50 Answers to Ace Railgun’s Questions – Gooney Edition

I'm a guy, but searching "anime teacher" just brought up pictures of porn, Please Teacher, and stuff like this. I couldn't use porn even if I wanted to, and I'll never promote Please Teacher

So yeah, I know that Blindability already answered these, but I figure everyone is so in love with everything I do because of how great I am that they want to know everything there is to know about me, so pay attention, class, I’m about to give you a lesson. Nah, that’s a lie (I have no idea what the public opinion of me is, and I’m really not a narcissist at all) I just thought it’d be fun to answer these questions as well, so here goes:

1. Who is your favourite male anime character?

I dunno, maybe Mugen from Samurai Champloo, or Rock from Black Lagoon, they’re both remarkably entertaining for completely different reasons

2. Who is your favourite female character?

Easy, that’d be Holo from Spice and Wolf. Her character is complex, emotive, and just plain fun to watch, her rapport with Lawrence was always great.

3. What is your favourite anime soundtrack?

Right off the top of my head, Samurai Champloo. (I even wrote a post where I just praised Nujabes’ work) But I also really loved some of the music from Panty and Stocking as well as Spice and Wolf

4 & 5. What is your favourite anime opening/ending song + animation?

Oddly, these both come from the same anime, but I absolutely loved “Let Me Be With You” from Chobits, and its first ED “Raison d’être”. It’s weird, I can’t fully explain why those two are my absolute favourites, but they’ve stuck with me for so long now, I couldn’t dislike them if I tried

6. What is your favourite anime scene?

Ugh, this is a tough one, it’s hard to pinpoint specific scenes, but there’s a great episode of Samurai Champloo where Jin falls in love with a woman who is to be sold into prostitution to cover her husband’s debts, pretty much every scene in that episode was fantastic.

7. If you could meet an anime character who would it be?

Holo from Spice and Wolf, or Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, they’d be fun.

8. What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

I’m not similar to one character as much as I’m similar to an amalgamation of a few. I was initially going to say Yukio Tanaka from BECK in that we were both pretty directionless in our lives, until we found one particular passion and stuck with it (Though there’s not a musical bone in my body, my passion is writing), but I’m also quite a bit like Konata Izumi since we’re both procrastinators of the highest order, only getting things done right before they’re due, we’re total nerds, and we’re kinda ambivalent towards most things that don’t relate directly to our interests. There’s also a bit of Ryuji Takasu from Toradora! In me as well, we’re OCD when it comes to the slightest things, and we kinda get into situations that make us seem worse than we actually are. (A lot of people think I hate them because I’m generally pretty quiet, and when I do speak, I come off as sarcastic or disdainful. I’m sarcastic, but I’m friendly enough… I think)

9. What is your favourite thing about anime?

The storytelling is generally less traditional than live-action TV and Film, and anime will often just take the most bizarre ideas and plots possible and just run with them. That, and I’m a sucker for good art-direction, which is far more apparent in anime.

10. What is your least favourite thing about anime?

Incest could go away, or at least be toned down slightly. Other than that, when a live-action TV show is low-budget, it’s easier to get away with, when anime is low budget, it often looks hideous. (I love BECK, but that show sometimes looked terrible)

11. Who are your favourite anime couple?

Ryuji and Taiga from Toradora! or Lawrence and Holo from Spice and Wolf. I also like the relationship that’s hinted at between Revy and Rock in Black Lagoon.

12. Who is your favourite anime animal?

Does Kyubey count? Going for a more traditional animal, either Beck from, well, BECK, or Inko-Chan from Toradora!

13. What anime would make a good game?

Black Lagoon, (No, that pachinko game doesn’t count) High School of the Dead, (Shut up, I like it) and maybe Darker Than Black. (There’s definitely more I’m missing, but these just came to me off the top of my head)

14. What game would make a good anime?

I once considered writing a post entirely about this subject (and I still might) so I’m just going to list off a few. The World Ends With You, (or as it’s known in Japan, It’s a Wonderful World, or as it’s known by me, the best game Square Enix has made in ages) Rune Factory, (any one would make for a decent fantasy/slice of life) Resonance of Fate, Eternal Sonata, Solatorobo, Blazblue, (I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already) Devil Survivor, Odin Sphere, No More Heroes (I actually have a friend who made an awesome remix of the main theme from NMH, listen to it here and here). I could go on, but I’ll save it for that post if I ever get around to writing it.

15. What was the first anime you ever watched?

Cowboy Bebop

16. Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?

Probably not. I think I’ll always watch it (providing the medium doesn’t vanish entirely one day) but maybe in a lesser capacity than I do now. It’ll always be one of my favourite things, so I hope I never stop. (Surely if you’re an anime blogger or at least a passionate one, you wouldn’t answer “yes”?)

17. What is your favourite genre(s) of anime?

Comedy, Romance, Action, Thriller. I also love Horror when it’s good, but I’ve got such a poor track record with Horror that I can’t outright say it’s one of my favourites.

18. What is your least favourite genre of anime?

I don’t dislike entire genres, just certain subsets of genres, such as shonen fighting anime. (the kind that lasts 400000 episodes)

19. Are you open about watching anime with people you know?

Yeah, it’s not the first thing I bring up when I meet people, but if someone dislikes me solely because of one of my interests, they’re not really worth associating with.

20. Have you ever been to Japan?

Nope, I have something planned for after I graduate though. Fun fact: I was accepted to go to a school in Japan as an exchange student, and I would have started in April last year, but we sadly didn’t have the money (I’m not poor, but this trip was really expensive), and schools in South Africa (where I live) weren’t willing to accept it as a year of education, so I would have had to repeat a year even if we could afford it.

21. What anime was the biggest let down for you?

Guilty Crown, but that’s almost a cliché to say at the moment, so let’s go with Persona 4. It’s good, sure, but everything about it feels like it’s just below what made the game special, (and I’d hyped it up so much in my mind that it was near-impossible for it not to disappoint) the new music’s cool though. Oh and Corpse Princess, that was a letdown.

22. What anime was better then (< Bad grammar here, that’d be “than”) expected?

Sekirei, Nichijou, Asobi ni Iku Yo, and Amagami SS

23. What is the best anime fight scene?

Pretty much every fight scene in Samurai Champloo or Black Lagoon

24. Who is your anime waifu?

So yeah, of course I'll upload the basically nude image, I'm a tasteful man

Holo from Spice and Wolf, hands down.

25. What was your favourite video game as a child?

Final Fantasy VIII (Note: That’s not 7) or Metal Gear Solid

Questions About Me

26. Most Embarrassing moment?

Why I’m sharing this, I don’t know, but why the hell not? There was the time I was put in a cage and pissed on, (I’m 100% serious) that was bad. I’m not going to say who did it or why.

27a. Can you drive?

Nope, I haven’t even applied for my learners license yet, I’ll do it soon though.

27b. Do you own a car?

Yep, I own cars for all the driving I do. (That’d be a no)

28. Are you mature?

I like to think so, but at the same time I’m more than happy to chat shit with anyone. (For those who want to, hit me up on Twitter @gooney121)

29. What year were you born?

1994, the year apartheid ended in South Africa, that’s obviously not a coincidence.

30. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Searching "anime cats" on Google gave me this picture of Etna from Disgaea, my favourite game character ever, so naturally, I posted this despite it having absolutely nothing to do with cats at all

I love both, but I currently only own a cat. If I get other pets later on in life, I’ll go for a cat, they’re cleaner.

31. Describe yourself physically.

Caucasian, really pale (I sunburn really easily, so I try avoid that at all costs. Plus, even my full name is really white, Gregory John Edwards). I’ve never checked, but most people estimate me to be about five foot ten or eleven. I have average length hair for a guy, brown, but it currently has douchey looking blonde highlights that were forcibly put in by my hairdresser. (I’m serious, he forced me) I’m of average weight, with eyes that are usually a greyish-green, but they flit between that and a blue colour, I’m not sure what triggers the change, it could be emotion, light levels, whatever colour is most dominant around me, etc.

32. What would you name your first child?

Karate Man, even if my first child is a girl, that’s a gender neutral name. Seriously, if it’s a girl and I have full control over the naming of my child, I like the name Noel, if it’s a boy, I have no idea, so let’s stick with Karate Man until further notice.

33. What is the worst injury you have ever had?

I have scars on both of my knees, one from me falling on a sharp rock that dug right up to the bone (didn’t hit the bone, luckily) and the other one is a little strange. But I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, I was on a swing and I’d try and jump off when I got to the highest point that I could. So I jumped, and when I landed, the force from my impact swung my head into my right knee and my teeth ripped out a chunk of it, so yeah, I bit part of my knee off.

34. What is your worse (< NO, worst) habit?      


I bite my nails, I’m lazy, I can’t sleep until there’s nothing lying on my floor and my windows and cupboards are closed, I give up on things fairly quickly (But I’ve mostly fixed that now)

35. Do you drink or smoke?

Nope. If I go out for dinner or to some other special occasion, I might have one drink, but that’s it, I have my reasons, but I hate alcohol. Another fun fact: I first tried smoking with a friend when I was 7, naturally, being a kid, I hated it so much that I now can’t stand it.

36. Do you have a tattoo?

Last time I checked, no. I don’t have any reason to want to get one either, so it’ll likely stay that way.

37. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Night person, funnily enough though, I’m scared of the dark.

38. Have you ever slept past midday?

Yeah, once or twice.

39. Do you regret anything?

I used to want to do programming as a career, and as a result I took it at school for two horrible years, I can’t program at all. I wish I realised I wanted to write sooner, I’d probably be better at it than I currently am. (Am I good at writing? I don’t know, I don’t like to assume I’m good at anything or I’m afraid I’ll seem arrogant)

40. Can you count the number of friends you have on one hand?

No, but I can if we’re just counting the friends that I truly value.

41. Do you wear glasses?

No, but it seems my eyes are getting worse, so expect that to change this year. Maybe I’ve been living my life in standard definition all these years.

42. Are you a picky eater?

Yeah, absolutely. I don’t eat fruit, (Not a single one) I hate most sauces, can’t eat burgers with any kind of toppings barring cheese or lettuce. Let’s not go on here.

43. Would you die for someone?

At the moment, I can’t say I would, but if I’m going to die (and statistics say it’s likely that I will one day) then I’d be happy knowing it would be to the benefit of someone I love.

44. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Immortality. I’m not terrified of death, (I’m a little scared, but most people are) but I’d rather it never visits me.

45. Do you believe in the supernatural?

I don't believe in the supernatural, but I like Supernatural, both the TV show and the anime

Depends on what you define as supernatural, the probability of earth being the only planet with sentient life is tiny, so I think there’s something out there, but I wouldn’t say that’s supernatural. I don’t believe in the supernatural, and I’m an atheist, so I don’t even believe in any gods.

46. Would you rather be rich or famous?

Rich. Fame isn’t really a goal of mine, I’d like more people to know of me (provided they don’t hate me) but I’d rather not be in the public eye.

47. Have you ever committed a crime?

Anyone who says no here is a liar; we’ve all pirated anime, haven’t we? But I’ve never committed anything more serious than that.

48. Pirates or ninjas? Time Traveler (< Needs another “L”) or ghost?

Why would I want to be a ghost, I’d be dead, I wouldn’t be able to interact with anything! Time Travelling is far cooler.

49. Does someone have a crush on you?

I don’t want to come off as arrogant and say that I think people are in love with me, unless it was really obvious of course. Besides, I’m bad at reading people in that way, so I wouldn’t know

50. Are you in a relationship?


Wasn’t that enlightening? To all of you who read this, many thanks! I kinda feel like a narcissist writing about myself and assuming people want to read it, but I’m really not! Hope you all enjoyed it.

Also, if you enjoyed this and haven’t already, read Blindability’s post as well. And please listen to my friends remix that I posted under the question about games I think would make good anime! It’s shameless of me, promoting his stuff, but I promised him I’d help his stuff get more popular and I intend to keep that promise.

5 Responses to “50 Answers to Ace Railgun’s Questions – Gooney Edition”

  1. 1 blindability
    19 March 2012 at 5:26 am

    Well Gregory John Edwards, I’m truly glad you picked up on all the grammatical errors, haha, but ‘traveler’ can be spelled with one or two ‘L’s, depending on your “version” of English.

    It was fun, wasn’t it? I feel like I know you a lot better now. Not sure if we could enjoy a meal together though…

  2. 19 March 2012 at 8:43 am

    Maybe it’s time for a real narcissist like me to answer those 50 questions, the Narcissist way. LOL

    • 3 blindability
      20 March 2012 at 12:55 am

      As a self-proclaimed REAL narcissist, I’m surprised you haven’t already jumped at the chance to shamelessly promote your wonderful self!

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