Fall Offerings

blindability penginNow that we’re several weeks into the Fall Season of 2013, I’ve solidified my choice of shows to follow. Personally, I thought there were a bunch of good shows this season, and by good, I mean interesting enough to watch for various reasons. However, as a person who doesn’t have the luxury, discipline, or desire to watch everything, some shows lost out to others, even if my curiosity could have carried me through the entire season.


The shows that I’ve decided to keep up with are as follows:

Yowamushi Pedal


I find this show really, really endearing! I love the main protagonist and his crazy cast of supporting characters – the two experienced and serious cyclists, the friendly and helpful girl who, together with her older brother, support our main character’s growth by fitting his bike with free stuff (lucky him), and the three existing members of the high school cycling team, who will likely play a larger role now that everyone’s joined the club. I suppose this is a sports anime, or something like it; it kind of reminds me of Eyeshield 21, and it kind of gives me the same happy feelings when the characters (mostly our protagonist at this point) make breakthroughs and accomplish great feats. The only problem I have with the show so far is that they’ve set the main character up in a way that, I can’t imagine him parting with his “mommy bike”! But at the same time, if he doesn’t change up to a road bike, he doesn’t really have much of a chance in a real road race, no matter how good of a cyclist he becomes. If he continues with his current bike, it’ll be really unrealistic to me (though I don’t know how realistic it is anyway since I only cycle for leisure and occasionally to the grocery store), but if he dumps it too early, I’ll feel like his character loses a key factor to what makes him stand out from the others.

Nagi no Asukara


As expected of P.A. Works, this show is really, really beautiful. From the characters to the scenery, everything is really aesthetic and detailed. I remember thinking the same thing when I was watching Hanasaku Iroha; having said that, I do hope Nagi no Asukara doesn’t quite follow in Hanasaku’s footsteps, because despite the beauty of Hanasaku’s animation, the story took a dive halfway through (which was still better than Canaan, whose story pretty much didn’t make sense from the get-go).


Thus far, the story and setting are both very interesting, and the relationship between the people of the land and people of the sea provides a complexity to the overall plot. The other – mostly romantic – story lines flying through the show are a bit over-dramatic for my liking, but I try not to let that (and all the crying everyone does) get to me. Nagi no Asukara has 26 episodes to fully submerge its viewers into its world and bring about some sort of equilibrium between the two opposing forces of land and sea.


I will issue one warning though: Hikari is kind of aggravating as a character. I mean he’s getting better, “growing” I suppose, but he still always seems to be on the brink of unleashing his adolescent wrath, which stems from his prejudice against land-dwellers and/or his unexplored feelings for his childhood friend Manaka (further bolstered by the growing romance between Manaka of the Sea and Tsumugu of the Land). The kid isn’t just angsty, he’s downright angry! Unreasonably so. But like I said, he’s getting better. And at this point, he’s still more tolerable than Avatar Korra.

Galilei Donna


This show… I kind of really, really don’t get. I feel like it has potential, which is kind of why I’m holding on for now, but at the same time, I feel like it’s just too big of a mess to sort out properly, even this early into the show. The characters are pretty flat – even the flamboyant ones like the Pirate Captain. Part of me was thinking that the Ferrari Sisters would partner up with the Black Ganymede Pirates if they could display any loyalty and honour, like in Laputa: Castle in the Sky, but I’m not so sure right now. If I were to drop any show at this point, it would be this one.

Log Horizon


Okay: I admit that I’m a little ashamed to be watching this; Sword Art Online was so awful! When I first read the premise, I wondered if this was actually a popular theme that I’d just never clued into, or if someone was trying to “do better”. So far, Log Horizon is interesting, and even though it’s kind of laid-back, I still find it engaging. The fact that you can’t really die in Log Horizon’s game poses a fascinating problem as there really is no escape, and your only option is to adapt. It’s great how they’re exploring this “new reality” from the perspective of well-established, high level players as well as low-level beginners, highlighting the challenges every player faces no matter what level or status they have. The only problem I have with the show right now is that I’m not sure what direction it’s taking to resolve the overarching issue of being stuck inside a video game; it’s one thing to accept that you’re stuck in a video game but to stop looking for a way out feels counter-intuitive.

Samurai Flamenco


I didn’t have a good handle on what this show was going to be about before I started watching it, but I kind of really enjoy it! The issue of everyday superheroes and vigilantism is thought provoking in general, and the fact that our vigilante superhero Samurai Flamenco makes friends with a police officer makes it even more interesting. But things got weird with the addition of Red Axe (or Fake Samurai Flamenco) and Flamenco Girl; sure they’re also self-appointed superheroes, but they really clash with Samurai Flamenco’s rose-coloured personality. Sure Samurai Flamenco’s a better fighter now that he’s been trained by Red Axe, and his “success rate” has gone up with the brutal assistance of Flamenco Girl, but I liked him a lot better when it was just him and Goto.

Between these five shows and the other three I’m watching this season (Kyousogiga, Kyoukai no Kanata, Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta), I’ll be plenty entertained between my bouts of work this season, and since only a few shows interest me in the upcoming Winter 2013 Season, I’m really quite happy I have so much to watch right now.

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