The consequence of the damage on the Dyson Bladeless Fan

[Woah, it feels like an eternity since I wrote anything. I think it’s been half a month already. NHL Hockey Playoffs really took my attention on anime away for this past time. I can already feel the rust and, so, I need to publish something to break the ice again. This post about Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead is pretty short (less than 350 words long including this chunk). I’m actually doing nothing more than pointing out a comical observation.]

Remember when Dyson-chan got damaged by Ayumu on episode 5 of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead?

The damage on the Fan seemed to have affected the show enought for it to focus back on the plot and less on the Fan service (while it rightfully remained there).

The show is actually back on track! Eu is finally back to being a Kuudere, especially towards her Delusion selves.

Yosei-san is back… and not drunk!?

Two episodes of absence must have been a shock for her

Ayumu’s panty shots are back…

“For the best and the worst

However, the biggest consequence that results from Ayumu’s action on the Dyson fan is the development of a relationship that isn’t based on the Typedere fan service.

Ayumu is conscious of girls that are not kawaii imoutos?!

Would you be surprised if Taeko Hiramatsu may be the only one able to compete with Eucliwood for Aikawa’s love? I had fun looking up the origins of the name “Hiramatsu”. The word “matsu” can mean “pine tree“. Considering the japanese people loves puns, she’s the only character able to compete with Eucliwood.

In a similar sense, Yuki comes in third as the word “Shida” in her last name, Yoshida, means Fern, which makes you think of vegetation. This is the kind of weird logic I follow that allows me to understand a show like Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, LOL.

One thing’s for sure. Haruna is dead last to get Ayumu’s zombie wiener.

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