First Impressions: Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 1 and 2 – Yummy Magical Drool

Better late than never, right?

Let me call this for future reference:

A few seasons ago, it was ear cleaning (Hen Zemi). Last season, it was toothbrushing (Nisemonogatari). This season, it’s drool licking (Nazo no Kanojo X). So logically speaking, nose picking must be next!

If a guy or a girl happens to romantically or sexually pick the nose of someone of the opposite sex in an anime coming to a near future, everyone who read this and who blog such an anime must quote me as a great genius.

Well, Spring is the season of love. How fitting is it that we get a romance anime without the moe, the jealous kawaii imotou, the loli tsundere, the tall/annoying bishounen, the ditzy bishoujo, the girl who falls in love with her rapist, the couple unaware of the word SEX and the “fall on boobs” joke? Anyway, the producer of Seikon no Qwaser and Aki Sora, Hoods Entertainment presents us the season’s greatest masterpiece: Nazo no Kanojo X (Mysterious Girlfriend X). Something feels so wrong with what I said. LOL

The first episode starts off by introducing us to the male lead, Akira Tsubaki, who’s in so much need of a girlfriend that he dreams of himself (probably) fapping to naked girls. That’s what we should assume considering the noise he was making in his dream.

Peep-Hole in a dream

Anyway, he wakes up and goes to school. Fittingly, a female transfer student appears and she’s sitting next to – you totally guessed it – Tsubaki-kun! On her first day, Mikoto Urabe rejects a group of annoying girls, so that she can get her naps on her desk during breaks. Thai approves. During math class, she starts off laughing in a creepy manner, considering we don’t know why yet she’s laughing. So, first day of school as a transfer student, she’s already the evil social outcast. Perfect. The weirder the girl, the better.

Go Away, Bitchezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

What happens when a boy in need of love sees a drooling transfer student sleeping on the table? He wakes her up, unconsciously falls in love with her, and tastes her drool when she leaves. Not only that, his body becomes addicted to her drool, so much that he must taste her drool everyday, just like a hobo in need of his crack. Eventually, Urabe and Tsubaki becomes a couple, linked not by the red string of fate but by a fountain of drool coming out of Urabe’s mouth.

Female equivalent of a weird boner?

Urabe also reveals that she was laughing in math class, because a mysterious voice (jut pretend it’s God or something) told her that she’d be having sex with Tsubaki. Thank you God, you just spoiled the fucking show.

Second episode is now about Tsubaki trying to make his relationship work. Sadly for him, Urabe is a bit of an odd case. Things like hugs, holding hands and dates are somewhat absent in this relationship. If Tsubaki tries anything, Urabe displays her panty-scissors skills. Of course, this makes the poor dude worried. Without hugs, we’d be either insane, dead or lonely otakus (or all three).


White Pantsu Panty-Scissors

Ichigo’s bankai has been put to shame…AGAIN

However, it’s just that Urabe has other ways to express her. To her, their relationship as a couple is defined by their Drool Bond. She shows him the specialty of their drool bond. She forces Tsubaki to close his eyes and gives him her drool while she’s naked. The result is that Tsubaki is getting a nose bleed and the “doki-doki” feeling. Urabe can show her feelings to Tsubaki through her drool, but it is also revealed that she can also receive her boyfriend’s by licking his drool.

Urabe’s Seiyuu, Ayako Yoshitani, took other duties as she sung both the opening song, “Koi no Orchestra”, and the ending song, “Hōkago no Yakusoku”. She did a great job on both songs, that’s saying a lot because I feel an artist rarely makes two good songs in a row. Her take on the role of Urabe is simply near perfect to what I’ve imagined from the manga. Hard to imagine that’s her first anime role as a seiyuu.

Shush haters. She’s CUTE!!!

There’s really nothing I can complain about Nazo no Kanojo X. I know some people may find the show gross, but it’s still better than watching X loli tsundere show. Since I’m a weirdo, I find the drool thing great. I think it adds in a lot of potential for “oddly cute” moments. Urabe is definitely a great character and Tsubaki doesn’t make me rage like any other romance protagonist would. The show looks extremely great.  In addition, the sountrack of the anime really compliments well the retro looks of the characters. Music-wise, I’m being reminded of old movies like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and even Batman Returns. Unlike Zetman, Nazo no Kanojo X is faithful to its manga when it comes to the core events. The preview for Episode 3 hints that the show will remain so for now. The manga is a good; so why change what’s good anyway? Faithful adapation, great soundtrack and well done animation… Nothing can go wrong.

7 Responses to “First Impressions: Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 1 and 2 – Yummy Magical Drool”

  1. 1 flareknight
    18 April 2012 at 12:34 pm

    Yeah, sucks for Ichigo that a girl with panty-scissors outclasses his supposedly speed focused bankai :).

    I was looking forward to this anime and I’m glad they did a great job with it. Have to say Urabe’s VA surprised me a bit when first hearing it, but she’s definitely got the charcter down so I’ve got no complaints. Agreed Urabe can be damn cute at times especially when it came to the whole doll-tied to the head comment XD.

    Thanks a lot God for spoiling Urabe’s future for her. At least tell her the winning lottery number or something. The drool doesn’t really bother me except during the drool explosion at the end of the first episode. But I can’t remember many instances of that happening in the manga so not like that’ll be an issue going forward.

    It’s just nice to have a romance series without all those usual cliches. If Tsubaki tried some of those stupid things he’d just get panty-scissored to death anyways.

  2. 2 Karry
    18 April 2012 at 4:21 pm

    “”Her take on the role of Urabe is simply near perfect to what I’ve imagined from the manga.”

    Your imagination is not up to the task, then. The role BEGS for someone with lower, husky voice.

  3. 21 April 2012 at 11:50 am

    Yeah lots of bloggers have been saying how they like the “90s anime” feel to the art. The actual music to it is really beautiful and I know it’s already been transcribed and everything. Urabe can be so cute at times. She’s almost like a tsundere. Hiding behind her bangs whenever she can but then you really get to see how pretty she is when her hair revels her eyes. And then she blushes too? Cherry on top. Will you be watching this series for the rest of the season?

    • 21 April 2012 at 12:22 pm

      Technically, I’ll be watching about 50-75% of all the shows, because I’m an inhuman anime watcher (though a humanly very lazy writer) and because I want to reach 400 completed TV series on Myanimelist by the end of the year. So yeah, I’ll be watching this beautiful show and will most likely be covering this on the blog after I’m done with exams next week.

  4. 6 J.
    21 May 2012 at 4:50 am

    Does anyone know the name of the song played in the dream sequence?

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