The Super Late Con Coverage: Otakuthon 2012 – The Saturday Portion: I LOVE YOU (NOT), REI!!!

This post is proof that I am still alive and lazy well. This is a report of my 2nd year experience at Otakuthon 2012 in Montreal that took place during the dates of August 3rd to August 5th (Oh how late I am). As I am too much of a sociopathic narcissist to interact with human beings, this post will not make mention of any external human behavior. However, what this post has is the entire Ohmi Tomoe concert. Whoever she is, it doesn’t matter as long she can sing.

Note that I did not participate on Day 1 as the convention started at 5 PM and as there wasn’t really any good panels at first sight. I only went to get my pass on that day. I must say that waiting for an hour almost killed my back. It’s a sign that I must cosplay as an old geezer next year. Also, Day 3 was not worth of mention to be in this post.

Day 2

With the convention starting at 10 AM and me having to leave at 9 AM, I had to wake up at 7 AM. I had the best breakfast possible, Kentucky Fried Chicken leftovers.  During the convention in which I stayed until Midnight, I ate absolutely nothing. Believe it or not, but I almost couldn’t reach my home when I was a few dozen meters away from destination.

10:00  – There was two interesting events I wanted to go. The first one was the “Anime Name that Tune” Contest. The second one is voice actors Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal’s Voice Acting panel.  Both of them last 2 hours by the way. Knowing Day 3 has that same contest in schedule, I went for the voice acting panel… for 15 minutes. I quickly lost interest when people were asking about voice-overs in video games. It felt informative, but not entertaining… at least for not my brain at 10 AM, which is in lazy mode. And so, I went to the contest!

– 4 names are picked at random to play the game
– During the interval that a song is being played for 10 seconds, the first one to raise their hands or hit the buzzer can answer by giving the name of the anime belonging to the song. 3 points is awarded for the correct answer
– If no one can answer correctly, the song continues for 30 seconds. 1 point is awarded for the correct answer.
– Can’t remember how much song is played per one participation. I think it was 8. LOL

I remember having the highest score of 10 points in that contest last year. This year, someone beat that score with 12 points. When it was my turn to play, the game went to a tie-breaker with me and one dude having 6 points. The tie-break went to 5 more songs and I lost. I could have won if I remembered one song out of the 5 was from Macross Frontier. DAMN YOU RENKA, you weren’t moe enough to make me remember the show!! Instead, I lost on a song from Ao no Exorcist, a popular show that I couldn’t give a f**k even if I wanted to. In the end, no prizes for me. *sad face*

12:00  – I went to the J. Michael Tatum Q&A panel. Hey, I have the entire footage!!

If you failed to comprehend what happened, here is the play-by-play:

– Voice Actor J. Michael Tatum is late.
– Someone brilliantly closed the lights.
– A maid is chasing someone with a flag, for unknown reasons. I had to film this. Why? I thought it could have been funny. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
– Someone who has internet access tells the crowd that Tatum couldn’t attend the convention due to medical reasons.

Luckily, there was another panel that wasn’t in FRENCH or that was actually about anime and manga. I’m talking about the Josei panel. It was basic, but fairly entertaining.

13:00 – There was 30 minutes until the Anime Categories contest begins. Like a madman, instead of wasting money on food, I went to the exhibition hall to check out if there was anything interesting to buy. I decided to leave buying DVDs to Day 3. I took a look at the artist alley. I must say that I was disappointed of not seeing any Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon arts. Not happy I am. No artist got my money.  Strangely, my eyes was magnetically pointing to the hug pillow section. I successful managed to restrain my perverted nature and not buy any pillows.

13:30 – I went to the Anime Categories contest.

– The Host picks 2 teams of 2 randomly from the crowd
– A category is randomly chosen
– Everyone has 2 minutes to write as much anime titles from that category as possible. Meaning, a team has 4 minutes in total.

Surprisingly, I was picked on the first game! I was asked to pick a paper containing the category. Sadly, I discovered that my left hand must be cursed when it picked the category of CHILDREN’s anime. Seriously, I couldn’t remember a lot of those anime, especially since shows like Kodomo no Jikan didn’t count. Luckily, my partner managed to name several series of Pretty Cure or Pre-Cure. In the end, we won 16-15.

The prize I picked:

The coffee was bad, but at least I got the Haruhi figure. Too bad the clothing isn’t removable. >.<

14:00 – The good thing about participating in the contest early is that I have time to go to the Ohmi Tomoe concert – a concert that lacked original songs as she only has 3 anime songs in her career (Solty Rei ED, Ray The Animation ED and Pandora Hearts ED1). This recording contains a lot of shaking due to me changing hands due to a lack of blood circulation when holding my big ass camera

During the concert, there was also a Scott McNeil Q&A panel, but I had lost any interest in voice actors’ panels

15:00 – There was no interesting panel for ME, MYSELF and I. Normally, a normal human being would listen to his or her poor crying stomach, but, being the cruel sadomasochist that I am, I still do not go to the restaurant area. Instead, I went back to the exhibition hall. Yet again, my eyes point out towards the hug pillows. I manage to restrain myself by going to another vendor. After a full cycle of walking around, my eyes is yet again onto the hug pillows. I take a quick look, leave and make another full cycle. I, then, fell prey to my desires and decided to buy one at the price of 30 bucks.

It could have been worse. I could have bought the one with a naked Mio-chan (K-ON!) hiding her boobs with a teddy bear.

16:00 – No interesting panel to be found. I went to check out to Mimic Like You Want to Win contest for the sole purpose to laugh at people’s impersonations. Glad I’m not participating, because there was a lot of dancing scenes to mimic. I will not dance unless if I’m wearing a luchador mask, which I don’t have… yet.

17:00 – I went to the Anime Pop Songs panel. It felt like a panel on how to sing. It was uninteresting enough to make me leave 2 minutes after I entered the room. This is probably the time when I started free roaming like a madman holding a huge plastic bag containing a hug pillow.

18:00 – This is where my memory is getting blurry. I believe I spent  the following 3 hours switching between the contest room and the video screening rooms for the lack of – yet again – interesting english panels. In the contest room, there was the Anime Mystery Dating Game where one bachelor, chosen at random, and the crowd are asking questions – often embarrassing and perverted ones – to 3 contestants. The contest animator would often ask if there was any cops or kids in the crowd. In the video rooms, I know I re-watched To Aru Hikushi e no Tsuioku and Hotaru no Mori e. I remember that I failed to cry in any of these movies due to my manliness. They’re still great movies nonetheless.

21:00 – I did not go to any panel. There was nothing at least semi-good to watch in the video rooms. I still fail to listen to my stomach. There is nothing scheduled on the contest room. There was a panel called the Fan Service Contest that was rated 16+. I was about to enter the room until I read that it was a Yaoi contest. What went inside that panel room, I’m not sure I want to know. What went on during the rest of the hour, I can’t remember. I’ll assume aliens kidnapped me.

22:00 – At that time, I found the most entertaining panel of the day, Weird Shows You May Want to See, which was presented by two old men, Dr David G. Stephenson and Fingers. After this panel, I felt I should watch Strike Witches, Sleeping with Hinako and Magical Witch Punie-Chan. A few weeks later, I deemed Sleeping with Hinako impossible to completely watch unless you’ve decided to jump off a bridge.

23:00 – Seeing as how I have developed a new-found taste for Eroge, I decided to go to the 2011-2012: English Visual Novel Review panel. Among the galgames the panelists were reviewing, I only played two of these porno games, Katawa Shoujo (finished every route except Shizune’s) and My Girlfriend is the President (only played the Eli’s route because she’s a SPACESHIP!!). Sadly, I had to leave early at midnight to not miss the last subway train.

Even in this game, Yamcha does not get any respect.

00:30I died of hunger. BAD ENDING. I went to a McDonald’s before going home. I actually ordered the food to take-home, so, I almost fainted one block away from my house. It’s energy-consuming when you have walk 10 minutes between a McDonald’s and my house while holding the food and Rei Ayanami. Unless I find a Horizon-related or a Tsumiki pillow, I ain’t buying one again, meaning I’ll buy one again regardless because i fail to keep my words.

Overall,  the Saturday portion of the convention was pretty fun aside for the fact that I spent 4 hours on the video room, which is too much. However, It did allow me to not always walk around too much with my Rei Ayanami Pillow.

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  1. 11 March 2013 at 6:56 am

    Your blog post on The Super Late Con Coverage: Otakuthon 2012 is great & thought provoking.

    I want to come back in order to go through new posts!

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