Sankarea: First Impression

Let me formally notify you that this post is 100% biased because I’ve met my first pop idol crush.  I think that’s what it’s called.  Maybe those into J-Pop might be fawning over AKB48 or K-Pop’s Girl’s Generation idolization understand that idol hysteria.  Well, Sanka Rea’s voice actress -in my opinion- is adorable.

Now that we got that out of the way.  Let’s talk about the basics of the show.  Furuya Chihiro is a zombie maniac.  He’s head over zombie chicks and basically one messed up dude.  Can you imagine going to the same school as Mr. Iwannatapdatzombehchick?  He’s a total creeper and has a dad, sister, and granfather who somehow live manage to live with him.  Given, his sister’s a freak like him.  Gramps is senile as senile gramps can get.  Dad’s don’t abandon their kids. ever. period.  At least a good dad shouldn’t.

Chihiro’s friends are pretty pathetic too.  What evidence you have to support this Poro, you ask?  Exhibit A!

That pose.  Those glasses.  How he puts his hands together like a sissy siscon.  His voice is whiny too.  I can only stare in admonishment.  No wonder he hangs out with weirdos like Chihiro.  He’s got no self-confidence.  And… no? you don’t want exhibit B?  You’ve had enough of my trash talking about the protagonist and all related to him because I’m jealous?  Ok. Fine. Let’s get the the good part.

“You have permission to make babies with me Furuya-kun❤ “

Wanko here is head over heels for Furuya-kun.  I don’t even need to give any evidence besides the picture above.  She’s his cousin whose hobbies are borrowing Furuya’s zombie movies, making dinner for Furuya’s family to get on his good side, and dreaming of becoming his waifu.  She’s better than Furuya and I’m cheering for him to hook up with her even though it’s never gonna happen.  That way plan “build-a-slider-machine-to-steal-Sanka-Rea-from-anime can be successful.  What a cross-dimensional apparatus is impossible?  That’s what you think.

Poro save me~!❤

import java.yukinagato.wellportal;

//We’ll use the well as an interdimensional portal as deemed by the Inuyasha Law of Dimensional travel.

public class Slider


 public static void main( Strings args[] )


// if the source coding created by Nagato is correct, i should be able to use the same program Kyon used to alter the //dimensions.

 new Slider well = Slider;

System.out.println( “Hello, welcome to the wellportal plz enter intergalatic x value: “);




::Edit:: this post is way overdue because I’m porting the code above to PERL ::EndEdit::

1 Response to “Sankarea: First Impression”

  1. 1 Hogart
    24 April 2012 at 2:46 am

    Unfortunately, Nagato’s algorithm requires fiddling with low-level processor timing quirks that the JVM and Perl don’t have raw access to.. you’ll have to compile it and access it as a system command through something like Runtime.getRuntime().exec(). Funny how these processor quirks have been around since the IBN 5000-series..

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