The Legend of Korra: Episode Five

An entire episode dedicated to the romances percolating amidst the greater storyline? Cue eye roll and exasperated sigh. However, by focusing on the one thing I really didn’t like about The Legend of Korra, the show has hopefully done the one thing I was really hoping for: getting the romance out of the way. Now that Korra’s confessed her feelings, kissed Mako, broken Bolin’s heart, and made friends with Asami, we can move on.

Oh and don’t worry: They’re all still friends.

I have to say I feel a little bad for the way Bolin’s heart break was played off as a comedy – if he really did like Korra as much as he said he did, seeing her make out with someone else (and his brother, at that) is no laughing matter. This episode made me like Bolin a lot more; not only is he straight forward about his feelings (although I guess everyone was pretty straight forward about their feelings this episode) and gracious regarding the fallout, but I was very impressed with his Earthbending during the Pro-Bending matches. And that tie breaker? Way to hold it together when your teammates’ heads were clouded with emotional angst. Although, to be fair, once Bolin got emotionally clouded, it was the Avatar that kept the Fire Ferrets in the game.

And what a game! I can’t wait to see why the Wolfbats are the reigning champs! But why do their opponents have to be so sleazy? I know it’s necessary for us to cheer for the Fire Ferrets without any reservations, but would it have been so bad if the reigning champs were more like the older gentlemen of the Porcupines? Or couldn’t they tone down the sleaziness of Tano just a bit to make him less of a creeper?

Two great things about the finals being separated from this episode: we get to enjoy the final match knowing there won’t be any romance (minus Mako and Asami which is tolerable like how I found Zuko and Mai tolerable), and something big is bound to happen – like maybe Amon will show up! … Okay probably not since a Pro-Bending match is probably the worst place for him to show up if he has any hope of escaping unharmed. But I’m sure it’ll have something to do with the Equalist Movement. There was also no preview after Episode Five so we weren’t even given a clue as to what to expect.

I really can’t wait for Korra to spend a little more time on her training though. It’s not that all this side stuff isn’t exciting to watch, but Korra’s main purpose at this point in time is to learn Airbending – and I get the feeling that through learning Airbending, she’ll learn about all the other things that Avatars need to know, like how to communicate with Spirits and enter the Spirit World. She’ll also need to learn to go into the Avatar State. I find it interesting that Airbending is so difficult for Korra to get a hang of; in some ways, the rhythm and movements are similar to Waterbending. There’s a flow and fluidity shared between the two elements. Aang had difficulty with Earthbending because it was so different from Airbending. For Korra, her difficulty in grasping Airbending seems to be more a difference in personality than principle. I suppose it might also be accredited to the fact that since Aang was the last Airbender for generations, there isn’t much of an Airbending influence worldwide, and learning Airbending in this modern time is like learning an ancient art. You kind of get it in theory, but application becomes a different story.

So my great speculation – or more of a ponderment – for this week is if Amon can take away a person’s ability to elementally bend, will Korra discover a way to give it back as per the need for balance in the universe?

3 Responses to “The Legend of Korra: Episode Five”

  1. 1 jGLZA
    8 May 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Dammit! I just spoilered myself! Couldnt help myself, self-loathing commence!

  2. 10 May 2012 at 11:45 am

    An ability to give bending… well shit. that would be op. i just hope that benders screw like rabbits to make sure the benders don’t die out. It would suck to find out that avatar was just earth 320482038 years ago before dinosaurs. that would be a complete “arrow to the knee”

    • 3 blindability
      10 May 2012 at 11:58 pm

      silly Poro. benders can give birth to non-benders so even if they did propagate like bunnies, there would be no guarantee that the world would be rampant with benders.

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