Moving Forward

Many apologies for the lackluster updates on our side, some distractions have cropped up recently. So much that I had intended on posting this almost a month ago <sigh>…

Long time followers and readers of Bokutachi no Blog will know that we’ve had quite a few writers on team to date. Turns we have built up a pretty decent legacy of sorts with some really talented writers having spent some time here. And fate has once again seen it fit for us to change things up again.

Ghost Town
It would appear that Bokutachi is becoming some sort of launchpad for anime enthusiasts. We’ve already played host to the formative years of infamous anibloggers 5camp of The Cart Driver and Spiral of CSW.

And now it is with heavy hearts that we have to say farewell to oddly enough two of our most recent additions; Gooney as moved on to the world of podcasting which you should listen too as well as follow him on twitter. ThaivuN has decided to embrace his more creative talents as he dwelves into the world of abridged anime series, he too is on twitter.
Good Luck Guys

Best of luck to both of them.

So as we are losing two of our most active members and with real life currently distracting blindability and myself. And poro  has seemingly locked himself in his top secret science lab, we’re officially putting out the call to arm’s again.

If you like anime and like to write/rant about anime even more so hit the “Join Team Zero” button up at the top of the page or send us an email at teamzero.bokutachi@gmail.com with a brief description of who you are, what and how you would like to contribute to Bokutachi no BLOG, and include a sample of your writing to give us an idea of how you write.

We don’t ask much of you, a post a week if you like but it’s mostly up to you if you want to make the most of the opportunity.

5 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. 10 August 2012 at 9:28 am

    Did I say i was leaving for good? lol I’m just taking a short break from blogging. Hell, I’m about to do a convention coverage in the next few days about Otakuthon 2012.

    Abridging wise; my team is absolutely lazy, so it’s gonna take an eternity to get one episode done. PS: The series we’re doing is Saint Seiya Omega.

  2. 5 blindability
    15 August 2012 at 12:57 am

    thank you jGLZa!

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