of shit lately. Seriously, it’s weird that Funimation has not been active in the season, just licensing High School DXD, Milky Holmes 2 and Symphogear. I’m slowly starting to think that Aquarion must have not sell well for Funimation to not license Evol. But, I find it more concerning that Sentai is licensing so much anime. I doubt that they’re getting big discounts. Wasn’t Geneon’s road to failure from the immense amount of licensing? Oh well whatever, I’ll be happy to not buy K-ON! season  2 in 8 different volumes.


3 Responses to “A week in Review (Feb 20-26)”

  1. 28 February 2012 at 8:56 am

    Maybe with Bleach the animators were simply thinking “oh god please no more of this!” Though you may have a point as well. If that is seriously the focus of the last arc I’m just left blinking with confusion. Might as well just end it soon anyways. They can always just release the last arc in some ova series or something. For once they’d be able to rush the pace without needing fillers.

    I do hope they just get to the end already with Kimi no Iru Machi. Just get them married and say “good for them.” That or have them run down by a bus or something (don’t know why, but I’ve really grown to dislike those two).

    That episode of Nisemonogatari…umm yeah. They don’t even need to make the eventual doujinshi of this. It pretty much took care of itself. Thanks a lot for making brushing teeth now a strange situation. That or it might bizarrely improve dental health in the world :).

    Good idea with the week in review. Gives you the chance to write something.

    • 28 February 2012 at 9:30 am

      Thx, I wanted to do A Week in Review since Aquarion Evol has been a huge disapointment and I didn’t want to get into details about that show. It should give me a few more freedom for this season and possibly for next season too where I can use shows that the others aren’t reviewing.

      In the first place, Bleach the anime along can’t sustain itself into a long run series without the production costs being covered by manga, video game or toy sales. It’s not like the anime’s DVD or Blu-ray sales are amazing in Japan and TV ratings are pretty much average to say the least. And with a decline in the manga’s popularity, that could also have been a factor making higher-ups from wherever (doesn’t matter) to influence the end of bleach.

      I wish you a nice teeth brushing every time you hold a brush. 🙂

      • 3 Gooney
        28 February 2012 at 9:25 pm

        Sweet, I really like the week in review, it’s been a mostly crappy season and this’ll definitely work really well to fill up the gaps in our updates. Glad you decided to do this

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