Fate Zero Episode 20

In this new installment of Fate/Zero, shit happens.  People who actually matter die.  Command Spells and rape worms are finally pulled out of sleeves.  The trump cards are being played one by one and many have already been played.  This is endgame people.  Now its all about who has kept the highest number of trump cards in their hands.  Let’s get started.

Where have I seen this warehouse and that magic circle before… 

  SP0173R 4L3RT

I’m expecting you to have already watched the show and won’t find any of the the things I say surprising.

Ok we’re done here. On to actual discussion uh… I mean ranting.


died really pathetically.  She tries to take down Rider down with an automatic smg(?) and just gets tossed around.  I really would have liked it if they showed the actual fight between the two just to show Maiya ain’t a pussy.  The only time we’ve seen her do actual crap was when she sliced of Sola’s hand off and shot off the command seals.  That wasn’t very impressive.  The other times we’ve seen her in action was when she got wrecked by Kirei with Iresviel.  Or the time she gets found out by Kirei ( yeah again) and has to smoke screen her way out.  She has no magic capability and just Kiritsugu’s second gunman.  But she’s Kiritsugu’s bitch… which makes her somewhat important considering he’s already married.

Saber getting teleported back to home base to save Iresviel while looking for Rider

Saber ends up having to save the day.  Saber leaves Maiya to die so that she could save Iresviel against Saber’s wishes to save Maiya.  Maiya dies of just getting wrecked by “Rider.”

You know what I don’t get?

Why didn’t Kiritsugu use Avalon on Maiya as she was dying.  The fact that the sheath only works on masters is possible, but really Maiya shouldn’t be killed off so easy.  Why didn’t Kiritsugu have some counter measure for this.  Ok, it’s given that Kiritsugu could always just use a Command Spell to send Saber like he did.  Magic barriers are set up to protect the two.  Let’s get real here though Cut-n-Tie-san.  You’re in the Holy Grail War.  You’ve made an intricate plan to kill off Lancer and his masters.  But you’re too stupid to realize, oh hey, people could just smash through all of these in barriers if their half decent.  Then, he could just take an rpg to the door.  Barge in while taking a few shots.  Smack a bitch silly.  And carry a bitch out faster than a bitch could dial her pimp?  I mean it’s no easy task,  but three people are out to get you expect the worst.

He’s just sad he lost someone he could turn to if Iresviel kicked him out of bed.


In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure Kiritsugu saw this coming.  Regardless, he risked his wife, kid, bitch, and his life to get the Holy Grail.  He’s a cold bastard who could kill his dad and his foster mother without batting a tear drop.

Is he feel incredible remorse?


Does he have justification for such actions?

Considering he got mind raped by the girl she had a crush on as a five year old, yeah.

Does he seem to be making the right decisions when placed in such extreme conditions?

Seemingly Yeah.

Too bad we already know that its all a fucking lie since this anime is a prequel.

Meanwhile, Kariya is sucking his old man’s penis (worm).


in the mean time is getting eating bit by bit from the worms living inside him.  The old fucked up geezer decides he likes Kariya’s determination and achievement.  So he gives Kariya a penis worm!  And guess what! It’s the first worm to rape Sakura and continue to rape her for a whole year.  Man, Kariya I am soooooooooooo jealous.  I’ve always wanted a penis worm in my mouth feeding me life energy sucked out from a prepubescent 6 year old through rape.  This is most certainly a high point in Kariya’s career as a mage.

Reminds me of rotting meat

I’ll finally start to realize how fucking useless I am.


has ran away to conserve mana and energy with Rider.  Basically, Rider is tired as fuck because he used is ultimate 2 times already.  Summoning an army of heroic spirits takes a lot of energy.  Big surprise.  To manage this, Rider is finally starting to use Waver’s mana after not doing so because he felt guilty about making false promises.  Their hiding out and discussing their plans to defeat the rest of their enemies.  Nothing really happens actually with them.

Kiritsugu fighting like a man: Taking a sniper rifle and killing his enemy a few miles away to avoid danger.

Kiritsugu finds out Tokiomi has been owned.  Yup, not much on this front either.

I ate Yamada and Hanamoto-san’s curry!~~


This episode covered all the characters at once.  So, the action seems minimal and divided.  In reality, a crap ton happens, but the fact that the attention is divided so much between each Master and Servant reduces the drama.  No matter, the next episode should be better.  In reality, this is THE worst episodes of Fate/Zero so far, but only because the pacing was slightly off.  This episode was just setting the scene for the finale.  We’ll get better stuff next week don’t worry. If not, I’ll feed a penis worm to my lygophile.

6 Responses to “Fate Zero Episode 20”

  1. 1 zleihsh
    24 May 2012 at 8:53 am

    You need Saber near Avalon for the sheath to work, so either way Maiya is a goner….

    >He’s a cold bastard who could kill his dad and his foster mother w/o batting a tear drop.

    Did you see the last ep? He DEFINITELY did cried, and a LOT for his “mother”.

    Iri, it really was sad to see her say her good-bye, how happy she is, and how brave she is for want to end this war so her daughter (the next Grail doll) will not suffer the same fate as her. There’s soooooo much love in her words as she pour them out to Kiritsugu…..T_T

    Zoken, yea, I totally agree w/you, he is a f***ed up sh**t of a old geezer, even I knew his reason for gaining the Grail/immortality, I still can not forgive his &*% way of ruin Kariya and Sakura’s life. Why can’t he die sooner?

    Also, Rider is a honest man, if you listen closely to Waver and Rider’s conversation then you could realize Rider should not have been near Kiritsugu’s hideout. Rider has way too much pride to do something so underhanded. If you watched the kidnapping part closely, did you see that “Rider” actually riding anything? That’s all I am going to say at this point…..don’t want to spoiling.

    • 24 May 2012 at 10:43 am

      A point of clarification. Kiritsugu cries AFTER he kills his foster mother. You see absolutely no emotion until it’s too late. I rather see a man crying his eyes out as he carries out the act rather than after because it indicate he realizes what he’s doing and not some retard looking back on hindsight.

      • 3 zleihsh
        25 May 2012 at 2:50 am

        Actually, the anime did mention something about that part during Natalia and Kirtsugu’s last talk. Natalia did spotted-on on Kiritsuku’s talent, the ability to leave behind his emotion while squeezing that trigger. This mean that he had great potential to become an efficient assassin. However, this talent of his definitely did NOT bring him happiness, for after the “cut” he have to “tie” his feeling/emotion together.

  2. 29 May 2012 at 8:58 am

    Either way, he killed basically every one he knew as family.

    Everyone in this show loves killing each other, and crying with open eyes after it.

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