i hate how the titles of my posts are all lowercase: a rant in 2 parts.

It surprised me the other day when I had to explain to a person that the purpose of anime is to create fantasies.  Humans have dreamed of other worlds to cope with their situation before long ago.  Have you ever daydreamed while looking out the window of a more stressless time? Say summer break when you went to the pool.  Or maybe you’re daydreaming about reading that book you stayed up late reading.  Thinking of something you would rather do than what you’re doing now is a very common coping mechanism for humans.


Comparing the visual detail and quality to Haganai NEXT is like comparing a Ferrari to a Shopping Cart.

Including a fantasy utopia, Tamako has two core elements.  First, the fantasy building aspect.  The loving community.  Two very good friends.  The pure, good-hearted protagonist who loves mochi as much as her parents.  Wouldn’t you just love to be in anyone of those character’s shoes for a while?  Even as the tofu selling guy.  Or the friend-zoned tragedy known as Mochizou: his name means one who has mochi.   It’s just sad he doesn’t know the famous phrase:

“If life gives you mochi, use it to hook up with your mochi-obsessed childhood friend”



I added a todo on Remember The Milk to eat fried chicken on March 3, 2099 when I saw this.

But the viewers are assholes, we wouldn’t be able to just appreciate and reminisce by watching the idle days of Tamaya shopping district.  No, we have to add a wise-cracking, narcissistic, magical parrot to make it interesting.  Which is the second core element.  This whole parrot, Choi, and Prince-sama mix has to show up.  The whole backstory isn’t even well done.  Some random southern island?  Some exotic looking clothes?  A magical fortunetelling bird and his tsundere of a master, Choi?  I hope at least my readers realize that all of this frabba-jabba is tailored just for them.



Honestly, I could have cared less.  In the early stages of the anime, I was ambivalent to this external factor in the story; it did not improve or enhance the viewing experience yet neither did it hurt the viewing experience.  (Yeah, I know, having a talking projector parrot didn’t change the story at all.  Only in anime can adding talking animals NOT make the world’s meta turn upside down.)  What I’m worried about is the changing meta from this external factor in the Tamaya shopping district.  We already see the ripples.  The public bath’s owner’s daughter revealed her plans for marriage in order to get a prediction of how her marriage may turn out from Choi.  Let’s not forget Dera, the annoying talking parrot, has a mission: to find a bride for his prince.  Hm… that’s a potential plot point.  To be honest, Mochizou isn’t ready to confess in my opinion.  This is why I find Tamako’s obliviousness a blessing for him.  It means Mochizou still has a chance to grow himself and understand who he is.  From the fact he has a profession already planned out and has already become experienced with the camera, he’s lightyears ahead of me.  Inversely, he lacks something I had since back then.  Yeah, both you and I know what I’m talking about.




Mochizou’s as tsun as tsun can get.  He can’t be honest, and he’s a bad actor on top of it.  He’s too clear: you can tell exactly what he’s thinking too easily.  That’s probably why he likes Tamako whose as clearer than air.  I’m sure if he just confessed things would turn out magically.  The two feuding families would unite like Romeo and Juliet.  Sure, Mochizou is friend-zoned really hard.  I’ve come out of it before.  I’ve seen others come out of it before.  The zone isn’t eternal damnation; for some guys it actually acts as a comfortable transitionary period for them to man up.  (Fuck! I sound like a love guru, but I’m not!  I just know what I know.)  I was curious as to what would Mochizou do or rather what the writers of Tamako Market would think Mochizou would do.  Well now it’s fucked.  Dera like always fucked it up.  Sigh, I was really hoping for K-ON! 2.0 with boys edition.  It would have been interesting as fuck to see what would happen.


DOTA 2 Logo!!! Anyone? … Yeah, I’ll go back to my parent’s basement now.

So, basically what I’m trying to say is that plots are overrated and Kyoto is trying too hard.  I’ve probably just written the most embarrassing crap a teenager could possibly write, but I’m too lazy to hit the trash button after writing this much.  Peace.

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