Select Spring Season Preview

This isn’t perfect.  I’ve missed quite a few gems by judging anime for its cover.  However, it’s something that needs to happen for those with time constraints which is probably a majority of us.  This season is looking great to be honest. TONS OF POTENTIAL.


Hopefully, your spring doesn’t have snow involved in it like it has for me…

Let’s Get Some Crap Out of the Way First; Spring Cleaning

Atelier Escha & Logy is an adaption of a JRPG into an anime. While there are some very good adaptions, this is sadly not appearing to be one of them.  The OP is annoying as crap.  The introductions and opening scenes feel too much like some introductory part of a video game.  World building is done, but feels clunky for an anime.


Their gaits are like automatons.  Acceptable in video games, but offputting in anime

It feels forced upon you like a teacher shoving a 10 page lecture down your throat.  Perhaps this is just introductory-first-episode syndrome, but there are several other flaws.  The anime smoothes over parts where one would do grinding for missions with montages.




Hey you think the same about this anime too?


It’s so blatant and poorly done that it makes you question why one would ever watch this anime instead of playing the god damn game.  I heard from a friend that the series as a game is quite good.  Would not recommend watching, just get the games on your now dusty ps3 .



I’m Nothing Special demo…; Ganbarimasu~

Isshukan Friends is nothing too unique.  It’s the same girl meets guy.  Girl has problem.  Guy likes girl.  Guy stays and puts up with girl’s problem.  Guy gets girl thanks to dedication and patience.   I just predicted the entire story to you in the grand scheme of things.   Now have this barrage of screenies!


iRL: *Guy is distracted by breasts. | Anime: “Please be friends with me.”


Screenshots name: “kawaii”


What part of her do you like so much?” A: “Her face” The honesty yo.

I appreciate the animation though.  Girl isn’t penis-bait.  No unrealistic breast size that make you feel guilty watching.  Her dress is frilly and attractive without being overly sexualized.  We are a tier away from romance and any romance is so blatantly honest it’s cute.  I can recommend with confidence.

Gamer bait; Dick-bait.

I read the light novel translations over at Baka-tsuki.  I’ll be honest it’s half gamer bait and half dick bait.


Please play 4-characters at once using both feet and hands, for your only little sister!


Rule #23 of Anime: Big brothers must be lolicons, siscons, and perfect older brothers.


The rationale of a poor college student.




That’s all the ones I liked enough to take screenshots of.  There are a plethora of other anime this season that can be found on various charts.  Here is one.  It’s by zktr and my personal favorite chartmaker.  I’ll get back to yall if I watch more and find them worthy of screenshotting.  I have one more anime I will be reviewing for this season.  One I hope to take all the way instead of stopping at 3rd base which is the farthest I’ve gotten.  Til then,.

may our paths cross once more.

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