A Week In Review: March 5th – 11th

Last week’s “A Week In Review” couldn’t be done because of midterm exams and lab reports. I felt that it was probably too late to publish last week edition 3 days late. Then again who cares, considering there is nothing cutting edge on this column :lol:. Anyway, whether I did it or not, the week before was mainly highlighted by

a tsundere Haruto

a cameo from Elizabeth (Gintama) on Hunter X Hunter

and a pedo in Aquarion Evol

Aki Toyosaki as Medaka Kurokami

A sample of Aki’s voice acting as Medaka has been released and, frankly, I didn’t like what I’ve heard. Sure, Aki got the bossy part right, but I don’t just feel the arrogant tone in her voice. In the first place, I wasn’t impressed by her performance as Kunieda from Beelzebub. She can do a variety of voices, but so far, she’s only excellent at silly female roles such as Yui (K-ON!) or Amuro (Umisho) while she’s mainly average for other types of roles. Just my opinion really.

Tarp of the Week (and last Week’s)

Isn’t it obvious? That honor can only go to the one and only Natsume Takeshi from Natsume Yuujinchou as he is wearing a youkai’s clothes. Why must youkai be clothed so effeminately? lol

Worst thing to listen on a background

Such a thing can be in found in New Prince of Tennis and I’m not talking about that Horrible opening song.

Worse than that is Masanori Ikeda’s (Shishio, Xanxus, etc.) performance as Yamato – you know; the ex-captain of Seigaku before Tezuka – which makes me want to smash my head on the computer. His voice is more unsettling than the anime Another.

The first thing a Tennis player does, when entering High School, is to become a delinquent and dye his hair.

You know it ain’t a shounen anime, when the main lead still can’t win with 4 episodes left on the show (if you include ep 22).

Chihaya when realizing she hasn’t won a single match against any strong karuta player (and, no, Sudou doesn’t count as one).

Chihayafuru is supposed to be 25 episodes, unless it’s getting an extension but i doubt it. So, I wonder if the remaining 3 episodes will focus on Chihaya winning a significant match, or on Arata and his road to become a meijin. Remember that the current meijin, “Insert forgotten name”, has yet to even appear on this series. Sooner would be a good time.

Speaking of Karuta, here’s the Super Kawaii Moe Desu Award of the week.


She has important stuff to say…

…very important

Her real name is totally moe.

Update on NisiOisin’s Immorality Checklist (the list isn’t limited to just the Monogatari series)

  • Incestuous relation (✔)
  • Raping a loli (✔)
  • Main character befriending serial killers (✔)
  • Main character indirectly killing a group of friends (✔)
  • (moments I can’t recall, because the list goes even further)
  • Blowing up someone’s Kawaii Loli Imouto with Hulk Hogan’s Finger Poke of Doom (✔)

Arguably the most devastating move in Pro Wrestling history

So devastating that it was never used…until that day.

If anyone didn’t get where the Finger Poke of Doom comes from, here’s a video.

There are moments when you simply LOL or, at least, I did.

Just take the Nudist, Tetsuro!!

Ano Natsu de Matteru has become one hell of a messy love drama. At least, the show hasn’t become the predictable love triangle that we were all expecting. Instead, we got a love pentagon. HAHAHA. Well, with Ichika and Regular Protagonist A officially becoming a couple, the pentagon is sorta broken now.

Megane Love!!

We’re basically left with the other 3, Kanna, Nudist-chan and Tetsuro. If anything, Tetsuro love back Nudist-chan. And, Kanna, in her loneliness, will eventually become Remon’s sex slave. And that’s a happy ending.

Remon’s future aspiration = Porno Video Director

Why the hell did I buy this again?

Let’s see: 46 bucks for a 26 episode series, giant mechs, big boobs. You’d think “Done Deal” until you actually get down to watching the first episode of Linebarrels of Iron. I think I paused the thing about a gazillion time because of how much of an annoying little prick the main character was. I probably should have read the warning tag on the back of the box: “Everything you never wanted in a hero.” 😆

To watch this show completely, I may just need to bring out my bottle of whisky and, if that’s not enough, I’ll take out the vodka too.

Do you think I’d have enough one bottle of vodka and one bottle of whisky is enough to have a drinking game in which I take a shot every time this pricky main character spouts the word “Justice”?

For a show about groping,

It’s disapointing that there’s no nipples.
She must be thinking “I have no nipples! WAAAAAA! WAAAAA!”


New Promo for Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead

Let’s see:

  • Tentacle rape
  • Orito involved in the yaoi fan bait
  • More chicks to the harem
  • More musicals

Simply perfect…except for the yaoi fan bait.

2 Responses to “A Week In Review: March 5th – 11th”

  1. 1 dark-kyon
    18 March 2012 at 7:56 am

    linebarrel of iron is a good mecha anime,in the begin the main guy is a ass but later improve much.

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