The Legend of Korra: Episode Four

Forget Korra versus Amon! It’s Korra versus Asami!

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I am not a fan of Avatar romance. It’s not bad but it’s not great, and it always seems out of place. But let’s say with the introduction of Asami Sato – the daughter of wealthy tycoon Hiroshi Sato, creator of the Satomobile – I stop judging Avatar romance and just be nice while it plays out. I mean, it’s clearly not going away…

I have to admit that when Asami was first introduced, I didn’t like her. She’s too pretty, too sweet, and too wealthy. She could easily charm Mako with her well-made up face and flowing hair (which wouldn’t look that nice had her head come out of a helmet in real life), woo him with fine clothes and fancy food; even convince her rich father to drop some chump change to sponsor the Fire Ferrets (hello Corporate Sponsorship). But then I thought a little more about it, you know, with my head rather than my heart so to speak, and there is no real, logical reason to dislike Asami. She and Mako met by chance. He fell for her before he even knew her family name. She hasn’t done or said anything that would indicate that she’s actually a horrible person. And doesn’t she deserve to find romance as well?

The writers have set up a linear love thing that reads a bit like Ano Natsu did: boy likes girl who likes other boy who may or may not like her back, but suddenly falls for the new girl. So why do we feel so much more upset over Mako and Asami than we did Kaito and Ichika? … That is assuming there are others out there like me who did feel at least a little upset over Mako’s pairing with Asami. How did I become so possessive of Mako and his potential relationship with Korra? It might have something to do with the fact that I was hoping for a quickly established romance that could just as quickly be pushed aside. But whereas there was no question that Kaito would end up with Ichika and Kana would just have to deal with it, Mako could end up with either girl. Game, set, and match. My only hope is that Asami plays a more important role than just getting the Fire Ferrets to the championships.

Romance aside, things are getting interesting. We got a quick flashback of Aang, Sokka, Toph, and an unidentified man who looks displeased. (And in case anyone’s really missed Aang, you should know he’s the Airbender in the opening sequence of the show; actually, all the benders are former Avatars.) I’m not sure what the flashback means, but it certainly is a teaser for what is probably an important arc in the developing story. It only makes you wonder more about Amon and his past. There’s also a lot of noise as to whether or not he’s a bender himself, but if he is, why would he try to eliminate bending? Unless of course he was so traumatized and enraged by “That Firebender” that took away his family, he’s decided to live the rest of his life as a non-bender.

There’s also been some speculation as to whether or not the Firebender that took Amon’s family and maimed his face is the same Firebender that made Mako and Bolin orphans. It’s a long shot but considering their importance in the story it might be plausible as a typing factor. I have a wild theory of my own: my theory is that Mako is Amon’s son, and that Amon used to be a Firebending bully who raided villages. As Mako got older, he disagreed with this lifestyle and after Amon killed Bolin’s family, Mako retaliated, injured his father (Amon), and ran away with Bolin. Afterward, he and Bolin made a pact: they would be brothers and Mako vowed he would take care of him for the rest of his life.

I know there are flaws, but this is kind of fun. I think I’ll come up with more wild theories every now and then that are based on nothing more than loose threads connected by my imagination.

3 Responses to “The Legend of Korra: Episode Four”

  1. 4 May 2012 at 10:16 pm

    best episode so far! that flash back at the end completely took me off guard.

  2. 2 Lykos
    5 May 2012 at 12:08 am

    Woahh thats a mind blowing theory and something I surely never thought of…kinda hope that it actually comes to fruition.

  3. 3 jGLZA
    11 May 2012 at 3:48 am

    Fire nation totally has the hottest chicks. 😀

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