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I’m sorry :/

I turned off my Aperture Science certified defense turret for just a second then some douche bag with a portal gun swoops into the top secret blogosphere interface in BnB’s orbital space quarters by using the fucking moon as a proxy. I apologize for the people unfortunate enough to witness the hijacking which was quickly stopped thanks to the Aperture Crow Defense Force (ACDF). I fed a canister of repulsion gel into the bastard and laughed as the bastard bounced to death.
A sincere apology from Poro, head minion of the BnB-ApertureScience cooperative.


51 questions- cuz it’s fun remembering stuff about yourself

It’s funny. I forgot so much about myself over the course of these past months in what I like call a shit hole fuckfest of hellish binetian torture. Fuck you, Albert Binet, Fuck you. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system. I promise that the rest of the post is 99% profanity free. Now, I’ve been trying to ease myself into posting since the fuckfest has died down a little. However, it’s hard to find time to sit down type and proofread. So…

Question #0
What is your blogging style?
I sit down and write for an hour, then edit/proofread the next hour. Usually, I don’t write with an outline, but I have a general sense of where I’m going and some key opinions/comments I want to get across to my readers about the episode. E.g. DON’T FUCKING (I said 99% ;D ) WATCH THE LAST TWO EPISODES OF SCHOOL DAYS!!! or GO WATCH HONEY AND CLOVER NOW CUZ EYESEDSO!!!!!

This picture could be yours for just $19.99….

or you could just copy and paste it off the browser

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A Week in Review: March 19th – 25th: Jormungand a potential hit?, Guilty Crown ending, Aquarion and more sexual innuendo?

Two weeks have passed since I wrote anything. The week of March 12th – 18th was pretty uninteresting for me to do A Week In Review. I was trying to join Blindability and Gooney in the bandwagon by answering Ace Railgun’s 50 questions, but I couldn’t build any motivation to finish it. I was a bit too lazy to edit pictures and to determine the exact motorcycle part that caused me my worse injury. Instead, I took the Hippie Student Strike in Montreal as an opportunity to laze around. I can always make a highlight of Marc 12th – 18th like I did with my last post, but I just can’t seem to remember anything from that week, except for one thing: Aquarion Evol got delayed in TV Tokyo’s time slot by a  30 minute long promo about DHA/EPA, which was very annoying. If I had any editing skills, I would have made a picture of Amata Sora holding a bottle of drugs.

Let’s start-up with this “lazy” week in review as I may be dry on referencial jokes.

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50 Answers to Ace Railgun’s Questions – Gooney Edition

I'm a guy, but searching "anime teacher" just brought up pictures of porn, Please Teacher, and stuff like this. I couldn't use porn even if I wanted to, and I'll never promote Please Teacher

So yeah, I know that Blindability already answered these, but I figure everyone is so in love with everything I do because of how great I am that they want to know everything there is to know about me, so pay attention, class, I’m about to give you a lesson. Nah, that’s a lie (I have no idea what the public opinion of me is, and I’m really not a narcissist at all) I just thought it’d be fun to answer these questions as well, so here goes:

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50 Answers to Ace Railgun’s Questions

Not that I was personally asked these questions, which probably means no one in particular is interested in the answers. But it seemed fun and I love bandwagons. There are two things this circulating 50 Questions has done for me: One is remind me that I know very little about anime. The second is that I’ve discovered many other anime blogs – which is something I’ve really been trying to do (admittedly, Google wasn’t much help).

Oh: and it’s helped me get to know other bloggers better. Which I suppose is the original, primary purpose… This is where it all started and there’s a bunch of other people who’ve done it; I’ll try to include a list at the very end if you’re curious. (And you have Tofu to thank for this really useless post.)

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A Look At Gaming – Why March 23rd is a fantastic day for gaming

[Ugh, I’ve been gone far too long, I have a reason, which I’ll fully explain at the end of this post, but rest assured it was not just laziness. Anyway, on with the post]

2012 so far looks like a wonderful year for games doesn’t it? We’ve had the third game in the revered Mass Effect series, (even if I personally dislike it, it’s still notable) the first game directed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi since FFV 20 (!) years ago, a return to form for Resident Evil, among other incredibly cool stuff I don’t want to mention here to avoid being long winded. So here I am presenting a look ahead into the very, very near future. The 23rd of March looks surprisingly awesome with a bunch of releases that I’m extremely excited for. (Hell, I wouldn’t write this if I wasn’t excited) So join as I take a look at the game releases of next week Friday, as stupid as that sounds.

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A Week In Review: March 5th – 11th

Last week’s “A Week In Review” couldn’t be done because of midterm exams and lab reports. I felt that it was probably too late to publish last week edition 3 days late. Then again who cares, considering there is nothing cutting edge on this column :lol:. Anyway, whether I did it or not, the week before was mainly highlighted by

a tsundere Haruto

a cameo from Elizabeth (Gintama) on Hunter X Hunter

and a pedo in Aquarion Evol

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Ano Natsu de Matteru – Flurries of Love

So I’ve been watching Ano Natsu de Matteru this season and it’s been surprisingly good – considering it’s all teenage romance and drama. The story development has been pretty… slow, and the characters are of an okay calibre. I’m sure some people love this show like I love Chihayafuru, but I don’t really get it.

But I do admit it’s still good.

One of the best things this show has going for it is its multi-faceted “love triangle” – or perhaps we should call it a “love pentagon” – not because it’s particularly clever (it’s basically one girl likes one guy who likes another girl who likes another guy who likes another girl), but because it’s fairly realistic both in the way it’s set up and, more importantly, how it’s all played out.

(Before you hit the jump, be warned that I’m not explaining anything in this article; it’s not so much a review as it is a literary observation. If you need a brief of the romantic situation, see this article Sorrow-kun wrote; it’s super informative.)

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