Jormungand – 03

Oh God this post is late and I missed last week, sorry about that, I’ll just say that I really wish this show didn’t air on Tuesday. Oh and here are just my quick thoughts on episode 2 as penance. It was better than the first episode, there were some very stupid scenes but none of that held it back from being an incredibly fun episode.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about episode 3, shall we?

We’ve reached our first multi-episode arc here, and I’m incredibly happy about that. For a show that seems to be competing with Black Lagoon in pretty much every way, I was eager to see how it held up here, after all, when a plot thread in that show lasted more than one episode, it lead to stories that rank among my favourite in all of anime, the result of a combination of extremely memorable, psychotic antagonists; a keen eye for capturing the solemnity among all the chaos; and superb directing.

Jormungand has the antagonists down pat so far, bringing us Orchestra, an assassin team consisting of a man who views himself as sophisticated (he likes music metaphors, you see, and only classy people do that) and his teenage protégé, a girl named Chinatsu. From the very first scene of this episode they instantly make an impression through a torture scene ending with Chinatsu placing a timer on a gun aimed at a man they’re interrogating, walking off while bullets pump into him. Classy it was not, but right off the bat Jormungand firmly establishes their personalities, and does it in style, and in doing so it reaches one of Black Lagoon’s other highs, the directing.

The director here has not handled a single scene poorly in any of the episodes so far, some of the comedy may fall a little flat, but otherwise every frame crackles with energy, delivering some incredibly well choreographed fight scenes. But remember when I said Black Lagoon handled solemnity well? Yeah, Jormungand hasn’t done that yet. Maybe it’s still coming, but when Black Lagoon did this, it led to some incredibly thoughtful scenes, when Jormungand tries to make a statement about violence, it gives us this great line.

Spoken like a true thesp, indeed. OK, to be fair, it did have some dialogue from Jonah about how guns can change even the most peaceful individual into a monster that was handled decently, but it’s hardly original in that respect.

Then again, I am talking about a show that liberally cribs from both Black Lagoon and Lord of War, and it’s been great so far, so Y’know what? Who cares about how original it is? Just keep doing what you’re doing, Jormungand, I certainly won’t complain.

1 Response to “Jormungand – 03”

  1. 8 May 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Yeah, we may not find originality here, but we will find entertainment. The series has a lot of flash and action which is a good enough reason to keep on watching it.

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