A Sweeter Side to Space Dandy

blindability penginAnd I don’t mean Bottoms versus Boobs, which is an on-going argument that is foundational to Space Dandy. I’ve been watching Space Dandy for pure amusement and generally don’t expect much more than a few giggles, if even. Somewhere between the first episode and the second, I learned not to expect any sort of continuing storyline, which has proven to be amusingly useful since each episode seems to leave our main character and his companions in various precarious predicaments.


However, that isn’t to say that Space Dandy has no value other than simple entertainment; thanks to the show, I’ve decided that, while others are stocking up on water and weapons in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse, I’ll be buying out the world’s supply of yogurt. As it’s unlikely that I’ll outrun something that doesn’t tire, and whose hunger for living flesh is never satiated, I may as well prepare myself for a happy existence of eternal fermentation.

Expecting another silly Space Dandy story, I was pleasantly surprised by Episode Five which showed a sweeter side to not only Dandy, but to what the show was capable of, in my opinion. Now I don’t expect this to keep up, nor would I find that fitting for the image the show has set up for itself, but it was reassuring to know that if Space Dandy wanted to, maybe it could make an impact on its unsuspecting viewers.


The storyline was strongly bolstered by some beautiful imagery and very well selected musical accompaniment. Appropriate music always helps enhance the emotions of any scene, and this time around, they got it very right. In case anyone was interested, the song that plays around mid-show (where we follow Dandy and Adelie’s galactic journey via public space train) is apparently called “Want to Know” by Izumi Makura. I think this well chosen piece made me further aware of the rest of the background music throughout the show, like when Dandy searches for news of Adelie’s grandfather.


The animation wasn’t always top form for every frame of the episode, but there was no need for it to be; it was stunning when it counted most. The scene where Adelie walks off, after accusing Dandy of wanting to ditch her because she’s just a burdensome child – the shot of her walking away, the focus of just her backside made me think how much she looked like any other adult woman walking off in a huff. Maybe I’m reading too much into the scene, but if it was intentional, the irony would have been lost if the animation was of a lower caliber.


While Adelie seems to have made herself a spot in both mine and Dandy’s heart with her adorable features and somewhat pouty, somewhat haughty demeanour, I doubt we’ll be seeing her again. But her story was a welcome change of pace from the ridiculous, albeit entertaining nonsense I’m used to from Space Dandy. It’s nice to know that while Dandy’s willing to dress Meow up to sell to the Alien Registration Center, or throw QT to the zombies, he’s also capable of being a nice guy – when he feels like it. And not just to the waitresses at Boobies.

2 Responses to “A Sweeter Side to Space Dandy”

  1. 11 February 2014 at 2:51 pm

    I think Space Dandy is much better than fans are giving it credit for right now. People are expecting too much too soon from it. There are a lot more episodes to come in this series, after all.

    • 2 blindability
      12 February 2014 at 3:07 am

      I personally really enjoy Space Dandy, but then again, I have no real expectations for it either. I don’t mind if it takes on a more serious tone as the show progresses as long as it doesn’t feel unnatural or forced. Space Dandy has a good thing going right now and I’d just hate to see it get tossed aside for unnecessary drama.

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