A Week in Review: March 19th – 25th: Jormungand a potential hit?, Guilty Crown ending, Aquarion and more sexual innuendo?

Two weeks have passed since I wrote anything. The week of March 12th – 18th was pretty uninteresting for me to do A Week In Review. I was trying to join Blindability and Gooney in the bandwagon by answering Ace Railgun’s 50 questions, but I couldn’t build any motivation to finish it. I was a bit too lazy to edit pictures and to determine the exact motorcycle part that caused me my worse injury. Instead, I took the Hippie Student Strike in Montreal as an opportunity to laze around. I can always make a highlight of Marc 12th – 18th like I did with my last post, but I just can’t seem to remember anything from that week, except for one thing: Aquarion Evol got delayed in TV Tokyo’s time slot by a  30 minute long promo about DHA/EPA, which was very annoying. If I had any editing skills, I would have made a picture of Amata Sora holding a bottle of drugs.

Let’s start-up with this “lazy” week in review as I may be dry on referencial jokes.

The Recipient of the Nelson Award

Before I can give you who won that prestige, I do have to explain to you what is the Nelson Award. This award is credited to the character involved in a scene that is worth mocking by Nelson from the Simpsons.

For those who don’t remember his laugh:

There’s only one character deserving of being mocked by that fatass: Arisa in Guilty Crown’s final episode.

Shu becomes Jesus

Shit, Arisa is saved from imminent death

Shield power disappearing

That’s the only satisfaction we can find in Guilty Crown

I could have put up a video instead, but Windows Media Maker has been fucking up lately.

Reaction to the last episode of Guilty Crown

Twitter: @thaivuN

I tought that Guilty Crown’s ending was the most lazy and unsatisfying thing that happened in the series since episode 1. Shu lives while Inori dies. I certainly would have loved to see the contrary happen, because it would be an entertaining idea to see a monster like Inori struggle in a human society all alone and also because I hate Shu. I’m still not sure how a blind Shu can get out of a crumbling building all alone. I would have accepted a much more sweeter ending where both Shu and Inori die. Now continuing the list of bad moments in the ending, we have Daryl getting saved, but we never get to know what happens to him next, which makes him utterly pointless from the beginning. The same thing happens to Arisa. God knows how she didn’t get raped before getting killed by those soldiers. What happens to her next? Who knows. Maybe, after she learned that Gai is dead AGAIN, she probably just sold her body and became a prostitute. I don’t think anyone from the Kuhouin group would be in their right mind to give her all of her gramps’ riches. So, that’s a highly probable career path, if you ask me. She did have sex with random dude X, when Shu became Joseph Stalin, and I doubt that Gai gave her any night rides. She has got to be  sex-deprived. But you know what’s pretty hilarious? One would think that at least one character would change in a time skip of a “few years”. That’s long enough for everyone to get a job.

Same Tsugumi, Same Ayase, Same Yahiro.

Same Souta, Same Megane Chick & her same relationship with Yahiro that didn’t seem to go anywhere. I don’t see any wedding ring; so I’ll assume everyone is single after “a few years later”.

Same, but it sure is obvious that he’s blind because he can’t see how antique his clothes are.

Same ro…wait what the?

RIP Hare. You died and failed to get Shu, but may you marry Ghost Nappa instead.

Speaking of Change…

Shinobu sure has changed over such a short period.

I wonder if Shinobu is considered a Yandere, seeing as how she’s obsessive with her cards.

AKB0048 promo

I’m actually looking forward for this anime, even though I don’t expect anything grandiose. I must watch this, at least for my love for Akb48. LOL

How do you promote the new Lupin III anime? With boobs and a fine ass of course!

Source: ANN

After shamelessly reading 7 volumes of Jormungand off a scanlation in one sitting… (Not really a spoiler, but I still expose more stuff about the series than the synopsis that you can read off from any other sites since I’m too lazy)

The opening blurb found on every volume of Jormungand.

During season preview time, I go read most manga that get anime adaptation, if I hadn’t already done so, partly due to the fact that I don’t like surprises (good or bad). Now, one of the series that intrigued me the most was Jormungand, a story about an arms dealer, called Koko, and her group of 9 mercenaries with each possessing different type of skills, personalities and running gags.

After reading 7 volumes of that series, I’m simply excited for the anime. The series contains about anything an action fan would like: large cast of female psychopaths, gun fights, no-mercy killings, good humour and LESBIANS!

And judging from the trailer, the animation style looks great. The story is a bit similar to Black Lagoon, but compared to it, it’s much less over-the-top. The story is a lot more character-based, with each arc gradually exploring one or two member of the group at a time.

I believe this anime could become a sleeper hit. I hope that Funimation ends up licensing it. One would think Funimation had enough boobs. The anime will be 12 episodes long, but will come back in the Fall season to complete the adaptation of the 11 manga volumes.

Sorta Off-Otaku-Topic: A-Train coming back to WWE as weeaboo (even if he’s still denying his return on Twitter)

Lord Tensai, really? An american with a japanese gimmick… Oh boy, WWE’s writers have gone mad.  That gimmick may not last longer than Great Khali’s knees.

Aquarion Evol talk

Didn’t see Jin’s death coming, but really I should have. Aquarion Evol pulled the classic move of killing off the lonely wolf when he finally had opened up his heart to those around him. It was very cheesy when he went out of character with the “You guys!” line, but also very sweet when he joined hands together with Yunoha to win with the power of LOVE.

It’s sure hard to make out when there are 5 nudists around you.

Mykage is just too overpowered, being able to kill anyone anywhere from any locations.

Fudou making a rare facial expression.

I guess Shouji Kawamori has gone towards the expected route and, by that, I mean that Apollo’s soul split into 2 and that Mikono is Sylvie. I guess the reason why Kagura doesn’t smell anything from Amata is that they may both have the same scent. So, Kagura probably doesn’t know his own scent (since he can’t smell it unless he doesn’t shower), much less Amata’s. When you smell something, after a while, you don’t notice the scent. Also, in Mikono’s eye, the image of Kagura appears when looking at Amata and vice versa. The theory stands right now.

The element power of Kagura has also been revealed to be the power to reverse  anything, making the dude overpowered. So, I place 10 bucks that, on the final episode, Kagura, Amata and Mikono will do a Gattai and that Kagura will use his power to reverse Aquarion Evol into Aquarion Love. If you’re too dumb to notice, E  V O L -> L O V E

If only I had a credit card

Because I sure would love to buy this Queen’s Blade figure.

(Source: Moetron)

Serpanties do the job quite well.

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